????Jesus says : ???? Your victory is near My Child ✝️|

my dear child listen closely to my words where you find Healing strength and

everything you need I have so many promises for you and I give you messages

every day because I want to fill your faith until it [Music]

overflows When you pray feel confident about all I have promised

you you are worthy you are my cherished son my beloved daughter you deserve

happiness and that’s why I keep asking you to listen to me each word nourishes

and renews your soul when you hear my voice it lifts your spirit from sadness

and despair the trials the struggles the sickness the pain they might be heavy

but they don’t have to weigh you down forever in the light of my words you can

always find Freedom you don’t have to carry the same burdens all the time your past doesn’t

Define your future future you are important to me and to those around you you must live you must

keep fighting keep believing with all your strength you must Rise Above All

That troubles you now and hold these promises close to your heart say these words out loud so you

don’t forget them today I urge you to keep my love in your thoughts every day

because your enemies will try to throw dirt at you to Sully your feelings to discourage you to make you give up

everything but you will stand strong against these attacks through prayer faith and by reflecting on this holy

love that has never left you no matter what comes this love will

never leave you after you finish listening to this message completely cover your face with

your hands feel the warmth of your breath feel the texture of your skin

in that moment feel a Divine emotion flowing through your hands wrapping

around your entire being you will be joyful and full of energy after hearing my words I will

anoint you with this holy oil cleansing the emotions that steal your peace my

child my son with tears I urge you to accept my

love your enemies will always lie to you trying to mislead you

how could I abandon you when I’ve given everything for you you are not forgotten or alone in a

Barren desert you’re not at the bottom of a deep Abyss I stand firm in my

promises I will be with you in days of joy and nights of trial I will put my hand on your

shoulder and always remind you that my Holy Spirit within you is stronger than any challenge or

attack you are very important to me I pay attention to everything you do think

and ask of me with every step you take I protect and support you today I give you

a special unbreakable Supernatural Faith Learn To Expect Miracles that will Amaze

you everything is possible for those who give their lives to me avoid evil cling

to my word and truly believe that I will grant whatever good they ask of me the

trials you face will make you stronger the problems that arise will be

opportunities to discover new blessings Place great importance on my

words and let my wisdom guide your path do not be swayed by the

entanglements of this world nor be disheartened by its deceits remember I never abandon those I

love even though it might sometimes seem like all your troubles are piling up

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