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my beloved child my promises are solid what I say happens the blessings you’ve

been waiting for will soon be yours I keep my word I’ve listened to your

prayers I see you standing strong full of Faith waiting for my answer I notice

how thankful you are even when those around you are complaining so I assure

you the blessing you’ve been hoping for is coming I promise you’ll have have it

soon it will be given to you and all your worries will disappear your stress and concerns will

be gone for good you put your faith in my promises and ever since I heard your

call and listened to your earnest request I’ve been preparing the answer you’ve been yearning for many people get

disheartened when they don’t see immediate results from their prayers they need to realize that I

enjoy answering them but first certain changes need to happen in their lives I

must shape their character give them wisdom and arrange everything properly so that the blessing they’ve been

waiting for doesn’t turn into a burden often you ask just for what you

need but I give much more than that I think about your future and your family

I want your blessing to bring peace and happiness not sorrow or

conflict I’ve made a promise to you writing my laws in your heart heart and mind forgiving your mistakes and

forgetting them I want to remind you that being with me brings Comfort

there’s healing in my presence and endless strength for those who believe and wait patiently for my promises to

come true let go of any bitterness remove doubts from your

thoughts ignore those who make fun of your faith if you start feeling tired or

anxious again just talk to me and I’ll give you the ability to endure blessing

you with patience so that your feelings stay steady you’ll gain the wisdom to control

your speech so you don’t say anything thoughtless that might upset me I shower you with Abundant Blessings

offering them with love and gentleness like a parent caring for their child I look forward to your thanks and

remind you to never ask for anything from me out of arrogance or entitlement many people dis respect me

but I remain patient and kind waiting for them to turn back they challenge me

risking serious consequences it’s a grave mistake to mistreat any of my beloved

ones I understand your frustration when things don’t go as planned but this is the process you pray I respond you try

and yet you may face challenges you might find adversaries and hurdles on

your path and sometimes it seems seems like my help is slow to arrive but I will Enlighten you spiritually to see

that things aren’t as bad as they appear your blessing is close at hand just

waiting for you to reach out to receive your blessing you must

let go of any fears or doubts that hold you back you need to go through

trials I’m eager to see bravery in your heart and to watch how you handle delays or unmet

expectations what will your response be will you keep waiting with joy without

complaining or will you let bitterness take over wasting your time and effort I

seek your resilience your complete Devotion to me even when my answers take

time and you must be patient I look forward to seeing the

strong Spirit I’ve placed in you your steadfastness which is more valuable

than gold I anticipate your faithfulness to me you won’t betray me or exchange your

beliefs for trivial gains you will avoid wrongful actions

not resorting to theft or deceit to escape your problems or speed up Solutions such as the path to genuine

triumphs in the spiritual realm your eagerly awaited blessing will

indeed materialize remain patient and full of

faith don’t let skepticism halt your endurance ignore the misguided avoid

taking counsel from non-believers or mockers I kindly urge you to hold on to

these words treasuring them in your heart I’m reliable seeking your Fidelity

in return come back to this place every morning let these words bolster your

faith and bring you Tranquility do not fear I cherish you your blessing is on

its way speak these words with your voice write them with your hand beloved

God I await you with all my heart I’m your heavenly father your friend your

lord your Shepherd and if you have never heard of me before I introduce myself to

you I am the one who chose you before you were born the one who ignited that

firm purpose within your soul I am the one who fills your life with love and

showers you with boundless Mercy I am love I am tenderness I am peace your

path your truth the light that guides you amidst

Darkness today is a day filled with wonders my words fill you with belief

you have my Holy Spirit as your guide and companion on your journey open up your heart these

promises are ingrained in your mind and will come back to you when you need the most the doors to my kindness are wide

open for you I won’t turn you away come boldly without fear I will heal your

inner hurts and repair the lingering scars that secret causing you pain won’t

control your thoughts anymore today I forgive your missteps

and you will let them go guilt won’t trap you any longer don’t fret or lose

your calm if you can’t fix some old errors do what’s within your power be

humble ask for forgiveness make amends make your life story clean but if others

out of spite refuse to let you correct your mistakes that’s on them you’re cleansed and

pardoned leave those issues behind give to me all your pain all that spoils your

mood and the negative feelings that nag at you day after

day let go of all those old memories and thoughts that you’ve clung to and allow

my strength to work in your heart I will permanently remove the

chains of fear break the hold of worry and plant the seeds of my holy words in

you I will flood your soul with my goodness giving you the gift of true

freedom I wrap you gently in my cloak of compassion protecting you with my

kindness and showering you with blessings today the chains that have kept your spirit imprisoned will break

you’ll see changes in yourself your anger will fade away and harsh words

will no longer come from you from now on your words will be a source of Praise only gentle and

Powerful Words will flow from you bringing freedom and

healing remember you’re never by yourself for I have been talking to you for a long time and now you understand

that despite the difficulties and obstacles you see you need to keep

Faith No Matter What keep moving forward and I will acknowledge your efforts you

trust in my promises completely and I will guide you by the hand to your destined salvation today is a day to

have faith and confidence that Miracles are possible nothing is impossible for those

who believe and surrender to my will every challenge every obstacle even

temporary defeats and victories are opportunities to experience the greatness of my love you

are in my hands surrounded by an army of angels encamped around your home day and

night guarding every corner my holy spirit will not allow any enemy to come

and seow Discord among you for your family is precious to me I love you no one can snatch you from

my hand I care for you I console you I incra you I nourish you with Heavenly

words indeed you need material things and finances to bless others but do not

worry for I shall provide for all your needs without sorrow stress or tension

you shall prosper abundantly you cannot fathom all that I shall give you but do

as I say listen to this message again let this Revelation gently enter your

soul word by word I shall write my plans upon your

mind and engrave my promises upon your heart Focus do not stray in any

direction occupy yourself with prayer attend to your family do your work diligently be honest and treat people

with respect I shall provide everything you need without sadness or tension

without worry or fear you are prospering abundantly and

even you cannot imagine imagine all that I shall give you but do as I say listen to this message again let this

Revelation gently enter your soul word by word I shall write my plans upon your

mind and engrave my promises upon your heart Focus do not stray in any

direction occupy yourself with prayer attend to your family do your work diligently be honest and treat people

with respect I shall Pro provide everything you need without

sadness or tension without worry or fear I shall always be with you loving

you at every step you take trust in me and my power in the dreams I have sown in your life and the

gifts and talents I have bestowed upon you treat your family and all those who support you with kindness and

respect I myself have arranged things for your success not so that you may

become selfish but so that you may bless others I will be your Oasis in the desert all those

who seek to hear from me will come to you receive this Divine affection with

joy thus you will be able to face any challenge that comes your way speak to me now with

love in those moments when you feel buried in troubles you shall see the light for all the burdens that weigh

upon you know that you are being planted I am pruning the dry branches that

obstruct new Roots shall Sprout I have placed you in fertile soil to grow and

flourish where you are my love for you is immense and

eternal you possess an Incredible strength within you capable of achieving more than you have ever

dreamed you are filled with my Holy Spirit you are loved Beyond

imagination if you desire to soar and reach your dreams you must let go of the things that weigh you down detached from

that which hinders your progress do not cling to material possessions human titles or worthless

trophies no one in this world can control your life your happiness does not depend on material possessions you

indeed need resources and money to be a blessing to others but don’t worry I

will take care of all your needs without causing you grief or anxiety you will prosper more than you

can imagine I will give you plenty but listen to what I’m telling you absorb

this message once more let these truths seep into your being one word at a time

I will outline my plans in your thoughts and embed my promises in your heart stay

focused don’t get distracted dedicate time to prayer take care of your family

work hard be truthful and treat everyone kindly I will supply all your needs without

causing you sadness or worry and without fear you’re going to thrive and the

abundance I’ll provide is beyond your wildest dreams follow my instructions hear this

message again let these insights softly touch your spirit phrase by

phrase I’ll inscribe my designs in your mind and impress my commitments on your heart stay on course don’t Veer off

engage engage in prayer look after your loved ones perform your job with commitment be upright and show respect

to others I’ll ensure you have all you require without any distress or

apprehension I will always be there for you showing you love with every step you

make have faith in me in my might in the aspirations I’ve planted in you and in

the skills and abilities I’ve given you show care and respect to your family and

your supporters I’ve orchestrated your circumstances for Success not for your

gain but so you can be generous to others I’ll be your refuge in times of

need those seeking my voice will find their way to you welcome my love with

happiness with it you can overcome any obstacle you face now talk to me with

all your heart today my child I am giving you a new life life from now on

Everything Will Change begin this day with your head held high and your heart full of Faith you will see that

everything transforms gradually around you never forget I am with you in every

minute of today giving you the strength you need to overcome every challenge giving you the sensitivity to receive

all the Beauties and small blessings I am bestowing upon you do not stray from

me and do not be distracted Ed by the world’s activities be positive even if

everything around you seems to be collapsing but breathe in my peace give your heart a chance to rest

and remember that everything has a purpose and I am your almighty

God I see everything that goes on I’m there to help you through tough times

and the minor things alike nothing is too small for me to notice I offer you my love and I ask you

to show kindness love and patience toward others I urge you to forgive them how

you treat them can lead many to find their way to me today my dear child I grant you fresh

strength to begin again I provide you with the insight to overcome all challenges Embrace this day with

happiness and cheer for I am in control I’m aware of every challenge you face

face and each emotion you feel just relax keep faith and aim to do

your best if you ever feel lonely don’t be scared pray and you’ll realize I’m

always by your side my love for you and those you care about knows no

bounds with the assurances I give you today have faith be confident and chase

after your dreams for I will improve everything and make it smoother than you could envision

and as evening arrives Express gratitude for your Day’s

Journey your thankfulness matters cherish it my child I’m with you now

tomorrow and forever more I fully grasp what you’re enduring and the hardships you face your trials

are unique and at times your feelings may be jumbled but when you feel feeble hold

tightly to me that’s how you stay a allow me to be by your side in these

trying times I want you to embrace my teachings I will mend your spirit and

erase your anguish for good it’s true that many might not get what you’re going through but I see everything

you’ve been through and what you’re dealing with right now people only notice the surface they can’t see the

tears in your heart I get you and I’m here to help I aim to lift that heavy

load off your shoulders and release you from your Sorrows I’m breaking the chains that tie you to your past I’ll

unveil your eyes so you can see the bright and peaceful future I’ve planned for you those who

look down on you and fail to understand will be left behind if they choose to abandon their faith and not follow

me my love for them remains but they veered off the

path if you wish to stay with me you need to step away from them don’t be

scared of what’s to come you won’t be on your own I’ll Shield you from the scorching heat and protect you with my

strength an army of angels will go before you making your way clear and

guarding you against foes soon your life will transform and

you’ll be glad you chose correctly you were receptive when I reached out to you letting me in we’ll

be together eternally your suffering will be history and you’ll find peace

and joy in my love I will shower you with my favor and blessings you’ll be

immensely blessed things will change for the better I love you this hardship will

pass hear my words and embrace the peace they bring your struggles are about to

conclude Now isn’t the time to quit or make choices that might delay your progress you’re enduring a rigorous

trial through my strength you’re being transformed shaped like

clay by a Potter my actions stem from my deep love

for you and are meant for your benefit I aim to prepare you for the higher place

I plan to elevate you too stand firm in your character and strong in your

resolve so you can lead not follow in the new phase I’m setting before you you

and your family will Thrive don’t freten any more my dear one and make time to listen to me each day

come and chat with me or just sit quietly by my side relishing our time together I don’t wish for you to be

troubled or let fear dampen your happiness in calmness you truly

shine your words and deeds align with your faith in my presence your

desperation vanishes the anxiety that gnaws at you is gone for good I note

down every feeling of yours observing the fruits of your supplications in your time of need you

called out and I was there the weight of your despair lifted you felt renewed

ready to press on with your journey on a day filled with Gloom you sought me again overwhelmed by

distress your tears nearly engulfed you your prayers were heavy with sadness

your despair was so deep that you couldn’t even express it but I understood stood the storm inside

you I brought you healing infusing your heart with joy once more you kept on

fighting showing incredible bravery against daunting challenges now you’re here in my

presence again tell me your wishes and they will be fulfilled from within you

flows the spring of Sacred Water your intentions are pure and all that you need will be given to you move ahead

with courage stand strong and determined make the ground shake beneath

you those who Envy you and lack bravery will run away your overwhelming feelings

will calm under my powerful hand I shower you with a downpour of blessings

your difficulties and Gloom will disappear should you seek upliftment

it’s yours if tiredness overtakes you today approach me weary and Laden you are in need of this loving Embrace that

will provide you peace pause for for a moment embrace the quiet and listen to

the soft murmur of the wind calm down let your feelings settle

and the chaos in your mind slow Place Your Hands in Mine close your

eyes be silent and trust in me even when you feel surrounded and attacked by

despair Don’t Be Afraid or waver these fleeting emotions will pass once they hear my voice despair itself shakes and

vanishes never to come back as you embrace my words within you a sacred healing oil is

ignited repairing every part of you your body heart and soul with each new day

you’ll feel better filled with fresh emotions and deep Joy immense Splendid

happiness flows from you like streams of Living Waters no one and nothing in this

world can give you the peace and joy you’re looking for trust only in me

don’t hand over your heart or your life to those who claim they can make you happy avoid the mistakes you made before

when you gave yourself away hoping to find love and meaning you stumbled but

that’s not the end you’re entitled to stand up again and I’m giving you the

opportunity to start over I love you I’m devoted to you and I

can’t withhold my love or everlasting life from you because you you’ve given me your whole heart I will give you

everything you need don’t be afraid for I will provide for you I will free you from debt keep

you away from bad habits clear your life of insincere friends and bring someone

special into your life promise me you won’t have doubts assure me you won’t

replace me with anything else and tell me once again that you love me say Jesus

I love you throughout your day and feel the immense joy that comes for me I want

to see you full of faith and happiness there are blessings with your

name on them waiting for tomorrow trust me completely because I arrange things for your good in both Heaven and Earth I

firmly ordered that you receive plenty be freed from debt gain Heavenly

wisdom and enjoy blessings meant just for you and your family a Divine Legacy

y you weren’t an accident I loved you before you were even born planning many

wonderful things for you the greatest of these is my Everlasting

Love I loved you when you were distant and kept loving you when you came back if you think I get angry and pull

away because you sometimes mess up that’s not true your mistakes don’t

scare me I won’t reject you because of your errors when you come to me full of

regret and honest about your feelings I can see your love for me I

value your honesty you don’t judge others or pretend to be perfect you have

a peaceful Soul a gentle way about you and pure thoughts even when you stumble

you get back up with belief and confidence don’t let anyone criticize you they have no right keep up your

faith come to me every day ready to hear and learn I’ll answer your dedication with

Abundant Blessings I understand that material things aren’t your main concern you want

blessings and safety for your family I promise to provide these and more I’m

getting you ready for New Opportunities don’t be afraid to embrace them right now as you hear this wonders are

happening in the Unseen World new people and chances are coming into to your life

they might seem challenging but with your faith and patience they’ll turn into

blessings peace for your household and the resources you need but most

importantly you’ll feel my true love trust in me I gently touch your

life with my holy kindness and care I hold you close protecting you

from harm with my Divine protection I understand deeply the trials you

enduring your challenges are formidable I witness your struggles comprehend your

efforts and sense your despair in this moment I reveal to you

my unwavering loyalty your greatest achievement today

lies in placing your trust in me laying your afflictions and needs at my feet I

acknowledge that you cannot bear this burden alone thus I Stand By Your Side eager to

assist and support you with intentions of Good Will peace and prosperity

towards you always you hold a special place in my heart and I shall love you

ceaselessly I shall persist and continue to communicate with you just as I’m

doing now you Rose to greet a new day with your spirits low your body weary

happiness eludes you and it seems compassion is scarce yet do not forget I am here I

have not been been preoccupied with other matters nor have I forgotten my love for you your eternal life concerns

me not temporal distractions your happiness is boundless your salvation

complete so after hearing what I’ve said please don’t forget my words your spirit

will feel fresh your strength will grow and you’ll be energized in a way you

never thought possible you might not have expected me to speak to you directly but as you listen you’ll feel

more determined to keep going I want you to smile now and

realize I haven’t overlooked you use your peaceful moments to talk with me

instead of feeling lonely I’m your God your parent your

buddy be thankful that I’m with you remember you’re not by yourself I will

shower you with my spirit boost your inner strength give you insight and Surround you with my affection your

Victory is on the horizon think about your Brave Spirit

consider all the tough challenges you’ve overcome since you let me take the lead in your life calm your heart and

continue to have faith even when things get tough when everything seems overwhelming and problems come your way

don’t give in to fear protect yourself from fearful thoughts and keep going relying on my

word I hold you very dear to my heart even before you were born I had Grand

designs for your life I watch over every aspect every moment of your existence

don’t be overwhelmed by sadness I’m here to fill your heart with

happiness keep faith for you are destined to succeed and what I’ve planned for you is beyond what you can

imagine I love you and will remind you of this every morning when you wake up I’ll lead you on the right paths

clearing away any dark dark nness that surrounds you feel cherished and safe

because that’s what I want for you your faith brings me joy your belief

is like worship to me and in your worship you will find peace and strength

for your soul I’ll keep guiding you turn to me in tough times and I’ll be there

to support you even when you feel frail or unsure you’ve expressed your love for me

seen me as a friend and devoted your time to me and in return I’ve demonstrated my love for you I never

change I am eternally reliable in your challenging moments I won’t leave you or pull away even when

you’re feeling vulnerable or uncertain don’t be disheartened by these trials in hard times don’t be scared for

I your powerful God say that nothing is too difficult for me expect to see

remarkable things things happening in your life sense my presence listen to my

words and you’ll find steadiness joy and fulfillment in your heart and life

amen my beloved child many wonderful things are coming your way I encourage

you to believe this you’ve remained strong through tough times I ask you to keep standing strong I see how tired you

are how your spirit feels drained but I’m urging you to keep going a new time of peace is on the

horizon hold on to your beliefs tightly keep fighting keep aiming for victory

get ready to receive the answers to your prayers that you’ve been eagerly waiting for now is not the time to give up and

let defeat take over don’t let your joy be stolen by

those who don’t want to see your success they’ve seen your unwavering faith your

bravery and your inner strength you’re almost there soon you’ll reach a place

where Legions of warrior angels are ready to support you in your

battles wonderful blessings huge happiness and amazing gifts are coming your way you’ll also find joy in your

responsibilities not burdens Victory is closer than you think

the place you thought was far off will soon be within your reach I plan to put you in a new setting

surrounded by kind and harmonious people free from debts and eager to work towards the exciting goals awaiting in

your life Embrace This Joy with faith even if

you can’t see or feel it yet keep pushing forward with joy towards what you want all the way to the end accept

it with faith I know you understand you’re not an accident you are my child

chosen by me from the very start you’re well aware of this because I’ve shown

you many signs ignoring my words and the Miracles I want to bring into your life

and your families would be a huge mistake don’t let imaginary barriers hold you

back I’m going to bless you and there is nothing or no one who can prevent me I

have forgiven you and cleansed you and if there is still something you hide from me you will bring it to me today

there is no excuse or Reason that can hinder you from receiving my

love and forgiveness I desire to bless you and even you yourself cannot prevent it if

you try to place obstacles I will remove them with the affection I hold for you I

have sent my word to be fulfilled in your life and that word I have sent will

not return to me empty it will come bearing fruits and miracles victories

and joys I’m going to show you something amazing and once you grasp it you won’t

ever drift away from this wonderful love I have for you I love you don’t be

scared there’s a special place for you with me it doesn’t matter if others turn their backs on you even when you treat

them kindly and with respect some ungrateful people might still look down on

you so today I aim to fortify your spirit your mind and your body so you

you won’t get upset or sick from so much disappointment anymore what you truly need is genuine

love sacred Flawless Everlasting pure real and this is the

love I offer you those who’ve hurt you might say they’ll provide love but always want something back if you don’t

comply they add to your suffering but today you’re getting liberated from this bondage you won’t rely on anyone else in

this world you won’t need flattering words to feel valued nor will you feel

down when no one talks to you unless they need something or want to blame you for their

problems I’m breaking every spiritual chain every emotional te setting you

free from the undue burden placed on you because you trusted too readily your

adversary May disguise himself as a beacon of goodness aiming to take what’s

yours but I’m not after your wealth or belongings your material things don’t

matter to me I wish for you to live without sadness or despair you will live

for me and be incredibly strong you will no longer feel hurt when many ignore you

or fail to place blind trust in any human being no matter how pure and good they may seem you will truly be brave

and very happy if you give importance to my word if you accept my will if you

patiently await all the blessings I will bestow upon you I don’t want you to be

alone either at just the right moment I’ll bring the perfect person into your

life I’ll provide the job you need and open up opportunities for you I’ll bless

you generously and clear your debts I’ll take care of all this you

just need to stay humble and thankful believe in my love and strength and I’m

going to work wonders in you you’ll be filled with happiness come and trust in me you’re in

for some wonderful surprises look for me daily let me know you trust me life is full of changes

whatever comes your way keep a strong and faithful perspective remember I’ll turn

everything that happens to you into something beneficial if the path seems difficult do not stop if someone tries

to discourage you with li eyes do not believe them you and your family are protected in my hands nothing bad will

happen to you but do not let your guard down the enemy wants to attack you and

is looking for someone who’s careless and distracted to devour I don’t want

the enemy to defeat you that’s why I remind you daily that you’re not walking alone on this journey of life you have

me and your family even if it seems like they don’t always back you up or

appreciate what you do I see your faith your

dedication and your efforts for them your home is blessed because of your

prayers Angels stand by watching over your loved ones thanks to you your

steadfastness matters a lot in heaven I know you’re not Flawless but your heart

is in the right place you’ve entrusted me with your soul

and your heart you didn’t give up when faced with Danger or quit during tough times I truly value your

character absorb my words and let them imprint on your soul continue to pray fight strive and

believe my promises come true my words turn into reality your troubles will

cease your blessings are on their way start listing the people you plan to

help first when your time to give and support others comes I will increase your resources your family won’t go

without I will bless you richly I will provide for you I will gift you the wisdom to avoid

and manage debts effectively Forget Me Not amidst your

Prosperity remember the prayer and my words always Place me foremost I await

you tomorrow at the same place in the Silence of your chamber with a willing Heart come rad and heed my words

offer me your time bend your knees and prepare your soul with My Embrace I

shall envelop you making you feel my presence with my spirit I will bless

your life your family and your home today you will feel uplifted as my

love surrounds you and your loved ones when you Embrace these words with an open heart they instill faith and

confidence in you for my blessing is already in your grasp you have risen to

a state of blessedness I’ve removed sadness from your spirit and body I’m healing you writing words of

kindness on your mind and eliminating the deep-seated causes of your spiritual

troubles in the spiritual world you are dressed in Royal clothes sitting next to

me showered with plentiful blessings it’s crucial that you truly believe and

accept these promises with faith my powerful blood has raised you filling

you with my strength and Breaking All the chains binding you no one can keep

you imprisoned you are free yet I desire that you live as such When you pray

receive this Supernatural encouragement that I bestow upon you from this day forth you shall witness numerous

blessings emerging from the very problems that once troubled you instead of pessimism

your countenance shall radiate with joy for you now walk in faith in my word and

your emotions shall not be shattered by the negative things your eyes perceive I am with you and merely

knowing this shall fuel your desire to persevere each day you shall rise with

renewed zest for Life steadfastly treading the righteous path taking courageous steps akin to a hero of Faith

uplifting your family and refusing to regress to the Realms of failure where others seek to confine you

these words bring life they refresh your soul as you hear them every day your

heart fills with happiness when you remember and say them out loud I am your

provider and you can trust that despite any difficulties everything will turn out

well even better than you might expect this power I constantly talk

about gives you control over your feelings through my Holy Spirit you can

manage what you say stopping any grumbling or negative talk the fire inside you is turning all barriers into

dust open your eyes stand firm let me hold you close and whisper in your ear

once more my dear child do not be afraid I love you you will feel

better all will be well I need to tell you that your waiting is nearly over your goal your

deep desire your blessing they’re all coming true right now get your heart

ready because the joy could be so overwhelming and the surprise so wonderful that you might wonder if you

truly deserve all I’m ready to give you I speak to your soul once more

tenderly urging you to renew your thoughts I understand that you cannot do so on Your Own Strength I will Aid you

where you falter however you must rise in faith

your Bible awaits begin reading it daily seek the company of those who Inspire

belief who speak words of encouragement and Aid in your growth I am not distant

I am right beside your bed each morning you can kneel or simply Close Your Eyes in your home or venture out to bask in

the sunlight speak to me tell me your feelings your thoughts what are your

reasons for living always grateful which things and individuals

make you feel blessed write my word and place it before your eyes in concise

verses that you may memorize not to mindlessly repeat but to

contemplate to grasp my love and power and to learn to have faith in my

profound affection for you I desire to bless you and your family with the

beautiful and perfect plan the day has arrived for you to receive what you have long awaited you

need not continue weeping or enduring distress there shall be No Lack in your household in every facet of your life

peace and abundance I desire to make this Covenant with you come and listen to me every morning receive this word

into your heart which shall Grant stability and peace bringing Clarity to

your mind renew your way of thinking From This Moment onward expect my visit to your home

before the year is out I will fill you and your loved ones with Harmony love

gentleness and happiness I love you do you have a moment for me today wherever you are in

the quiet of your room or wherever you find yourself open up your heart let go

of the pain you’re holding inside share with me those hidden feelings you might

not want others to know but you and I do in this moment you give to me I will

heal your spirit and invigorate your emotions so you can always feel good

when I see you’re upset I come to soothe your heart with my loving touch that mends you there might be times when you

don’t even realize why worries weigh you down recall those times of sadness and

stress it’s not wrong to yearn for an Embrace or someone to hear you out out

offering their ear patience and no judgment I get your need that’s why I’m

talking to you now yet I need to say if you’re pinning your hopes on people

around to uplift you when you’re down you might end up waiting quite a bit

they’re just like you their souls have their own Sorrows too place your trust

in me and your hope in my love I shall not disappoint you nor shall I with hold

my attention I desire for you to feel enveloped in tenderness and abundant

affection so that in your moments of Sorrow you may come and confide in me with the sincerity and innocence of a

child I’ve shown you many times how deep my love for you is but I’ll say it again

I will lift you from your sadness and loneliness I’ll pick you up and raise

you high I want you to see all the blessings that belong to you

sometimes life’s challenges hide the wonderful future I’ve planned for you I’m so glad you’ve taken some time today

to hear these comforting words you’ll leave here empowered with a smile on

your face and joy in your eyes visit me every day spare some

moments for me and when you come feeling stressed and tired you’ll always find comfort in talking with me I’ll be

waiting for you here tomorrow if you want to leave behind today’s worry listen closely now the answers you need

will come from me your problems might seem too complicated but remember you’ve given me

your life and your heart I’ve convinced you that for me nothing is

impossible I want you to consider it to speak it to Proclaim it to inscribe it

but my greatest desire is for you to believe it shout it out now with faith nothing is impossible for

God Embrace this certainty my promise is alive when I send forth my word to heal

your land and bring about changes in your life it shall not return to me

empty at times it may seem difficult for things to change but you are a child of

the omnipotent God urgently renew your way of thinking I have bestowed upon you

the Holy Spirit you also carry within you my Supernatural power powerful

miracles will occur when you speak my word with love when you treat others with gentleness when you control your

temperament and cease to shout at those around you when you cease to offend with

your mannerisms show love to those you should instead of causing them pain I’m opening

your eyes to see incredible things when you call to me I’ll answer with wonderful truths make it a habit to seek

my words daily listen with Focus attune your hearing dive into your Bible know

for sure that you’re part of a Heavenly realm where you’re loved shielded LED and guided by your father in

Heaven at all times everywhere whether you’re feeling good or bad I’ll always

be there for you just as my promises say but there’s something crucial you need to grasp your spirit and mind are linked

you have access to a realm of Wonders yet you live in the Earthly realm

challenges will come disputes will arise and foes will try to hurt you it’s all

part of your life’s path but nothing will overcome or defeat you my support is yours my help is ready and my word

lives in your heart you have the might of a Victor your steadfast faith is the

key you need right now rise up and confront your problems with determination I love you so deeply and I

am strengthening you tell me that you believe believe in me Shout It Out write it once more nothing is impossible for

God I have many good tidings to impart to you before you lies the blessing you

have awaited so eagerly the days ahead shall be filled with joy and happiness

for you and your family I’m clearing away the Gloom that overshadows your

thoughts I’ve erased all repercussions and curses from your missteps nothing

will block the wonderful blessings I plan to give you for I have personally wiped out the debt of guilt and regret

your foe wanted to charge you with even as the world is caught in fear

and uncertainty you can reach out to me directly you’re my cherished safeguarded

child you have the full right to call out to me and be listened to while

others look for safety in what they own or control you should be brimming with Assurance because your hope lies in me

I will never leave you you need to have faith and trust stand firm in this Grace

stay steadfast in your commitment you have the power to stand through storms

to command them to be still and they will listen don’t be scared just try and

you will witness it when conflicts try to trap you with their tricks raise your

hands and Triumph as you call out to me barriers blocking your path will fall the forces

against you will get stuck stand up and walk spread these joyful messages to

everyone who needs to hear them my power accompanies you and when you speak and

share these words Miracles shall occur no Nation leader or government can

provide the security your soul requires they may offer peace and prosperity but

you shall never see them for with each passing hour the darkness enveloping

Humanity grows deeper do not depend on anyone else in this world do not

surrender your life to human beings who also Heir do not be impressed do not be

astonished by those who Fain power not everyone who calls me Lord Lord will

enter into my presence be wary of those who assure you of miracles in return for your gifts who try to awe you with their

loud prayers put your trust so in me you’ll know my voice when I speak to you I am

your God the one who made you your rescuer I bring you news that will make

your heart Rejoice While others may feel downcast you will stand up with

joy when some think they can’t endure anymore you filled with my love and the Holy Spirit Will Rise each day today I

will lead you on Paths of goodness I don’t want you walking in obscurity I wish for you to feel

cherished and safe this is what I desire your faith Delights me how you

believe is your way of adoring me and in your worship peace and strength will

flood your being I shall continue to guide you keep seeking these times are

difficult but I shall continue to help you even in moments when you feel weak

when your faith falters and you think you have strayed from me even on those

days I shall be by your side I shall continue to guide you I shall take your hand if necessary I shall carry you in

my arms you have told me that you love me you have considered me a friend you

have given me your time and I’ve demonstrated my love to you and I shall not change you’re aware that I’m

constant in your tough times I won’t leave you when you’re feeling weak I

won’t wander away when you’re doubtful when your mind swirls with questions

I’ll Stand By You ready to respond once more you shouldn’t shrink back in these

situations in hard times never lose Faith your all powerful God assures you

nothing is too hard for me I will perform marvelous deeds in your life my

child listen to my voice heed my words and let peace and serenity fill your heart I aim to bring steadiness to your

thoughts thoughts joy and contentment to your life I don’t want you to be troubled

over what’s gone the time that’s pass or the people who’ve departed leaving you

sad and wounded there was a time when the enemy whispered that I didn’t love

you suggesting that your struggles meant I had left you but today you feel my

presence and you trust the truth my love for you is profound and you’re certain

I’ll never forsake you my Holy Spirit my glorious presence will fill you will

bless you my love is deep I trust you’ll always believe in it I need to share

something crucial with you so listen closely don’t overlook this message

Embrace every word I’m about to say and share your thoughts on this issue I wish to discuss with you I’m here to assure

you that I’ll never cease to express my love for you each day finding tender and

delightful ways to ensure you feel encircled safeguarded perpetually graced

by this immense love I have for you my feelings do not change my Covenant of

Love with You is written in my word signed with my own blood and sealed with

the presence of my Holy Spirit which lives and burns in your heart like a flame that burns the impurities of your

soul like a powerful wind that uproots every painful memory from the root fills

you with peace and tenderness gives you a secure strength a Divine peace that

gives firmness to your feet helps you stand up rise again Fight For Life give

more love to your family this Mighty power I give you is enveloped in Everlasting Love I came to rescue you

and to promise you a marvelous place in heaven one day you’ll be with me but while you’re here on Earth I wish for

you to recall these words every night before you sleep especially on

nights when your eyes shed many tears lay your head down on your pillow cast aside your worries stretch

out your hands and welcome this heavenly oil that heals both body and spirit

you’ll sleep soundly free from any upset and upon waking you’ll be greeted by a

sense of renewal not anxiety I’ll keep reminding you do I need to

tell you every moment how much I cherish respect and value you I’m actively

smoothing your way and ensuring your well-being I desire peace for your

family wisdom for your children abundance in your home without debts and

the permanent departure of any deep-seated distress you’ll hear me

you’ll sense my presence I’ll keep offering you my affection Whispering lovingly that my love for you is eternal

magnificent and Supernatural say yes you’re open to hearing eager to feel it express your

love for me my child today I am giving you a new life from now on Everything

Will Change start this day with your head held high and your heart full of Faith

you will see that everything transforms little by little around you never forget

get in every minute of today I am with you giving you the strength you need to

overcome every challenge giving you the sensitivity to receive all the Beauties

and small blessings I am giving you do not drift away from me and do not get

distracted by the negativity of the world be positive even if everything around you seems to

collapse just breathe my peace give your heart a chance to rest and remember

that everything has a purpose and I am your omnipotent God I know everything

that happens I am helping you in difficult situations and also in Small

Things No detail escapes me I give you my love and I want you to have

compassion for others to love them to be patient with them I want you to forgive

them your attitude towards those people can make many of them come to me today I

give you new strength to start again I give you wisdom to solve all your

problems live this day with joy and joy because everything is already in my hands I know all your difficulties and

your feelings just calm down have faith and strive to give your best if you feel

lonely do not be afraid just pray and you will feel that I never left your

side my love for you and those you care about knows no bounds with the promises I offer you

have faith trust in me and chase after your dreams for I will make things

better and smoother than you could ever picture and when evening Falls be

grateful for all your experiences your thankfulness matters a lot your mindset

has immense power remember my child I’m with you today tomorrow and forever

today I’m here here to remove that unexplainable worry Weighing on your heart I aim to eliminate anything that

brings you unexplained sadness I cherish you and have real Divine happiness in

store for you in my hands I hold your Declaration of Freedom sent directly

from Heaven my child hand over your Despair and any worries no matter where

you are as you listen to me I’m gently touching your head the healing Touch of

my holy spirit is washing over you now any sickness any mental distress that

secret Agony ripping through your soul hear my commanding voice now be

healed you are purified from head to toe into the deepest recesses of your mind

you do not have to keep suffering you have direct access to my Throne I am

your father and the gift of life I gave you is for you to enjoy with those you

love pay attention I give you the energy and encouragement so that every morning you

wake up with a fresh light in your eyes go outside your home let the sunlight touch your face

and the breeze brush against you at the same time lift your arms boldly

declaring to everyone that I am your Shepherd your provider your healer your

protector trust me my words are like a lamp that lights up your path and a

lighthouse that brightens your surroundings they are the directions that will lead you safely to a place of

Supernatural possibilities where you can work and prosper But first you need to heal your

fears they have to vanish and your feelings need to become steady you can’t receive new blessings if you’re burdened

with worry stop dwelling on what’s behind you I am the unii holy and

Supernatural solution to all your troubles approach with confidence when

you feel unwell Grant yourself a fresh chance your sadness pain anguish and

despair are now behind you today you are liberated

healed let me hold you close for a moment and share some beautiful words that will strengthen you so every day

you’ll wake up full of strong faith and the deep love I have for you I surround

you with my love peace and kindness wrapping you in a blanket of calm gently

stroking your head Whispering I love you my child my love is so immense that no

words can fully describe it yet you can feel it deeply you must embrace it you

deserve to enjoy it your darkest days are fading and the hurts reminding you of the past I am healing them look

forward to a brighter future where you and your family live in peace bathed in my blood blessings it’s no accident

you’re reading this you’ve been waiting for my reply accept it take it to heart feel my Tender Touch on your soul

right now affirming there’s healing for your pain don’t just sit and think about

what you could do the places you want to go or believe your dreams are too far out of reach on your own you might not

manage but with my help anything good can be achieved if you just

believe ignore jealousy and negative comments some thought you had failed but

you have every right to keep going you didn’t really fail you just

stumbled and felt weak but I was there to pick you up and make you strong I

won’t let anyone mock you I take my role in caring for and protecting those I love very seriously and I won’t allow

anyone to demean them you are precious to me which is why I’m talking to you

now alerting you that while many blessings are on their way

there are also those who Envy the good things and Beauty I’m giving you look

for me earnestly because I want to give you a lot of wisdom to help you see dangers expose false friends and notice

the opportunities and blessings that are coming my blessing is on you and your

family all your good and fruitful efforts will be richly blessed I’ll give

you clear thinking so you can make plans and organize those dreams you’ve been holding on

to the journey has been tough and there were many things you couldn’t do but in

the coming days you will be prospered and blessed by my love and strength



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