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my precious child I know the depths of

your longing the ache that pulses in

your spirit as you await the Fulfillment

of my promise to you whether it be a

Ministry a calling a breakthrough a

spouse A New Path I have not

forgotten even as the hands of time

continue their steady Rhythm and

circumstances swirl around you like an

untamed Tempest my words remain

unshakable anchored in

eternity in the hush of the night and

the Brilliance of day I hear your hearts

cry Rising like incense before my

Throne God where are you why does your

promise seem to linger just beyond my

grasp oh beloved if you could only

Glimpse the intricacies of my handiwork

the Perfection of my timing I am the

creator of time itself orchestrating

each moment with meticulous intention

and boundless

Grace my delays are not rejections of

your dreams but sacred interludes

infused with Divine Purpose in the space

between your longing and its fulfillment

I am nurturing the seeds of your destiny

cultivating a harvest that will surpass

your wildest

imaginings trust in my timing for it is

always perfect always purposeful always

rooted in my unwavering love for you yet

even as I work all things together for

your good I must speak a word of loving


for there are times my child when the

hindrance to your promise flows not from

my throne but from your own actions and

attitudes examine your heart in the
Examining the Heart in God’s Light

piercing light of my spirit have you

allowed Disobedience to take root

Rebellion to Fester like an unattended

wound obedience is the key that unlocks

the storehouses of my blessings to walk

in the fullness of my promise you must

align your steps with my precepts your

will with my word remember my servants

Saul chosen to lead My People Israel as


King I had a magnificent plan for his

life a destiny that would Echo Through

the Ages yet twice he chose the path of

Disobedience and the consequences

reverberated through

generations what could have been an

enduring Dynasty crumbled beneath the

weight of

rebellion oh the dreams that lay

shattered upon the altar of

self-will but my mercies are new every

morning and my grace knows no bounds as

you seek me with abandon as you hunger

for my presence above all else I will

meet you in the secret place for your

yearning is my delight and your pursuit

of me unleashes the Torrance of my

favor just as a parent joyfully lavishes

their child with good gifts so I long to

pour out my blessings upon you in

abundant measure in a world that

pulsates with Darkness where lies and

deception swirl like a Relentless

Maelstrom you must be armed for battle
Arming for Battle in a Dark World

the enemy’s Arsenal is vast he twists

and perverts the very words that flow

from the mouths of men using them as

instruments of

deception through Melodies and rhythms

he exalts that which is Unholy and

profane enticing the heart to chase

after the fleeting Shadows of worldly

pleasures with an insatiable hunger he

assails the mind the sacred Battleground

where the fate of one’s very Soul hangs

in the balance he will stop at nothing

to infiltrate your thoughts to seow

seeds of doubt and Temptation for he

knows that it is within the mind that

Destinies are forged or

shattered but I have not left you

defenseless my warrior my word is your

sword my presence your

Shield as you daily soak your spirit in

the Living Waters of my truth as you

lift your voice in wholehearted Praise

as you bend your knees in fervent prayer

you fortify your mind against the

onslaught of the enemy for greater is he

who is in you than he who is in the

world when you seek me with the

intensity of a desperate Soul when your

hunger for me eclipses all else I will

reveal myself to you in unprecedented

ways Pursuit is the currency of the

kingdom and wholehearted devotion the

key to unlocking the vaults of Heaven

for I am a rewarder of those who

diligently seek me and my depths are

waiting to be explored by the one who

chases after me with unrelenting passion

as you immerse yourself in my word as

you linger in my presence I will pour

out Revelation and wisdom into your

spirit like a spring of Living Water my
Pursuing God with Unrelenting Passion

still Small Voice will pierce through

the cacophony of the world and my

insights will shine like a beacon

Illuminating the path before you

you for my word is alive and active

sharper than any two-edged sword

Discerning the very thoughts and

intentions of the heart it is your daily

bread in the wilderness sustaining you

with its nourishment it is your firm

foundation in the midst of life’s

Tempest holding you steadfast and

secure yet mere intellectual

understanding of my word will leave your

soul malnourished for it is in the

living out of my truth that genuine and

transformation takes root as you align

your life with my precepts as you walk

in unwavering obedience to my commands

you will partake of the Abundant fruits

of my faithfulness for I am not a god of

hollow rhetoric or empty declarations

but of Mighty promises waiting to be

seized by the one who boldly steps

forward in faith and trusting their life

into my capable

hands remember beloved that delay does

not negate my promise just as the

Israelites wandered in the wilderness

for years due to their

Disobedience prolonging their Journey to

the promised land so your own choices

can hinder the manifestation of your

destiny but even in the waiting even in

the wilderness I am with you my presence

is your Oasis my love your sustenance so

Fix Your Eyes Upon me the author and

finisher of your faith allow my love to
Trusting God’s Love Through Delays

be the lens through which you interpret

every circumstance every setback every

seeming delay for I am working all

things together for your good

transforming even the shattered

fragments of disappointment into a

masterpiece of

redemption in my hands every broken

piece becomes an integral part of your

story a testament to my grace and

power I am the god who specializes in

restor duration taking the seemingly

irreparable and fashioning it into a

breathtaking display of my love and

purpose trust me to reshape your

disappointments into stepping stones

that lead you closer to the Fulfillment

of my promises for your

life as you surrender your will to

mine as you trust me with unwavering

Faith you will see my promises unfurl

like a banner of victory over your life

for I am the god who speaks worlds into

existence who breathes life into dead

dreams my word will not return void but

will accomplish the purpose for which I

sent it so stand firm my child with your

feet planted upon the unshakable

foundation of my love let your roots go

deep into the soil of my faithfulness

drawing nourishment from the Wellspring

of my spirit for I am the god of the

Breakthrough the god of the impossible

The God Who makes a way where there

seems to be no way and as you abide in

me as you relinquish control and embrace

the adventure of Faith you will taste

the sweet fruition of my promise for I
Destined for Greatness and Purpose

have destined you for greatness crafted

you for a purpose that will reverberate

through eternity your life is a living

epistle a testament to my grace and

power my beloved child like Saul you

stand at a

Crossroads I set before you a choice to

surrender in complete trust and

obedience or to cling to your own

understanding Saul feared the opinions

of men more than my command he chose

partial obedience which is really just

disobedience cloaked in false piety and

that choice cost him everything I longed


give beloved I take no joy in burnt

offerings and sacrifices if your heart

remains far from me going through the

the Motions of religion while willfully

walking in sin is an affront to my

Holiness to obey is better than

sacrifice to listen to my voice is more

precious than any outward show of

devotion Rebellion as small as it may

seem is birthed from the same defiant

Spirit as

witchcraft both say I know better than

God I will be my own

Master stubbornness grows from the soil
The Choice Between Obedience and Rebellion

of Pride sprouting into Idol ol olry

that enthrones your will above

mine sin is not something to be trifled

with downplayed or

excused it is a cancer that eats away at

your very Soul destroying you from the

inside out but here is where the beauty

of my love shines brightest I don’t

demand Perfection from you I’m not

waiting for you to clean yourself up and

make yourself presentable before you

come to me just as a tender mother

Scoops up her mud covered child and

washes away the filth with gentle hands

I’m ready to embrace you in your mess

and make you clean your failures your

backsliding they are no match for my

grace bring your sinick heart to me just

as it is agree with me about your

condition and turn from your

self-destructive patterns with my

strength upholding you if you stumble a

thousand times I will lift you up a

thousand times more my mercies are new

every morning and my faithfulness never

waivers I know you want the

manifestation of every promise I’ve

spoken over you but more than the gifts

seek The Giver more than the destiny

pursue the one who dreamed it up in the

first place if you chase after me with

everything you have the promises will

chase after you delight yourself in me

and the desires of your heart will be

given to you not as a reward for good

behavior but as an outpouring of my


love remember I cannot entrust my holy

work to to hands that are continually

stained by unrepentant sin how can I

give you influence to build my kingdom

if you are tearing down your own life

Brick by Brick faithfulness in the small

unseen places qualifies you for the

greater things I have in

store Integrity is a rare and Priceless
Bringing a Sin-Sick Heart to God

Jewel its luster reflects my face and

points a watching world back to

me if the specific promise you cling to

seems delayed or Out Of Reach trust my

timing and my wisdom I am the god of the

Second Chance the fresh start the new

beginning no matter how many

opportunities have been squandered in

the past I am ready to do a new

thing I am able to redeem Lost Years and

restore what the locusts have

eaten my creativity knows no bounds and

my generosity is beyond searching out I

work all things together for the good of

those who love me who are called

according to my

purpose neither death nor life height

nor depth nor anything else in all

creation can separate you from my Fierce

unrelenting affection so fix your eyes

on me the author and perfector of your

faith strip off every weight and

entangling sin and run with perseverance

the race I’ve marked out for you

there will be moments when the darkness

feels suffocating and the climb

treacherous but I am with you

always my rod and my staff comfort you

and my spirit provides the strength and

endurance you

lack on the days when giving up feels
Persevering Through Darkness

easier than pressing on remember

Calvary I didn’t Flinch at the cross and

I will not abandon you now your pain

your struggles your

doubts I am into Ely familiar with them

all I’ve walked the hardest Road and

emerged Victorious so that you could

share in my Triumph there is no pit so

deep that my love is not deeper still

the world will whisper that your past

disqualifies you that your failures

Define you but I am the god who redeems

stories and rewrites destinies I am

committed to the ongoing process of

sanctification in your life I won’t

settle for a superficial behavior

modification gospel I’m after heart

level transformation that seeps into

every crevice of your

being the Potter isn’t finished with his

clay submit to the pressure of My Loving

Hands even when it’s

uncomfortable I’m shaping you into a

vessel for my glory uniquely fashioned

for the plans I’ve ordained don’t waste

your time striving for Perfection lean

into my all sufficiency drawing from the

bottomless well of my grace I’m not

asking you to muster up more willpower

or try harder I’m inviting you to

surrender more fully to abide more

deeply my power is made perfect in your
Surrendering to God’s Transformative Power

weakness when you come to the end of

yourself you find the beginning of

everything I

am I know the desires I’ve placed within

you burn white hot that passion is from

me a reflection of my own heart but

don’t let your Zeal Eclipse your

intimacy with me it’s only as you linger

in my presence that you receive the

power to be my witness the enemy will

try to lure you into the performance

trap Whispering that you need to earn my

affection he’ll dangle visions of

grandeur but I am not impressed by

numbers or

accolades I Delight in the hidden life

of devotion the uncelebrated acts of

obedience true success uccess isn’t

measured by the Applause of men but by

the Well Done of your

father so come to me beloved come with

your questions and your cares your Joys

and your fears let me be your safe place

your Refuge your rest in a world of

rushing and striving be still and know

that I am God as you relinquish control

and surrender to my leadership you’ll

find a peace that surpasses


you’ll discover purpose in the mundane

and significance in the

small seed swn in obscurity births a

harvest that

remains faithfulness in the waiting

ushers in the fullness of my

promises I am your exceedingly great

reward not trouble-free living the world
Finding True Success and Satisfaction in God

is grappling for satisfaction in all the

wrong places counterfeits abound but

they will never fulfill I am the only

one who can calm the Restless

inside beloved you are never too far

gone for my Redeeming Grace your story

is far from over and The Best Is Yet To

Come I am able to do immeasurably more

than you can ask or imagine don’t limit

me to your past experiences or Earthly

expectations my ways are higher my

thoughts are loftier so trust me in the

process yield to my spirit’s leading

even when it doesn’t make sense obey my

word even when it’s

unpopular pursue Holiness not as a means

to earn my favor but as a response to

the lavish love I’ve already

given so rise up my beloved and step
Rising Up and Stepping Into Your Calling

into the fullness of your calling let

your obedience be the key that unlocks

the floodgates of Heaven’s blessings for

I am the god who is faithful to complete

the good work I have begun in you the

god whose promises are yes and amen

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