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[Music] my beloved child hear what I’m saying to you nothing is beyond recovery because I

still have great plans for you I know everything about your life I’ve counted

every tear you’ve shed and there’s nothing about you that I don’t see I’m familiar with every part of your

life because I’ve never left you I’ve always been right there with you ready

to help and comfort you I’ve always wanted to heal your hurts and make your spirit whole again but sometimes your

stubbornness has kept you away from listening to me and now you find yourself regretting the choices you’ve

made I realize this isn’t your best moment and you’re tired of bad news

weighed down by so many problems it feels like the difficulties in your life just keep growing and

you’re unsure when the pain will end but remember I am here with you

today I want to heal you rejuvenate you and give you my very best blessings come

now don’t be stubborn listen to my voice and stop ignoring my words stop crying

and fretting over things you can’t change come hear what I’m saying and

follow me get back on the path that leads to your rescue to a place where peace and joy are waiting for you I’m

right here with you waiting not ready to take no for an answer be assured that I will always

love you purely and truly nothing you’ve done or will do can

lessen my love for you or push me away so don’t doubt what I’m telling you today my love for you goes beyond what

you can see know that I’m not here to judge you or bring up your

past I just want to make you whole again and heal all your hurts to shape your

life for my purposes with me may you walk in

blessings and success may your dreams and plans come to fruition so you can enjoy a rich and

fulfilling life that’s my desire for you now and

forever therefore be no longer confounded nor think that I am not by your side for even though you may not

see or feel me I will always be there for you ready to Aid you console you and

bless you understand this I will never go against what I have promised you I

will always seek your welfare so that you may achieve all that you set out to

do clear your mind of all negative thoughts push aside doubt and avoid

wrongdoing remove everything that limits the abilities I’ve placed in you such

things only lead to ruin anxiety and fear don’t let your aders AR’s voices

take over your life and don’t be hurt or troubled by spiteful comments take all

your troubles to me dedicate your life to me in prayer give me all your worries

and concerns and I’ll set you on A New Path you’re meant for Success not

failure because with me you’ll discover your true reason for being in me you’ll

find peace joy and contentment and know that I am your God and Father the one

who rewards the obedient and brave among his children that’s why I urge you not to dismiss what I’m sharing with you

today understand that I’m calling you to be blessed and I plan to give you the

blessings from Heaven here on Earth pause in your life and leave behind all

the problems that have Afflicted you set them aside close your eyes and call out to me I will answer all your needs

remember that I will always be with you and there is nothing you can do to make me stop loving you don’t give up step

forward in faith and grab my hand let me guide you on paths filled with blessings

where you’ll accomplish your goals and even achieve things beyond your imagination remember those who live

righteously receive various blessings so my child just have faith and seek me

through prayer look for me always and with your whole heart obey my teachings

Then I’ll act in your life because I honor those who honor me move ahead without hesitation my

child be confident that you will have all you need for I am committed to

blessing you richly never lose your faith in me listen closely to my words

and watch as my promises come true in your life my dear child you are the

finest of my Creations the most SP ended work of my hands you weren’t an accident

or a stroke of chance I loved you before you came into being I crafted you with

care and intentionality giving you life and a purpose I set you up for achievements

and have stored immense blessings for you you are incredibly precious to me and nothing can alter

that however I know that at times you feel frustrated and resentful of your

condition you feel as though you’re not progressing and each passing day you

wonder why if I’m a Child of God have I not achieved such blessings let me tell you it is not that

I do not wish to bless you but rather you have ceased to trust in me your

heart is no longer in my word but in the worries of this life you have been swept away by the

concerns of the World by the pressures and expect expectations of society you

have set aside my word prayer and your faith now is the time for you to come

back to me humbly and with a repentant heart ready to let go of the distractions and worries that keep you

from being close to me rekindle your belief in my power to change things and

in my grace that saves and then you’ll witness how my blessings pour into your life

generously realize that these blessings will find their way to you once you start trusting in me again for I am your

God if you put your trust in me you’ll be like a tree by the water fruitful at

the right time with leaves that stay green thriving even in dry

spells today I urge you to place your trust in me because I’m the one who can

recover what’s been lost mend what’s hurt and repair what’s broken in you let

my words change your now and brighten your future with hope don’t let the

enemy’s lies obscure your sight killing the dreams I’ve instill it in you Dene

every falsehood and trickery from the adversary write this moment and throw it

away allow my Holy Spirit to refresh your thoughts feelings and soul leading

you on a journey of Truth and vitality believe in me and you’ll WI

witness my promises unfolding in your life miraculously I will act in your interest

steering you toward the Abundant Life I’ve designed for you from the very beginning so do not give up on this path

you have been called to live do not surrender to the circumstances you must keep moving

forward with the confidence that I will put new strength in you strength like

that of the Buffalo so that you can rise up all you have to do is trust in me again

and believe in my promises for everything I have said about you will come to pass you will see my power and

my glory over your life you will see how the purpose of my will is fulfilled in

you starting today I don’t want you to depend only on what you can see because

that can lead to discouragement and disappointment open your Faith’s eyes

and start seeing the visible as if it’s already there where there’s a problem see a

chance for change where there’s Darkness Envision my light shining through

believe in my ability to change your situation and to unlock doors that seem

shut tight don’t question what I’m telling you now I’m going to act in your

favor turning even the toughest situations around for your benefit so trust me completely not leaning on your

own logic or other people’s opinions but placing all your trust and hope in me

because I’m the one who can breathe life into what was lifeless and create paths where none existed now is the time for

your words to speak blessings you’ll witness how my blessings unfold in every part of your life speak my words

Proclaim them even when times are tough and they will bring results for you

remember real faith is proven during life’s trials so stand up and approach

my presence stop spending your efforts on your ways bring your plans to me hand

over your Ambitions and dreams take my hand and hold fast to my promises I

assure you that your faith will ignite and you will see how everything you once dreamed of will become reality for I do

not disappoint those who trust in me rise up right now

no matter how difficult your situation may be at this moment my love for you will never

change I am here extending my arms of forgiveness and restoration towards you

waiting for you to return to me with humility and repentance don’t hesitate to come closer

to me because my love is much bigger than any mistake you’ve made so I invite you today to put your

trust back in me always declare my promises and know with certainty that

I’m always by your side starting now prioritize seeking me

both day and night and I’ll look after every aspect of your life you’ll experience a life full of abundance and

blessings you’ll witness my love and loyalty showing up in your life in amazing

ways believe in what I’m telling you really believe it and your life will

transform completely don’t lose hope or quit keep your faith strong and watch

the incredible things I’ll do in your life I’m aware of your circumstances my

dear child and I understand your needs you must realize that without me you can achieve

nothing living without my guidance is like drifting with the world’s tide my

childhood you need to trust in my words cling to them with resolve and belief my

words are like water in a dry land in them you’ll find your way out and

solutions to every problem so except what I’m saying to you today believe

that my intentions for you are good and Flawless remember today the story of

Hannah a woman of strong faith who was determined and steadfast she year made for a child and

despite her challenging circumstances and the despair she felt her faith in me

never faltered she prayed with fervor and passion surrendering her pain and longing into my

hands but her longing was so great her passion and perseverance that finally

her request Was Heard and she received the desire of her heart this my child is a reminder that

through faith and patience I can work miracles in your life I can reverse your situation and redirect your destiny

transform the darkest and saddest moments into clear and Happy Days

only I can change your need into great and precious blessings but you have to trust in me

and hand over your concerns your fears and needs to me I’m greater than all of

them and I can help you solve them don’t be afraid my dear child cling

to your faith and trust in what I promise you remember there’s nothing too hard for me I am the god who does the

impossible the one who works wonders who changes lives and heals

pain I restore relationships and forgive wrongdoings no challenge is too great

for me for I have all power I ask you to keep your faith in patience because the

solution to your troubles will appear in your life never forget that I have a

plan filled with hope and a bright future for you a future where sadness

and pain will be just old memories and joy will be with you

always so my precious child trust in me don’t lose heart or feel down when

things don’t change right away stay positive and keep believing even when you face hard times don’t give up

remember even Hannah was misunderstood and thought to be drunk when she prayed

intensely but she didn’t let go of her faith staying strong through difficult

times likewise I encourage you to emulate Anna’s example do not yield to

obstacles even when others critique you or fail to comprehend your

path retain your confidence my desire is to envelop you

in peace to transmute your most challenging situations into something beautiful and Splendid your sorrow into

Joy your lack into abundance and your mourning into dance

my dear child don’t lose your way in this Journey of Faith let nothing weaken

your determination always come to me in prayer ask for what you need and thank

me as you share your requests give all your worries to me and I’ll fulfill what

you long for in your heart I will be the light on your path the guide to your joy

and the truth that sets you free from any chains trust in me and I’ll lead you to Triumph to peace joy and

well-being remember even if the path is tough and the Outlook seems Grim I’m

always with you keep your hope firmly in me don’t let criticism or negative voices throw

you off course move forward bravely because I’m always by your side my power

and love are greater than any judgment or negativity you might face so my

beloved trust what I say keep your faith in me and my promises and I will give

you true Joy where no fear or worry can touch you I your father will be acting

for your good pouring out my grace and blessings on your life press on daughter with faith and

patience never cease to believe in my promises walk in my will and you shall

witness my mighty hand upon you performing wonders in your life for I bless you with every

spiritual blessing in in the Heavenly places and declare you free healed and

prosperous in Christ Jesus do not give up persevere for all that you have sown

with tears you shall reap with joy I know you are deeply engrossed in

pursuing your goals and projects I know that everything you undertake you do so

with diligence and dedication however above all these

things I do not want you to neglect NE prayer or set aside my word some people

choose to rely on themselves ignoring the guidance and wisdom my word

offers these folks drift away from my intentions and are led by their fleeting feelings focused solely on worldly gains

trying to achieve their aims but ending up with nothing

meaningful they become trapped in their vanity and conceit scorning the humble

and looking down on those who cheer cherish my teachings with sincerity their arrogance wraps around

them like a shadow hiding their real motives they often Overlook that being

simple and humble is at the heart of true greatness in their Chase for a claim and

control they neglect my instructions and its values they wander lost chained by

their self-importance which only leads to division and conflict so my dear child

Heed These words don’t let your heart be troubled or afraid of the future for I will bless all your endeavors and

efforts do not give up if you encounter adversities do not be discouraged if you

do not see immediate results no matter how long it takes to achieve your goals what matters is that

you never give up for every step you take brings you closer to your dreams to

those desires that I’ve in instilled within you always remember that you possess incredible potential for I’ve

endowed you with abilities gifts and talents that will cause good and incredible things to happen trust in me

beloved Son I shall always be by your side to guide and support you at every step of

the way maintain your faith with courage and determination and never forget that

with me by your side you will achieve everything you set out to do for I shall turn every obstacle you

encounter in your path into an opportunity for growth and learning so my dear child move forward

with faith bravery and confidence because your success is certain don’t

let anyone or anything make you feel disheartened or bring sadness upon you especially not those who whisper against

you don’t be troubled by the ongoing criticisms you face while while pursuing

your dreams indeed some will try to hinder your progress with obstacles born of

jealousy and spite but you march on with boldness and steady Faith living a life

that speaks of Truth and integrity never Tire of believing in me

and my promises for all that you invest your heart and labor in will be rewarded

when the time is right know that beyond the challenging times lies the vast realm of my

assurances a place where hope thrives and every step you take draws

you nearer to your truest goals this is where your aspirations

will become reality where appreciation and love overflow there you will discover Joy

tranquility and endless blessings for you and your loved ones so walk boldly and determinedly my

son Forge ahead and never be intimidated by challenges obstacles or

trials persevere knowing that at the end of your struggle great rewards and Splendid

blessings await you keep going my child

embracing patience as a virtue and using Faith as your Shield against doubts fears and

discouragement patience is the key that unlocks success helping you you stand firm through

trials faith will give you the power to get past any barrier and The Bravery to continue your journey believe that I am

with you arranging all events for your good that’s why my dear child you must

always hold on to faith and patience for they will lead you to my

promises they will open the doors of blessings revealing chances to fulfill your life’s Mission hold my words close

to your heart my child let them be your guide and a

light on your path they will direct you towards joy and

achievement act on them and I promise your efforts will flourish never doubt

my presence for I’m constantly acting on your behalf ensuring you a life filled

with peace Abundant Blessings and prosperity trust me with all your

mind all your strength and all your heart I will bestow Grace favor and blessings upon your life and upon all

whom you love I love you my child persevere until the end and I promise you will reap my

blessings you have my support with that faith and Champion likee attitude you

will Triumph in all things however you need to know me more I do not waste time counting your

mistakes nor will I cease to love you because of your errors I Delight in seeing you confident in my

promises traversing mountains and valleys Crossing turbulent rivers and

perilous swamps even if you stumble and fall even if you soil your garments you know in

whom you trust where you are headed and that a blessing awaits you on the other

side of that mountain you’re about to climb you can be sure of my love for you

knowing that I understand what you’re going through without judging you I’m here to clean off the stains you’ve

picked up along the way because I want you to move ahead without any fear or

weakness my love washes over you I’ll cleanse and refresh your path with the

pure Waters of a Heavenly stream I’ll give you the Divine strength you need when you’re feeling weak you are my

Champion my fighter and I’m here to support you to stand by you in your

battles and to Shield you from harsh attacks when it’s time to

rest with the shield of truth and the sword of my word you’ll walk the Journey of Life moving forward boldly with the

faith you feel now you’ll overcome sickness and debt you’ll break free from

chains and shackles you’ll leave behind the cells of your past I want you to be

filled with faith my child the strength you sense is real not just in your mind

you can experience it each day as you rise casting aside all fear and doubt

embracing life with confidence and resolve secure in your Triumph the enemy

Retreats from those who have the strength to stand firm even when they feel weak or weary because they know

they have a heavenly father who loves them immensely and in this Faith they find

the power to overcome sadness and discouragement from there you will be

able to behold the wonderful things I want to bestow upon you that is why I

ask and reiterate you need to know me more my love is yours and nothing and no

one can separate you from me consult me before making that

important decision give me time I want to calm your emotions and stabilize your

thoughts I will guide your heart along the right path do not do anything yet if

you have not brought your plans and projects into my presence I’m giving you the strength you

need so you won’t be pushed around or forced into making big decisions signing

documents or making promises that could trap you in a life full of stress and

chains don’t rush into Promises of love with someone you don’t fully know pay

attention to the red flags think back on your past errors recall those

feelings remember how much time you lost time that could have been spent in joy and closeness with your family because

you were overwhelmed by commitments I didn’t guide you

towards don’t fall into the same traps again don’t trip over the same obstacle

now that you’ve experienced my love and know I’m with you nobody can make you live bound like a prisoner again I’m

here to rescue you from any bind but I don’t want you to walk into trouble on

your own accord your choices matter especially when they affect others around

you ignoring my guidance is risky it’s like playing with fire dismissing my

power and doubting the truth of my promises you’re different now you show

respect for me and have proven your willingness to follow my lead that’s that’s why I’m urging you to proceed with caution and smarts don’t hang out

with those who act foolishly they don’t care about you or your loved ones they’ll just take what’s yours and

leave you struggling with debts or promises you can’t easily Escape keep your distance from such

people choose a different Road and if you’re unsure which way to go come to me

spend time in my presence I do not want you to spend your days sad and desperate

enduring the lashes and insults of those who have enslaved you don’t lose hope

for there’s no power strong enough to defeat you I will answer you with a miracle at the perfect time I’ve

chosen please be patient my dear child hold on to my hand tightly for you’re

meant to do great and marvelous things don’t be afraid and just

believe for anything is possible for those who have the courage to trust in me at this

moment hand over to me the burden you’ve been silently carrying in your heart the

one that’s hurting you hiding it will only lead to more trouble acknowledge it don’t lie to

yourself you understand exactly what I’m referring to if you’re reading or

listening to this know it’s because I cherish you give this burden to me and I’ll

throw it far away way you must let it go and not look back

decide today to Rise Above All Those Who pull you down into confusion they don’t

truly care about you or your loved ones no matter what they say in secret they

wish for your downfall those who stifle your dreams steal your aspirations and consume Your

Love they won’t rest until they see you fall they blind you with falsehoods

hiding the truth they try to cover you with shame pushing you away from my love and mercy

they want to plant dark secrets in your heart causing you pain whenever you recall them depart from them now sever

ties with the malevolent I laid down my life for you on the cross and I am willing to forgive

your transgressions any sin if concealed holds the power to bring about demise if

if you conceal your sins you shall not Prosper you shall lead a miserable

existence alienated from peace this is not the life I wish for you I have come

so that you may live abundantly free from resentment bitterness or

contaminating sentiments there shall be no refuge in your mind it shall not be plagued by unfounded fears you shall not

dwell in Perpetual anxiety remove the shoes from your feet

for the ground on which you stand is Holy you cannot Venture into the promised land if hidden secrets still

reside within your life come forth and confide in me I

await your courage to open your lips I shall strip away the garments of Shame and clothe you in my

sanctity there has not been a moment in your life when you’ve been closer to me than

today you may have hidden from me but behold I am here there’s no corner of

the universe where you can flee from my presence wherever you may go I shall

stand before you reminding you of my promise if you turn away from wrong and

truly change your heart know that you’re forgiven embrace it believe it and wear

this forgiveness proudly today is your day of new beginnings affirm your belief

and acceptance the tough times are near nearing their end days of sadness are

about to be over remember when good things come your way they are from me

sent with love I’ve been there during your struggles I provided when you felt you

were in a desert on this day as you read these words pledge to refresh your faith

the battles doubts challenges and disregard you said have worn you

down it’s time to get back on the path of belief refill your mind with my powerful

word I want your faith to be alive and burning strong so when your life fills with good you won’t forget me your God

your guide keep asking keep praying because there’s still so much you don’t

see there’s a fight going on beyond what your eyes can see I plan to bless you

but you’ve got hurdles to clear your win is in your faith your persistence your solid stance and your

prayer search for me every day pray each night wake up early to talk to me your season

is Shifting and I’m looking across the Earth for brave souls like

you I will work wonders in and through you I’ll use you to provide food clothes

Comfort healing and hope to many and as you give to others blessings will come

back to you in abundance in this time of Miracles stand firm and Resolute I reiterate cast aside

the burdens weighing you down seek my countenance renew your faith I love you

do not dismiss my affectionate words nor ignore my gentle calls when I correct you firmly it is

then you must cling to my sweet love you know I love you make me a promise vow

not to be angered when I do not immediately answer your prayers truly some people around you

watch closely eager to see you stumble you might feel at times that your

prayers go unheard and they’re quick to scoff at your faith yet my dear child

you’re set apart your focus is on higher Divine things despite their taunts and jeers

don’t let it shake you I’ve laid out a unique Journey just for you march on let

the scoffers drift without purpose they’re trapped in their own pride and jealousy heading towards their downfall

but you you’re my child able to step into my presence through your prayers I promise to respond to you

those who mock you will one day be put to shame as they recognize their mistake I’m holding a special blessing

for you one that’s yet to come because I’m preparing your heart to receive it

without Deep Roots one might falter unable to cherish or wisely use the

blessings given to them lacking f Focus one might get lost in their success

falling into vanity that’s a trap where the enemy seeks to catch you to Rob

overturn shame and ruin you so you must ready yourself be steadfast Brave and

anchored in my teachings conscious of My Affection armed with wisdom and carefulness as the Bedrock of your being

don’t retreat or try to conceal yourself from the mockers stop thinking you have

no value the battle is daily especially in your mind but I I strengthen you let

us walk together day and night in the mornings let us discuss your plans and

in the evenings your fears and dreams and trust in me believe me do not

give up accept my affection and acknowledge your worth when you belittle

yourself it wounds my heart you will overcome You Must Believe for I love you

and even if you stumble and fall I will never never never abandon you this

message is for my Warriors listen carefully and if you

feel and know you are one of them yes you are I have confirmed it to you many

times but do not reject my word and do not use your age your health or your

financial situation as excuses for all my Warriors willing to believe in my word I clear their paths

and supernaturally open doors for them you are my daughter my son I have chosen

you and am preparing you to succeed in moments of doubt you must cling to the

hope my promises provide trust me with all your heart I will fulfill my will in your life and

many good things will come to pass this is the crucial moment for you

to see yourself filled with strength firm in your faith and very brave do not

fear facing any Financial Health or family problems I can part your sea of

conflicts in two and prepare the way for your solution if you obey my word when I

command you with authority not to give up to keep going and to not lose that firm and determined stride you will

cross over an abyss tread upon the waves and not sink nor will the storm Drown

Your Destiny my warrior my little one my heart is your happiness and blessing I

want you to grow stronger each day as you walk and to face your enemies with solid and unshakable Faith always be

assured that even when you’re going through terrible conflicts and great need even if you do not feel me see me

or hear me know with certainty that I will come at the perfect time and rescue

you your enemies will flee when they see how you resist them how their screams do

not scare you neither by their size nor their threats today I place in your

hands a holy sword the power of my word on your lips when you believe it and

speak it your obedience and Faith go ahead and my power backs you up when you

have to confront your fears and my warrior I cherish you in my heart now

take the hand of those you love your children your family and enter with Faith and Hope through the door of your

blessing place your worries in my hands have faith leave that seemingly impossible

situation to me but trust completely and stop trying to fix things your

way when you are living under so much tension your emotions betray you if you

make a decision without thinking you may make a grave mistake this is the best

thing you can do today if you want your situation to end soon and everything to

work out for good so rest take a few minutes in my presence and with my hands

on your head I will make you feel peace and fill you with a New Hope

Supernatural Tranquility your face will show patience firmness bravery not fear or defeat the

Holy Spirit within you is your guide and your Escape by opening your heart to make me

avoiding wrong and letting me lead you’ll grow stronger to face any opposition

directly your bashfulness will vanish replaced by a Champion’s heart strong

Victorious and filled with enduring faith today marks the start of overcoming your troubles though your

victory was secured long ago believe and pray with conviction holding my promises

and my word in your heart with your eyes on the prize ahead use

your gifts with Zeal aiming for the ultimate Victory not to show off but to

gain spiritual triumphs you’re engaged in a real unseen battle not Shadow

Boxing this fight is genuine your effort Earnest take this message to heart and

While others go nowhere trapped in their self-made pitfalls March into the storm’s core stand there sword in one

hand flag in the other poised for Victory and that storm will cease when

you plant your flag in the conquered land and continue your journey I know

why I do things and if I command you to face your problems without fear it is

because you have my support and I will protect you from danger and the

Destroyer you are standing not by Your Own Strength you have overcome many

times and you know I was your shield and your strength you cried out to me I

answered you I gave you my hand and in your weakest moment I saw that you were

sinking and I pulled you out you are alive you are

well the problems you have now will end the mockers will be

ashamed no one in this world can prevent me from blessing you I protect you with my holy hand I have placed my shield

upon you and around you my warrior angels are ready to defend you from the Devourer your future is in my hands and

no one else’s I am your Almighty and Sovereign God I love you with eternal

love with patience and love I’ll make sure my plans for you come true tell me

you’ll trust me and not get upset anymore when you hear rumors or what people are saying about you those words

will be blown away like leaves in the wind and their power to hurt you will

vanish you won’t feel downhearted because you’ll be filled with my love you’ll welcome me into your heart and

shut out the harmful words of those who wish to derail your future I’m showing

you my love in many ways providing you with strength and confidence so you don’t get swayed by others opinions

before you worry about hurtful comments remember that I know you very well I see

your kind heart



for you to lack nothing and to fill your heart with Divine love and kidness don’t

fear the troubles you might face I will keep you steady and be by your side

always I will hold on to you firmly knowing you feel weak at times which is

why I’m reaching out to you now rather than being overwhelmed by confusion or worry take a moment to sit

with me in peace don’t be anxious about what’s ahead or get troubled by the the

world’s troubles focus on what’s important your family your faith

nourishing your soul with my words praying doing good deeds and showing forgiveness to those who wrong you even

when they repay Your Love with mistreatment if they hurt you again respond with love as I have

loved demonstrate your love so profoundly that just as I sacrificed for

my children you’re ready to endure for your family’s knowledge and blessing of me and their freedom

amidst the world’s chaos and talks of conflict continue to pray

relentlessly write down the names of your loved ones in your prayer journal and tell me your desires for them while

I already know their hearts and thoughts I encourage you to actively practice your faith to pray earnestly for what

really matters even as those around you tremble with fear at the signs they see neither

you nor your family should fear I will not leave you I will not forsake you you

must be prepared While others are consumed by fear you will witness great

Miracles the trumpets are sounding the time of your freedom is Drawing Near but

today pray believe fight live do not be frightened by what might come trust in

my word nothing is impossible for me I ch carish you deeply please say you love

me too I find joy in hearing your affection my dear my love heals soothes

supports directs and uplifts you my presence envelops you and my holy spirit

so fills you that you feel as if you’re bathing in a river of clear pure water

experiencing a joy you haven’t felt in a long time feeling safe and cherished

you’ve been through tough times feeling isolated ated and overlooked yet you’re going to leave the

past behind today I am here to empower you and chase away the Gloom that weighs on your spirit from now on keep my

promises close to your heart speak of them and cling to their memory whenever you feel alone remember

I am with you every day if you’re tired and heavy with concerns come to me to

find the peace your heart seeks always remember I am your Shepherd shepher you shall not want I have the perfect

provision in my hands so you’ll need for nothing I am your way to Salvation my

divine presence eliminates all fear from your life I am establishing your roots

by a river of Living Water and you will bear fruit that blesses your family and

many others if you’re searching for something true and Lasting if you’re longing for genuine love I am here for

you on the days you feel like crying without reason come to take refuge in my love

you have no other choice many will offer you affection but expect something in

return always demanding more from you they show you patience and friendship

they promise you happiness but abandon you when you have nothing more to give

there is no one in this world who can give you what I offer love peace healing

unwavering faithfulness come and receive this blessing now it is yours it is free I’m

not selling it to you I need neither your money nor your possessions I want

your heart your faith your loyalty Your Surrender Your unwavering desire to

leave behind the past and embark on a New Journey with me extend your faith

toward a new future wait with confidence have patience tell me with your own lips

I I entrust myself to you my God I commit to believing in your word with

all my heart and I respond to you my child I receive your faith prepare

yourself now for a marvelous reign of blessings that I will pour out upon you if you understand the message I’ve

brought you stay calm better days are ahead soon you’ll recover what you’ve

lost and see that nothing is too hard for me a tremendous Miracle is coming

your way your prayer has been heard what I plan to give you surpasses what you’ve

asked for your future is in my care not anyone else’s don’t be distracted or let

negative thoughts of failure or foolishness take root because of others words I’m with you I love you that’s the

truth while some choose to live in lies out of fear you’ve bravely trusted in me

I promise you will Thrive even in the toughest conditions in places where people bemoan lack and

hardship where many give up hope you will find strength your dreams will come

alive again and you’ll move towards success I’ll turn what was meant to harm you into something that will better you

today’s trials will become tomorrow’s powerful stories of Faith perseverance

commitment patience strength and love trust in me even when you cannot

see your destiny clearly no matter how far you have fallen my hand can lift you

up sometimes it may seem like I am silent but I am never absent my powerful

arm will sustain you until you Triumph my timing is in your favor seize

it for it is time to act the world may be discouraged by news of scarcity and

rumors of wars but you dwell under my shelter you and your family are always

under my blessing if I say walk then walk if I

tell you to get up get up if I declare You Victorious embrace my words and

leave yesterday’s mistakes behind the past is gone I’ve made your

life a new and transformed you entirely you’re not who you used to be your

future is safe with me in my presence I will watch over and protect you so I

encourage you once more to pray every day and seek me with joy and Faith No Matter your current mood and if you wake

up feeling unsettled and doubts start to Cloud your mind come to me anyway I love

you and accept you just as you are what I desire is for you to step forward in faith don’t be afraid I’m

here to help you I’ll steady your emotions fill your heart with bravery and remind you of my promises to

rekindle your faith Faith you need me now more than ever and I recognize this

I value our talks your trust in sharing your feelings with me I listened to you this morning I was

there listening yesterday even if you say little it’s your honesty and intent that count I

don’t ask for more for now I want you to remain calm when fear comes remember my words when

afflictions knock at your door respond it is your provider the one who always

rescues me and I know that today he will help me too follow my instructions keep

my Commandments keep your feet on the path do not look left or right focus on

the goal I have for you today many distractions will come

again trying to divert your gaze fill your mind with vain fantasies but my

word is clear therefore you must read it meditate on it then nothing and no one

will make you stumble as you walk doubt will have no power over your

soul immerse yourself in the river of my love when you kneel I will bring healing

to your life and give you the strength and wisdom you need to move forward you and your family are meant to

succeed in this life you’ll receive Abundant Blessings and will dwell in my

presence forever I’m always aware of your needs and care deeply about your feelings I offer you

my peace accept it with faith because the peace I provit is unlike anything

the world can give I heared you when you reach it out for me I welcomed your

Worship in my presence my answer is on its way anticipate it embrace it and

celebrate the miracle I’m about to do in your life today for me nothing is impossible you know and believe

this promise me you’ll wait and keep your faith until the moment arrives for

the significant Miracle you’re eager to witness I’ve been aware of your worries

ever since you chose to seek me I’ve been prepared to respond your blessing

faces strong resistance a battle wages in the spiritual Realms that’s why you

must stay steadfast in faith and prayer don’t let disappointment creep

into your heart keep away from those who don’t support your faith seek those who

encourage you to believe to be brave who guide you towards me and want to see you

blessed you know I want to help you emerge successfully from this situation which is so difficult for you

and causes you so much concern it is a struggle for your life

for the future of your family but during this time I will teach you many

things I want you to rely on me more to to truly grasp that I’m the one who provides for you your role is to stand

up with the courage I offer and not to stay Paralyzed by fear in the corner what I ask from you is to keep moving

while I work on the Miracle you seek remember I am your protector and your

power when you feel under attack kneel down lower your head come to me and

count on my support I know you’re courageous but now is not the time to

take on every challenge by yourself ask for help if you try to go It Alone using

just your own strength you’ll get exhausted and the enemy always on the

prowl like a fierce lion is looking for someone vulnerable to attack when you’re

tired you might feel like skipping prayer losing focus on your journey and

if you’re not careful you could trip and fall if that happens your foes will circle around you and seeing you down

they will try to deliver a final blow to take away your hope they don’t want you to succeed they

know you’re blessed and aimed to knock you off your path in every challenging moment know

that I am looking out for your happiness and well-being have faith I desire for you

to truly understand how deep my love for you is and how important you are to me

recognize that I’ve been right there with you seeing every step you take knowing your every thought and

desire never is there a moment when I’m not watching over you even when others

have turned away and forgotten you I have stayed by your side I have never left you not even for a moment just like

when I welcomed you into this world I continually seek your happiness and good I’m aware that life can be tough and

there are times when you might feel downcast anxious about what’s happening in your

life I know your fears the battles within you and the obstacles you face

every day but I want you to realize that through all these trials I am with you

giving you my love protection and comfort for what I offer you is pure

love a love that’s genuine steadfast and UNC conditional one that will never

abandon you for since the beginning of time I have witnessed your Joys and your

Sorrows your successes and your failures I have seen every tear you shed

I’ve heard every sigh of your soul and I have felt every beat of your heart there

is no secret you can hide from me for I am your father and I know every detail of your

life that’s why beloved Son I urge you not to anguish when You Face times of

uncertainty for I promise you that all will be well if you heed my words in

these words you’ll find the guidance and comfort you need they offer answers to

your questions directions for your choices and Solace for your pains my promises are there for you to

embrace when you keep my teachings in your heart and live by them you’ll know

a peace beyond all understanding as my word is your paths light and your

strength in every trial so my child don’t lose hope when

you face life’s Crossroads remember I have an ideal plan for you even when the

path isn’t clear trust that I’m orchestrating everything for your good with love and

precision remember every experience win or challenge is a chance to evolve and

glean insights even during tough times I’m always with you never leaving you to

face your Journeys alone whenever life feels too much when uncertainty doubts or fears Cloud your

mind know that I am your Refuge you can reach out to me in prayer laying down

your worries in my care for no burden is too immense for me and I listen to every

prayer and heart’s call I’m always attentive to the needs of those who cry

out to me even more so so to the needs of my children so trust in me my son for

I am always working in your favor even when times are tough remember you are a cherished part

of my creation and I desire for you to experience a life that’s rich joyful and

meaningful amid your worries and battles I encourage you to stand firm and brave

put your trust in me completely let me steer your path and Grant you the peace

that only I can provide believe in my love and reliability embrace my teachings as your

guidance a beacon for your journey holding them close to your heart and

living by them will bring you Solace guidance and Triumph in every situation

you encounter regardless of the challenges you face or the Tempest surround you

know that you will always Triumph do not be disheartened by fleeting troubles for

I am capable of turning any hardship into a profound blessing I can create Pathways where

none seem to exist it is I who can transform your sorrow into Joy offering

you genuine fulfillment so when you’re burdened when you sense your Vigor waning reach out to

me in prayer trust in me I will take on your burdens and provide the relief you

seek you’re not meant to carry all alone for I am here to support you have faith

in me and my promises amidst any turmoil you will discover

peace beloved Son I want to remind you once again that I love you with immense and unconditional love and whatever

happens nothing can separate you from my love for my love for you is eternal with

the willingness to forgive you and give you a new chance as many times as necessary remember no

matter how many times you fall I will always be there to lift you up to help

you move forward I love you my son keep my word in your mind and heart and in every step

you take trust in me for I will be with you watching over you and preparing a

future full of blessings so keep your faith strong and persevere on the path I

have set for you you only then will you see how I transform your circumstances how I lead you to places of abundance

and great blessing that Miracle you asked of me will happen in the least

expected moment you are in my thoughts in my heart I am not oblivious to the events

in your life for even in the moments of darkness and despair I was present to

offer you comfort and strength that is why today I want you to listen care carefully for I have an

important message for you your Miracle the one you so fervently prayed for will

happen that Supernatural sign will be manifested in your life for I your

father will unleash my divine power at the least expected moment so do not

despair trust in me for your Miracle will happen I know you are in a world

filled with uncertainty and trials sometimes you feel weary and discouraged

the burden you carry seems unbearable your faith begins to

falter but I want you to know that you are not alone in this struggle I am by

your side at every moment of your life I will never abandon you not even in the darkest moments I have been here since

the dawn I shall cradle you in my arms of love when your strength

waines sometimes my child your heart may be fraught with queries and

uncertainties you Ponder why you have had to confront Myriad trials and tribulations in your

life why Fate has chosen you to face such adversities my dear child I know there

have been times you’ve doubted my influence in your life but remember

every challenge you face is not just a tough battle it’s an opportunity for

growth and to find the strength within you so don’t let Hard Times shake your

faith or let life’s challenges strip away your blessings know that I am always at work

even if it’s not always visible to you I have a perfect plan for you and every

struggle you face is part of a beautiful design that will be revealed in due

time the miracle you long for will happen when you least expect it maybe in

ways you didn’t anticip ipate but it will come all I ask is for you to trust in my

boundless love for you understand that faith is essential

to overcome any challenge even when things look Bleak keep faith in your

heart don’t let doubt or negativity affect you remember I am the God of Wonders able to do what seems impossible

if you trust in me and keep your faith you’ll see wonders happen so hold on to

your faith dear one waiting can be hard and it’s okay to feel impatient at times

you may desire things to happen swiftly but I tell you my son my daughter the

waiting time is not in vain for in the process I am shaping your character

strengthening your faith Paving the way for the miracle that is yet to come do

not forget my plan is perfect and it will unfold at the appointed time so do

not lose hope keep your gaze fixed on me knowing that I will not forsake you and

I will be working in your favor beloved I only ask that you ignite

your faith and continue to believe in me seek me wholeheartedly meditate on my word

persevere in prayer I will fulfill my promises to you I’ll bring back your

health boost your money mend your Hearts hurts and refresh your energy have faith

that I’ll do this because I’m your father in Heaven tending to every aspect of your life even when it’s beyond your

sight touch or understanding my dear believe that soon what you’ve prayed for

will happen unexpectedly your Miracle will appear more wonderful than you’ve

ever dreamed don’t let impatience blur your view nor doubts and negative thoughts

drift you away from me no situation should make you question my love as my

heart is devoted to you immerse your mind in my words let the strength of my

promises fill you with hope and happiness keep going my child and don’t

be scared of life’s tempests knowing I’m your Fortress and Haven when you feel

weak I’ll provide the strength you need in confusing times I’ll show you the right way when you’re sad I’ll comfort

you with My Endless Love remember I am with you no matter

the weight no matter how shadowy the road may seem I’m right beside you

supporting you stay faithful till the end I’m guiding you with my right hand

my child don’t be downhearted you’re not alone on this journey of life I know

that sometimes navigating this world can be challenging and perilous but I want

you to keep walking with your head held high do not succumb to difficult moments

or be discouraged when you feel everything is against you remember you

are not alone I am by your side my love and support will never leave you it is a

promise I made to you and I will fulfill it not only in your life but also in the lives of your future

Generations so do not fret or despair when you have to Traverse dry and Barren

deserts for I will be there with you you as an oasis of love and a source of

Living Water when you feel Weak and Powerless do not hesitate to seek my help for my mighty arm will always cover

you in your times of greatest need I will be your safe haven your strength

and you will find in me the power to overcome any obstacle that stands in your way in these words you’ll find the

guidance and comfort you need they offer answers to your questions directions for

your choices and Solace for your pains my promises are there for you to

embrace when you keep my teachings in your heart and live by them you’ll know a peace beyond all understanding as my

word is your path’s light and your strength in every trial so my child don’t lose hope when

you face life’s Crossroads remember I have an ideal plan for you even even

when the path isn’t clear trust that I’m orchestrating everything for your good

with love and precision remember every experience win

or challenge is a chance to evolve and glean insights even during tough times I’m always with you never leaving

you to face your Journeys alone whenever life feels too much when

uncertainty doubts or fears Cloud your mind know that I am your Refuge

you can reach out to me in prayer laying down your worries in my care for no

burden is too immense for me and I listen to every prayer and

heart’s call remember that my purpose for you is Grand and my blessings are

abundant you only need to trust you will witness how my promises unfold in your

life regardless of what happens regardless of what comes I will fulfill

all that is written in my word so do not despair when you encounter challenging times for these

are merely steps that will lead you to the peak of your prosperous and Victorious

Destiny son daughter have confidence in my power and do not stray from my path

do not succumb to evil desires nor yield to The Temptations you may encounter

along your journey persevere in faith and set your gaze upon me your guide and

protector I will assist you in navigating the tumultuous Waters of life and together we will overcome all kinds

of Storms Come Close my child approach me and in your hard times I’ll give you

comfort I’ll fill your heart with happiness and introduce new blessings into your life I promise to bestow upon

you both spiritual and worldly gifts but only if you hold tight to your faith and

trust in what I’ve pledged never wander away from my care or my

affection for amazing things are waiting just ahead ignore those who try to shake

your faith and trust with their harmful words don’t align with the wrongful ways

of this misguided World instead focus on my loving and

wise voice leading you rightly resist becoming disheartened ground yourself in

my teachings which bring life and Truth know that with every step and choice

I’m there with you offering my care and guidance step forward with faith holding

on to the promises I’ve made for they will come to fruition at the right time be aware that your life holds

untapped blessings and possibilities rely on me and hold on to my words for

you have an important role in this world and together we’ll achieve it remember

whenever you feel feeble you can draw strength from knowing my love and might

are with you no journey is too tough with my assistance you can surpass any

hurdle you’re never alone I’m always here providing love Aid and safeguarding

you trust in me and my plan for your life and in the Wonders that lie ahead

Forge ahead with determination for Joy purpose and blessings await you in the

future do not give up persevere in faith until the end

you are stronger and braver than you believe trust in me and I will help you overcome your worries and

insecurities today with love and tenderness I want you to listen to my

words and engrave them in your heart it is my desire for you to carry them

always like a treasure that illuminates the path to Truth Listen to them and keep them close

so that you may live securely peacefully and without fear of

adversity my dear one I understand life can be tough you’ll encounter hard times

that might make you feel isolated sorrowful and forsaken yet remember no matter the circumstance I’m always by

your side my love for you is endless my support unwavering and my strength is

yours to conquer every challenge I see when you’re Weary burdened by your

troubles but know this with me no load is too heavy no hurdle too high today I

urge you to trust in my care let me lighten your burdens and break the chains that hold you back have faith in

me witness my steadfast love guiding you through fears anxieties and doubts yes

you will face trials obstacles and tough tests but you’ll tackle them armed with

the talents gifts and skills I’ve bestowed upon you so don’t fret about what tomorrow brings my child for I’m

here to look after you opening doors to prosperity and blessings that remain unsealed so when you feel overwhelmed by

the difficulties of this world remember that you are my beloved child and that

within you lies the capacity and strength to overcome any situation do not underestimate your potential for in

me you are stronger and braver than you believe I have called you to be a light

in the darkness to bring hope and love to those around you understand that it

is not worth worrying about what you cannot control remember that you are in my

hands and I will take care of everything that happens to you I know your needs even before you express them do not

forget that I am your father who takes care of you and provides what you

lack trust in me beloved child trust that I will always be by your side even

in the darkest moments when you feel discouraged believe that I’m working in your life

even when you cannot see it or understand it for I have a perfect and wonderful plan for you one that

surpasses any difficulty you may face do not let worries steal the joy

and peace that I have placed in your heart instead put your trust in me and

let me carry your worries rest in my love and grace knowing that I

am always by your side keep moving forward never lose faith in my promises

and my faithfulness continue on the path of faith I will renew your strength and

restore your weary Spirit trust that everything I am doing in your life has a

purpose in my perfect plan and in the end all things will work together for

your good remember dear child that you you are my most precious creation I love

you more than you can imagine your Joys and Sorrows are mine as well every tear

you shed does not go unnoticed by me you have no reason to fear for in my hands

you will always find refuge and peace in me you will always find everything you

need when life feels overwhelming and troubles seem unending look up to me for

Solace as the all powerful creator of everything I’m always watching over you

place your trust in me let me Lead You In My care find the safety and

protection you’re seeking don’t be intimidated by adversaries or life’s hurdles my love is

mightier than any trial and my strength surpasses all barriers seek shelter in

me for tranquility and renewal I am your provider meeting your needs from my

abundance listen as I speak to you gently offering words of Hope and calm

urging trust in me allow me to be active in your life in tumultuous times I am

your peace in confusion your Clarity I’m there to provide when you’re in need and

to be your fortitude when you’re frail today I reach out with affection

and gentleness to remind you rest in my enduring love and peace let not your

heart be troubled by trans ient concerns for I have instilled in you a joy and

peace that endure [Music]


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