????Jesus says : ???? Listen to me today my child ✝️||god’s message today????

my beloved child I know you’ve shed tears but the tears you will shed next will be tears of joy because I am making

all things new your suffering will come to an end today I enter your life with comfort

and encouragement I Infuse your heart with Divine courage I plant new seeds of

strength and love in your soul I come bearing great gifts open your arms and receive them

with faith your life is about to change in many ways but all I ask is that you

believe nourish yourself on my word which brings peace and a sense of

freedom to your soul feel it now my voice soothes your

spirit my promises blanket your life day and night my word follows you wherever

you go granting you Supernatural and divine protection I will use many of

your experience iences to write new chapters in your life filled with hope

and wisdom you won’t trip over the same St stones or fall into the same errors

again you will forget the wounds inflicted by betrayers I will heal the pain that

weighs on your mind I will erase from your memory the faces that have hurt your heart here I am feel my presence

listen to my voice pay attention respond on to me do you want this

blessing I know you have longed for it the time for your Redemption has arrived give yourself a chance for a

powerful and positive transformation in all areas of your life do not be deceived by past failures

or sins they are behind you and my living inspired word confirms this in

your heart the old things are gone and now everything is made new

you are a new creation so see yourself with bold faith and renewed

optimism today all the vices that sap your will to strive and the bad habits

that keep you chained to failure and regret will end if there’s still anger bitterness or

an unwillingness to forgive in your life I will remove them today and cast them far

away tell those who accuse you that God has forgiven you and nothing can hurt hurt

you do not linger in the pain of the past or relive the sorrow caused by your

past failures give yourself the chance to be uplifted protected loved forgiven

cleansed and strengthened by this Endless Love That tenderly Embraces you

each morning when you look in the mirror remember this message tell yourself

these words my beloved God cares for me loves me and is with me wherever I

go I live under his shelter his protection as you say these words to

yourself you will feel my holy spirit being poured out over your life you will

feel these words turn into a fire that burns away your negative emotions you are precious your value is

beyond measure you have a bright future I have great plans for you right now

there are many people who love and admire you I am raising you to a new spiritual level and surrounding you with

people who genuinely value you get ready do not shut yourself off from the great

opportunity in front of you if you give me your heart except

that I can transform you from top to bottom I am Reviving your dreams

smoothing out the wrinkles that conceal your desires restoring Vitality to your

mind so your thoughts Sparkle with Supernatural life I am drawing a

youthful smile on your face that will open many doors I am giving you such a powerful

faith that it will pull you out of bed every morning with plans and things to do to build to

create when you kneel to pray you will feel my Holy Spirit Empower you with a unique and divine

strength I will use you to bring about creative Miracles first in your family

and eventually the whole world will know you and you will be used for the glory of my holy

name now tell me with your own words beloved God I accept your challenge and

the opportunity I know I can change I wholeheartedly Embrace this Divine and

Supernatural power give me the priority in your life for your own benefit seek

me in prayer each morning open your Bible come into my

presence you will not suffer outside you will find Comfort here where I am this

is the holy Place Your Home the space and time you need to rest here you will not waste your time

every minute you spend with me I will turn into years of blessings love me with all your heart

with all your mind and with all your soul let go of the thoughts that drain

your spirit and w you down in these times when fear is rampant

nations are in Conflict families fall apart and love seems to diminish find

shelter under my care I protect you from life’s storms

under my wings neither heat nor cold will weaken you in my presence your

spirit is renewed your faith is rekindled but avoid the negativity from

those who neither seek me nor want to follow my ways do not fix your eyes on those who promise success and prosperity

without effort or sacrifice without the need to sew you should sew and help those in

need feed the hungry give water to the Thirsty offer words of comfort to those

who suffer and feel alone invest your life in blessings wisely start with your family and do not

fear lack or poverty because I will fill your door houses the work of your hands

and your creative ideas will flourish when you honor me and live by

my word you won’t have to struggle for your daily bread continue to work

honestly and my blessings will reach you there’s no need for deceit or theft

you have been called to live apart from all wrongdoing stay away from those who lure

you into evil my child I deserve a significant place in your heart don’t give me

anything less give me more your faith your trust your honesty and your

commitment to persevere trust me if you’ve seen blessings before I will

bless you even more this is the reward for those who

are loyal to me how wonderful it is to wake up knowing you are blessed by me that when

you open your eyes you are never alone you are always enveloped by my love you

breathe air filled with my grace you feel the touch of my hand that provides

you with confidence and courage no matter if the day is easy or hard we are

united we are invincible we will never be overcome with your faith you can leap

over walls defeat armies win countless battles become a champion and Triumph in

the spiritual world realm never fear what the new Day brings if you want to know your future and

discover Your Truth consult my written word it holds promises you should know

your future is glorious and blessed by my side forever as long as you’re on this Earth

you have every right wisdom and strength to live victoriously surrounded by peace

and happiness I’ll say it again your joy your strength and your will to fight and

live all come from me I am first in everything and I shower

you with Mercy every morning when you wake up you won’t have to struggle with emptiness

anymore the kind that drains your tears at dawn I have the power to set you free I

am your healer now is the time for your struggles to end and it’s up to you if

you listen to your accusers you you might fall back into deep despair but if you believe in me and

follow my commands you’ll be free and truly happy

forever I want you to stay as you are now happy full of plans and dreams

feeling brave and strong don’t return to those days of bondage those tough times won’t come

back I love you and you’ll never forget it open your eyes wider look around

fine-tune your ears and listen closely Moment by moment my love will keep

strengthening you and giving you the courage to carry on and every morning you’ll wake up filled with peace courage

and joy you’re so special so valuable your heart is beautiful your soul is

lovely and your sincerity is clear you’re so much like me that you can feel

it I gave you life you belong to me you’re smart hardworking fearless and

Relentless it doesn’t matter where you were born whether you were rich or poor or whether people thought you were

perfect or flawed none of that matters to me you are my

child I Proclaim it loudly so the universe knows you are an heir to my

blessings you have all my love that’s why the enemy fears you he knows I

defend you protect you and provide for you with me you lack nothing you always

have been are and always will be more than a conqueror don’t be like others who were

loved deeply but listen to their enemies and believe they were worth nothing they

sto believing in my love turned away from me and wandered the world without peace Comfort or God I’ve been patient

with you I’ve been telling you for a while now that you need to believe what I say my word is true

alive powerful and eternal it fills you with faith it has always come to

pass I’m waiting for you to step up and declare your courage your enemies are

insignificant never fear them they threaten you from Corners

armed with guilt regrets and past memories weapons that are worthless and

Powerless decide to trust me it cost you nothing you were never meant to fail

my intention has always been to elevate you to Great Heights where you’ll be an example of

Faith you will lay hands on the sick and the Hopeless and my power will be evident you will perform even greater

Miracles you will confront Mighty storms and with the power of my word you will defeat

Giants this is how I see you as a brave steadfast Champion with a holy character

wise words and a humble heart a hero of Faith Victorious and

triumphant affirm your great worth you are my child I love you and that will

never change tell me you believe in me and that you love me too you face many

challenges but I make you stronger many trials are ahead but your faith in me

makes you courageous don’t fear your troubles confront your battles focus on my

promises and the words I’ve spoken to uplift your spirit I have never left you in your times of weakness I have never

abandoned you I took the anguish from your soul and filled you with joy if you seek me

diligently every day if you close the doors of your room and come into my presence if you give me your heart in

Sublime praise in Supreme worship if you cry out to me with all

your soul with all your fervor believe me I will listen to you and lift you to

a better level I know everything that happens to you I feel with you what you

feel when you entrust your life to me and tell me the things that happen to you when you put your future and your

plans in my hands there is a celebration here in heaven and I send you thousands

of angels to guard you I will solve your problems not with your strength or your

knowledge but with my spirit and my power you will emerge Victorious from

every situation you will overcome because I help those I love and I bless

those who dare to believe but those who open their minds to negativity who refuse to Believe In

My Truth who discard my word who mock This Love that seeks them heals them and

saves them those who are not brave enough to believe in a real God will not

receive the blessings I have prepared for those who do believe in me

and seek me I am attentive to your prayers in your moments of

desperation when you bring your petitions before my feet very soon you will see how you will be delivered

strengthened and lifted up by my love and my power love me seek me kneel down cling

to belief tell me you will do it nothing bad will happen to you you’re in my

hands even if difficult moments come continue

trusting if someone leaves your life if a door closes if you suddenly lose

something material don’t be afraid you’re alive I love you I am embracing you you

are in a very special place it is my will for you to receive healing it is my desire to caress your soul with my

comfort and fill you with my Holy Spirit I know your struggles and it’s

also my desire for you to receive peace to lack nothing to do your tasks every

day with sincerity without fears or alarms to feel very loved and protected

by your father with those changes you’re experiencing around you it’s my powerful

hand clearing your paths removing obstacles keeping away from your life anyone thinking of harming you taking

away what you have and leaving your soul wounded don’t stop your activ activities

don’t lock yourself away for fear of what might happen Don’t Close Your Mouth

keep praying and thanking don’t hide from anyone especially not from me I

want to bless you more than you can imagine I have the power to perform Majestic

Miracles I can erase your past mistakes and pave the way for a wonderful

future I want to reveal to your heart what my sacrif means I gave my life on a cross and

received all your punishments in my body I suffered for you have

faith I have come to remove your guilt so you no longer feel downtrodden you have an inheritance to

receive in life I have blessings and peace for you I have planted you in a

place of abundant love I want you to feel loved and protected day and night

in warmth or in cold old I am uprooting that root of loneliness that Hollow feeling in your

belly that strange sensation that something bad will happen if you were

betrayed left crying with a torn soul my glory surrounds you it has come to speak

words of love to your heart to erase your wounds to shake off the dust to

give you a hand and lift you to a powerful future don’t cry so much for those who

don’t appreciate you don’t keep a special place in your soul for those who have caused you pain if they want to

leave let them go if they want to return think about it be careful don’t trust

just anyone who opens their arms to you I’m not asking you to live in

solitude I’m also interested in your heart and your sentimental life let me

do things things my way don’t rush my decisions don’t demand immediate answers

Don’t Cry For Those traitors to return learn to Value yourself

properly recognize who you are you carry my Holy Spirit within you as a gentle

Dove it flies with sweetness and rests on your shoulder don’t offend it don’t drive it away just as the dove cares for

its chicks and shelters them from rain and cold so will your soul be guarded

and your spirit comforted one day when you come to your heavenly home and stand before me you

will understand many situations you lived through but there’s still time for that it’s my will for you to taste a

piece of heaven on Earth this feeling of

Eternity of unbreakable love of holy tenderness that shines brighter than a

thousand suns and surrounds you with a beautiful white light I want to bless you love you

protect you believe it let me do it your life is in my hands allow me to arrange

things and people around you it has never been my will for you to walk in solitude always distressed by need

troubled and fearful of what might happen don’t fear anyone don’t cling to

material things as long as you have life you have much more than hope

as long as you have faith the doors are open Supernatural Miracles can happen do

me a favor go and tell every person in your family that I love them with all my heart with tenderness and calm put your

hands on their shoulders look them in the eyes and tell them these words God

says he loves you and I love you too let your tears flow don’t be ashamed if they

see you cry today a a miracle of restoration and healing begins in your home this Divine

and Supernatural blessing I send you is surrounding you growing

arriving receive it with gratitude come tomorrow I want to speak with you again

you will hear my voice once more you will be filled with peace you will know

that with my love I wait for you here I love you take my hand breathe

in this happiness I’m giving you close your eyes while you calm down

listening receive this truth now my own hand will write it in your heart here

accept remember your problems are not Eternal everything comes to an end pain

anguish and those emotions that have pierced your soul will soon end you need a miracle again but you

must be calm and keep your faith alive because I will use all the Miracles you need your situations are going away this

word clears your mind of all anxiety I am your Shepherd you lack

nothing there will be Bread on your table and provision in your store rooms

but there will also be happiness in your home you won’t rise up feeling like

heavy rocks are tied to your feet your soul won’t drag as you walk through

life I will remove the blindfold from your eyes so you can look and admire the future you have if you keep going

holding my hand don’t let go because I will hold you up in the time of tribulation and if you ever face new

impossible problems don’t fear I’m your protector your counselor your nighttime

guardian and your daytime light your father for eternity the voice that guides

you I love you but I know it seems unbelievable to you you’ve suffered so

much and your wounded heart feels so disappointed that it no longer believes in love you want to believe but the

voices of Doubt shake your faith and beat it against the walls of your mind but I tell you don’t fight anymore

breathe in this Tranquility open your heart to me let me enter with my shining sword I will

shatter all those cruel doubts and cast them into the depths of the

sea consider this you’ve seen my hand in your life I’ve performed Miracles so many times but you

forget problems distract you you want to know what will happen anxiety shrouds

your memories and hides them in the corner of unhappiness today I breathe life into

those beautiful emotions that were asleep I give strength to your body I

retrieve from the trunk of your memories those dreams that look old and Dusty I

reignite that spark you had in your youth don’t wait don’t tell me your age

time doesn’t exist for me and I see in you so much spiritual beauty that doesn’t Fade with the years or wither

with age I value you you know that I care for you and protect you like no one

else does I’m Not a Human Being I have no beginning or end I’m the same yesterday

today and for the ages I loved you from the foundation of the world I sought you

when you were Fallen I gave you life and pulled you out of the Abyss seven times

you fell and a thousand times I lifted you up now tell me do you need more

proof of my love and my power in these last times I pour out my spirit upon

every heart that cries out to me in desperation receive this promise of Life

fill yourself with the hope that revives my hand touches your heart heart

I heal it I restore that tender and Supernatural sensitivity to it truly

from today you will cry no more but not with sadness or

despair your tears will flow like a river of Joy rolling down your cheeks

with delight for all these wonderful emotions that flood your

chest you will cry when you remember again what I’ve done and see all that I will do for you for your

family you will cry when you see those little details in your life that are also there because I decided it the

friend who calls you the door that opens for you the family member who returns after many years the new opportunities

and the many times I’ve kept you from danger Without You realizing also tune your ears take a few

minutes and in silence listen and feel my voice I’ll reveal to you the things

that are coming I’ll show you the hidden dangers the Crooked paths the hidden sins the bad intentions of false

friends I’ll speak clearly when the enemy lurks I’ll warn you of the deceptions and lies that rise against

you but I’ll also show you those beautiful moments when I’m working in your life I’ll put people in your path

for you to bless them I’m Awakening you so you finally see the value you have

and don’t allow anyone to humiliate or belittle you anymore don’t forget my own

voice tells you your problems are not Eternal the blessing that’s coming is

greater than all the Affliction you face today I love you I help you I protect

you and I will bless you eternally I am your heavenly father your friend your lord your Shepherd and if

you’ve never heard of me before let me introduce myself to you I’m the one who chose you before you

were born I am the one who ignited that flame of purpose so strong in your soul

and of course you carry it in your soul I am the one who satisfies your life with love and pours upon you boundless

Mercy I am love I am tenderness I am peace your path your truth the light

that guides you in the midst of Darkness this is a day of Miracles my words feed

you with faith you have by your side my Holy Spirit Spirit who guides and

accompanies you in every step you take open your heart these promises are

written in your mind they will come back to your memory at that urgent moment

when you need help you have open doors to the throne of grace I will not reject you approach

without fear come with confidence I heal your soul I heal the

wounds that still remain in your being that hidden secret that hurts you no longer has power over your thoughts

today I forgive your faults and you will forget them you will never again be a victim of

guilt don’t stress or lose your peace if you can’t fix many of your past mistakes

do everything you can humble yourself ask for forgiveness pay what you owe

cleanse your testimony but if many because of hate don’t get give you the chance to amend

your mistake that’s their problem you are clean and forgiven let them stay in

the past give me everything that hurts you everything that ruins your feelings those negative emotions that

were planted in you and still cause you discomfort daily after so many

years listen closely understand and learn I am your God your savior the one

who forgives your mistakes and cleanses your soul I am the one who defeats your accusers and rescues you from despair

putting Songs of Praise on your lips I am real and you are aware of this

Miracles occur when you kneel and speak to me in the midst of storms I will

sustain you even when Fierce winds hit you hard you are sheltered by my love

protected from your enemies you are not nor will you ever be a slave to despair

if you feel down right now if you find no reason to continue stand strong don’t

focus on the criticisms of others hold tight to me don’t be swayed

by fears there is no one in the universe who loves you as much as I do nor anyone

else who has the power to save you and free you from your

sins no one can dominate you if you trust in me no one can stand against you

so get up now today is your day of Freedom many have tried to imprison you

in guilt and lies but today you accept my forgiveness no one can remind you of

your past errors anymore even as people attack you and point fingers today I

lift you from that pit of despair erase your sins remove all

traces of depression and fill your life with happiness and encouragement

take my hand now it is not my will for you to walk alone through hardship I am

by your side I will be your hope and your Fortress trust in me I will save

you from danger I will protect you tenderly I give you my shield and

sword at night you will sleep peacefully and in the morning you will wake up

feeling happy and secure you do not have to to fear the arrows that fly your way they will not

reach you you do not have to fear illness it will not touch you or your

family thousands may fall at your side tens of thousands at your right hand but

you will be safe Under The Shield of my blood the enemy may approach like a lion thinking you unguarded but you will

stand firm you will not be defeated humiliated or

overcome my angels are guarding you I have commanded them to encamp around you

ready to protect you from any attack today you’ve chosen to trust in me forever I will reward you with my love

and no one can take this blessing from you my promises are true and my word is

alive listen to my messages every day and share them joyfully every morning let my light fill

every corner of your soul I will heal your hidden wounds and free you from painful memories

yes you were hurt but trust fully in my healing love your emotions will calm at

the sound of my voice telling you I love you you are never alone you never will

be when you need affection just call on me I will be attentive to your prayer I

don’t want you to fall into anguish or despair I will be by your side to strengthen your faith to give you

wisdom I will open your spiritual eyes and you will see the Heavenly Army that

accompanies and supports you day and night you can walk on this path that

sometimes seems impossible I’m giving you the courage not to faint I ask you to accept the

challenge of becoming a leader and the head of your home you will be a role

model of victory in your community but most importantly vices

negative habits and bad character will no longer be part of your life you will overcome all the mistakes and

weaknesses you faced in the past in this new life I give you you are strong you

are not weak the days of defeat are behind you

you are a new creature and you have the strength to cast out bad thoughts from your mind but I have to warn you if you fail

I still love you and if you are willing to rise again after the fall I will open

the doors and give you new opport unities I will forgive your iniquities and the enemy will have no

power over you there’s Affliction in this world but these words I speak to you make you more

than a conqueror the enemy is already defeated there is no one in the universe more powerful than me no one can defeat

you no one can steal your happiness don’t forget my words don’t

accept imaginary fears that people will bring you many invent lies and want to drag others

into the fear pit but you will not fear anything or anyone if you truly believe in me guard your heart don’t let

confusion bad habits and deadly vices enter your home but have mercy on those

who have fallen don’t judge or reject those who have sinned don’t discard or

remove from your heart those who have forgotten me and distance themselves pray for them treat them with

love speak to them with patience tell them I love them that I don’t reject

them and if they surrender their lives to me they will receive freedom and joy

these words stay in your spirit your ears will hear them day and night in the midst of the trial and in your times of

happiness I love you I lift you out of Despair I cover you with my peace do not

reject my love nor doubt it ever again come tomorrow I’ll be waiting for you here to surround and strengthen you with

this sweet and eternal love you belong to me I care for you

with love treat you with tenderness I speak to you with patience

you are are and will always be my little one your heart is mine I nourish your s

my angels encamp around you ever Vigilant battling the enemies that steal

your peace I am always Vigilant ensuring that no one causes you pain sadness

distress or anxiety I want you to know me more as I truly

am many claim to know me but they misunderstand my will and my love it has

never been my intention to harm you I saved you forgave you I want you to live

with me for eternity I know you are human and capable of failure I know your past and

your future your imperfections do not surprise me and my love for you remains unchanged by

your mistakes I do not waste my time seeking ways to punish you or subjecting

you to meaningless trials and struggles when You Face difficulties do

not blame me instead of searching for scapegoats come kneel and pray with

faith I give you my love nourish you with hope desire to show you my Mercy

each morning tune your ear to listen to me this voice speaks to you in the early

hours with love and affection you are my beloved and it is

my will that you awaken to a new day immersed in the river of my spirit

enveloped by my kindness pondering on the beautiful The Good the kind the pure

and many more blessings in this world you will face Affliction but I send you this word to

your heart trust I have overcome the world the answer to your problems lies

within me use your faith remember all the promises I have written on your soul

recall all the blessings you have received and the Beautiful Things I have spoken to you

about this day will be filled with joy if you stand up speak these promises

aloud and believe in them with all your faith I love you and will never leave

you I will always be by your side defending you you will not depend on

your emotions or the things your eyes see you will believe in this eternal and

unwavering love that no one else in this world can give you every minute you dedicate to me will

return to you as a Divine reign of blessings every word of praise and

gratitude that comes from your mouth reaches my Throne I receive your worship

there but where you are my Holy Spirit surrounds you bringing love and calm

easing your attenion stabilizing your soul clearing your thoughts and removing

negative emotions when you come to me you come back to life there is no other place

under the sun where you can be better than here every word you hear brings you

happiness your ailments cease chains break you feel my divine presence

bringing true changes transforming you into a better person you will have the power to

control your character and your way of speaking you will think twice before reacting poorly you will guard

everything your eyes see you will not allow things that offend me and harm you into your

spirit your future matters greatly to me thus I want you to Shield yourself from

the the filth of the world make sure your children don’t hear lies or Envy in your home never badmouth

your relatives and friends to them follow what I’m asking of you and soon you’ll find yourself wiser and stronger

you’ll become more insightful and endowed with Supernatural gifts that only those who follow my teachings can

possess I want to cover your home with all the security and protection I can

offer but your faith and loyalty are essential even amid many blessings even

if you have plenty and Achieve great victories remember not to forget about me stay focused and avoid the path of

wrongdoing don’t take on burdens and responsibilities that aren’t yours avoid getting involved in other people’s

disputes don’t waste your time on things and projects that steal your time dampen

your spirit and weaken you focus on what’s true important value yourself more for your

worth is immense Beyond comparison give me the first place in

your home look after your family without faltering pray seek my face I promise

you I will prosper you because you belong to me and I want to see you succeed tell me I want to hear it I will

be faithful to you beloved God forever and ever I heard you calling and I could

not refuse hear ing all that your heart tells me in those days of darkness and

sadness when life feels meaningless do not give up I know your thoughts and

emotions thus I have decided to speak to you your spirit must listen to me so

that you may feel calm and happy again you in this life to fulfill a

powerful purpose you were and are a blessing to many even if you doubt it

today and do not believe it but these words of comfort come to change your way of thinking you will regain that immense

value that once filled you with enthusiasm when years ago you began to

dream you wanted to do so much you had many plans but your path was obstructed

and you were attacked by cowardly enemies you believed them they hurt you shook your faith but today is the day of

your Revival I forgive your sins your past I will never remind you of all your defeats

your failures have been erased be strong and courageous in believing in me dare

to dream again there are so many things I want to entrust to you I will bless you greatly

fill your storehouses with provision but I repeat I need you to

feed on my word and truly believe in me do not hesitate to seek me through

prayer I will give you the comfort and all the love you need every time you

pray I am there to listen to you I know perfectly well what you have gone through I know how you feel now and I

have realized how faithful you have been to me in

adversity all your doubts fears and uncertainties will be taken into account

I will answer each one of them and fill you with peace that which hurts and bothers you in your life will be

eliminated I will make every obstacle in your path disappear or I will give you the tools to overcome them I’m very

pleased with you because you seek me and praise me at all times I’ve seen you

Triumph in difficult situations and even if you do not believe it I have been there by your

side opening doors and removing obstacles at every step you take

I have healed you and protected you from danger you have my firm promise that I

will always be with you whenever you have problems or cannot find a solution to something that seems impossible to

you just pray and I will listen to you with love and respond to your

requests do not lose your hope in me do not forget that I am the one who

has the power to create and undo when you feel that everything is going

wrong trust that I’m working to help you distance yourself from the fear of what

others will say and remain faithful in prayer no one will pass over you or

cause you fear because my word will give you the power of faith and wisdom to

move forward Advance firmly towards your goals do not look back look ahead for I

am before you opening path all this I tell you do not forget it

keep it in your heart and put it into practice because I your God will never abandon you no matter the hour the day

or the moment you can talk to me whenever you want let no one tell you that you cannot

do it I will always be waiting for you to come to me I know perfectly well that you are

going through very difficult times and that sometimes it is hard for you to control yourself but you must avoid

letting your enemies achieve their purpose and sin to fall therefore entrust me with your

problems daily I have come to alleviate your burdens I want to help you and give you

peace I will take care of everything you you just have to walk by my side and Trust in your heavenly father and

although you do not know what Destiny holds for you I know it very well it

will not be easy for you to understand what I am telling you at this moment

because I know you are not doing well but remember that with the strength

with which you have cried and suffered with that same strength you will be happy and enjoy my blessings I have seen

your heart in the sad mornings disappointed and hurt but I’ve come to put my shoulder so

that you can cry on it and let go of what you carry inside and leave it to me so that you can move

forward stop doubting and Trust completely that I have the power to end

all your problems and make those who have hurt you Retreat and see in you my

strength I will be the one to console you and fill you with Tranquility in

your nights of Anguish and when the Sun rises Your Eyes Full of Tears will see

the reward for your effort the end of your day desperation it is coming your blessing

is already here believe it because I do not lie I am the god of the

impossible listen to me saying I love you these words heal your heart ease

your mind of all tension put your worries in my hands your problems will

disappear your pain will end and things will change let me help you I want to remove

your anguish wish give me those thoughts that hurt and sink you worrying is not

good listen to me and give me some of your time I do not take away your

minutes give me just a few seconds and I will multiply them into years of

abundance and life let out those feelings that break your soul and make your heart bleed tell

me what you’re afraid of who is more power than me to whom have you entrusted your life I am the owner of your soul

the cre creator of your spirit I know what you long for at this moment so do not

resist your heart is hungry for my grace and your whole being needs me you have

walked for so long without support and without Comfort this is the source of your pain and your

loneliness immerse yourself in the river of my love shelter under my presence and

fill yourself with my peace you must not remain captive to

fear here the words I share are meant to heal and liberate your soul remember

there are many who love you and depend on you fight for them and fight for yourself you have a promising future

ahead but you must continue to strive for our promise recall the commitment you made

when you felt you couldn’t go on you asked me for the strength to continue and I provided it I understand some

aspects of your life feel feel overwhelming but now you see I am always with you you might even sense my

presence more in times of Sorrow then enjoy for you know my power is made

perfect in your weakness therefore today I urge you not to abandon what you have

achieved do not squander the blessings I’ve bestowed upon you also do not

distance yourself from those you love even if they have hurt you offer

them another chance shun violence and endure unjust humiliations with

patience let nothing disturb your peace take the necessary steps to free

yourself and fear not avoid evil and trust that I will open doors for you I

will support and ensure your well-being wherever you are I am always with you

because I love you deeply begin each day knowing I am by your side your kind

heart ensures that everything you bless and undertake with love I too will bless

and multiply those of you afraid of visiting the doctor know that I have never left

your side I have not abandoned you I hold the final word and I am still capable of

Miracles regardless of the circumstances my will is to restore your health and

invigorate your life cast aside your anxieties and let my peace envelop you

I will provide for your needs and in your home you will never suffer

lack stand firm and fear not for I will enrich your life and care for you and

your family you won’t need anyone else you have me those of you in need of financial

resources to meet your obligations will soon experience a breakthrough that will transform your

situation if you’re searching for a good job you will find it do not cease trying do not lose hope my

angels will guide you so that you do not falter and show you which doors to approach I will grant you favor people

will welcome you no matter the challenges of your profession my grace

and your efforts will lead you to success you’ll rejoice in settling your debts and even have enough to assist

others I bestowed upon you many gifts and talents yet even a simple smile from

you can illuminate someone’s day a person who feels alone and in

pain I am perpetually with you making this A Day to Remember continue to trust

in what I say soon you’ll approach me Overjoyed by all the blessings that are coming your way fear not nor despair

your relief and Aid come from above exactly when needed in my perfect timing

trust in me will yield plentiful blessings and joyous fruits you are entering a season of Celebration

and happiness today I am here to let you know that I am with you taking care of

you and your loved ones I have given the order for nothing to interrupt your journey I understand

your concerns and I know you are right you are human and your enemies are

formidable but this loving and faithful God who lives in your heart is even more

powerful bring me now those burdens here at my feet and I will transform your

worries into great blessings with my promises and my power I’ve already told

you I do not want you to forget it I was am and will be with you for all eternity

I will never forsake you you must be strong remember that you are very brave

and use all the gifts and weapons I give give you to conquer the land around you

you will prevail in the battles you face destroy the obstacles that oppose you

and overcome the enemies that rise against you by obeying my promises you will

drive out from your home every spiritual being that seeks to fill it with sin and wickedness stand up now and speak my

word break the chains that hold your loved ones captive this is your faith to

confront spirit Spiritual Beings that you cannot see with your eyes they fear me and will flee they will flee from

your home when they see how you rise with courage and certainty but if you show them fear if

you spend your time complaining about what is happening around you and if you get angry with me when problems arise or

when your provision does not arrive on time the forces of evil will be waiting

to exploit that opportunity and fight against you at your weakest moment

but do not fear guard your heart and fill your mind

with my holy and good word cling to your faith and whatever happens whatever you

see do not stop believing do not let doubts and complaints come out of your

lips against this holy love that cares for you so much and Longs for

you even if you feel weak and have failed remain steadfast in your Faith

because my forgiveness is for you if you come repentant and reject sin no enemy

has power over you as long as you remain under the shadow of my protection listen understand and learn I

am your God your savior I forgive your faults and cleanse your soul I have

defeated your accusers and deliver you from despair filling your lips with words of Praise I am real and you know

it miracles happen when you kneel and speak to me I sustain you through storms even

when Fierce winds strike you are sheltered by my love safe from harm you

are not nor will you ever be a slave to despair if you’re feeling down if you

see no reason to keep fighting hold strong don’t be SED by the criticism of

others cling to me do not succumb to fear there is no one in this universe

who loves you as I do who has the power to rescue you and free you from your

sins but today you accept my forgiveness no one can remind you of

your past mistakes anymore even as people attack and point fingers today I am lifting you from that

pit of despair erasing your sins removing all traces of depression and

filling your life with happiness and encouragement take my hand now it’s not my will for

you to walk alone through suffering I am by your side I will be your hope and

your Fortress trust in me I will deliver you from danger I will protect you with

tenderness I give you my sword and shield at night sleep in peace and rise

in the morning full of joy and security do not fear the arrows or disease they

will not touch you or your family a thousand may fall at your side , at

your right hand but you are protected by the power of my

blood the enemy may approach like a lion but you will stand firm you will not be

defeated humiliated or overcome my angels guard you I have

commanded them to protect you from any attack to today you’ve chosen to trust in me forever I will bless you with my

love and no one can take this blessing away my promises are true and my word is

alive listen to my messages daily and share them joyfully each morning let my light fill

every part of your soul I will heal your hidden wounds and free you from painful

memories yes you were hurt but trust in my healing love love your emotions will

calm at the sound of my voice telling you I love you you are not alone you never will be

when you seek affection call on me I will hear your prayers I don’t want you

to despair I will strengthen your faith and Grant you wisdom I will open your

spiritual eyes to see the Heavenly Army that supports you day and night walk the

path before you with courage I challenge you to lead Your Home and Community With

Victory vices bad habits and negative traits will no longer Define you you

will overcome past mistakes in this new life I give you you are strong not weak

the days of defeat are over you are a new creation equipped to dismiss

negative thoughts and if you falter know that I still love you if you choose to

rise again I will open new doors for you forgive your missteps and render the

enemy powerless over you this is the moment you’ve been waiting for I’ve spoken to you clearly

and you have understood what I am saying but tomorrow come back here and listen to me again as you always

do feed on my words and once more I will bless you with my grace and love you

will be filled with strength and courage and depression will be banished from your life when feelings of Despair try

to creep back in you’ll know exactly what to do turn to my promises and seek

me with faith I will place my hand upon your head and speak to you with love once again I will heal your heart and

joy Divine Joy will return to you believe this for my Holy Spirit lives

within [Music] you a future filled with Triumph and bless blessings is waiting for you I

will be with you in every situation ensuring you are not defeated walk confidently your Victory is certain on

the cross all your sins were taken care of these words carry the power of your

Eternal forgiveness and salvation hold tightly to them shut out

the negative voices that pull you down into sadness and trap your soul in the depths of depression right now these

words are healing you my holy spirit is touching your heart I’m lifting the

burdens that weigh you down stand up for today you are liberated raise your arms

in Victory I have prepared a path for you filled with wonders and blessings beyond your

imagination trust in me and you will witness the glory of my presence I’m always here attentive to

your prayers answering them with all my love and care you can rely on me at all

times because I’m always looking out for your well-being and happiness walk in peace today I am

strengthening your spirit when you are in your room close the door and

kneel the dark clouds will disperse you will prevail and you will be a blessing to your family and everyone around you I

hold the keys to life and health in my hands so have faith that when you call on me many doors will open

I will respond to each of your prayers precisely and completely I love hearing from you at

any time whether it’s early in the morning in the afternoon or at night

even if your body is weary I see your faith I also know that while you pray

and share your deepest Secrets your anxiety nervousness and despair fade

away my Holy Spirit erases your worries this Supernatural peace transforms you

entirely eradicating your doubts clearing away negative thoughts and

etching my Divine promises into your mind to inspire you to wake up each day

and look in the mirror with confidence open your eyes and Trust in

my words see the beauty that flows in your life my Divine love shines within

you listen to my voice I am your guide and protector I am beside you every

every step of the way helping you overcome every obstacle in your path

offering my love and protection don’t worry about anything

for I will be there to calm your fears and give you the strength you need to progress in my presence fear nothing for

I will cover you with my grace and love no matter your situation or

circumstances I will always be there to protect and guide you in everything you

do do trust in my love and strength for they are more powerful than any obstacle

or Challenge walk forward focused on what lies ahead March towards your Victory

with your head held high confident that I am by your side I look upon you with

tenderness remember you are cherished and will always need my

love I have bestowed my Holy Spirit upon you the same power with which I created

the universe you are not timid you possess self-control your words are Pleasant

comforting and uplifting you do not complain or despair you demonstrate

strong and true Faith reject sin shun evil do not open

your mind to Discord nor lend your tongue to harm others from now on let only sweet words that encourage and

uplift those around you flow from your lips build your life on my promises fear not

I will transform your character and Grant you wisdom so that many of your troubles will cease and peace and

Harmony will reign in your home I chose you before the foundation

of the world to receive and Steward my gifts you will silence the mouths of

lions overcome the adversary tread on serpents and scorpions and Triumph in

all your endeavors trust in my Supernatural power do not

fear seemingly impossible challenges maintain your patience and humility if

you believe you will realize that you were not born to fail you will be like a

tree planted by streams of water yielding fruit in its season and

everything you do will prosper if you do not fear or falter and if you believe

seek me and obey my word your fruits will flourish abundantly and all those

around you will be blessed you know how to conquer battles

pour out your heart in prayer call and I will respond with love compassion and

kindness move forward with Serenity and Assurance knowing that my hand will

guide you to victory tell me now if you want and accept this blessing write it down

yourself declare it with all your heart I accept you will move forward no enemy

discouragement sadness or frustration can stop you in your heart there are

dreams and in your spirit there is a vision you feel a profound love for your family you recognize me as your God and

regard me as your friend on the day you feel exhausted and

lack the desire to continue when your motivation disappears and you can no no longer recall the feeling of Happiness

come to me let’s talk just you and I like good friends do not share your secrets with

those who are negative first do not open up your soul to those who sow doubts and

plant bitterness they have ill intentions they will steal your peace drain your energy

crush the remaining Faith you have and break your joy I truly love you you don’t need to

see me to feel and know that I am real I hear you I comfort you I am your true

friend with only good intentions and my plans for your future are always filled

with hope I desire the coming years to be incredibly blessed for you I have

cast your sins into the depths of the sea and will grant you courage and security every time you kneel and talk

to me about your troubles all I ask is for your sincere heart

and a bit of Faith Like a seed that may seem weak and small to the world but

will one day grow into a fruitful and strong tree leave behind those false friends

clear your mind of empty thoughts come and nourish yourself with

my word again fortify your faith with these promises that come alive in your heart as you read

them there is majestic power in every letter that touches your soul in every

phrase inspired by my hand that I write in your heart my presence fills your

being and my holy spirit is beside you when you approach me with faith and

honesty there are great and wonderful blessings that I have reserved for you wrapped tenderly with your name on

them I’m clearing the paths tearing down barriers and chasing away your adversaries so you can rise and overcome

the obstacles the world sets before you I’m real feel my words as they resonate in your

heart I’m your path and your truth come to me on the days when

everyone turns their back on you when hurtful words linger in your ears and cause you pain come when you feel

betrayed when those you loved have mistreated you come when you can bear no

more when you feel frail and close to failure come when your dreams have

withered and you lack the strength in the morning to face the world

come I am more tangible and certain than the very air you breathe I am love

forgiveness the perfect remedy for your heart I am your faithful friend who will

never betray you I’m always here for you day and night I never grow weary or

sleep I watch over you as you sleep protecting you from danger and harm I

won’t let fear overwhelm you I won’t let it defeat you come

let me embrace you with my pure and innocent love that strengthens and sustains you this love fills you my holy

spirit is my glory and my word is your healing let yourself be loved by the

Father the Son and the Holy Spirit listen and feel today you will feel

transformed different once you hold these words in your heart you’ll no longer doubt that your life will change

for forever a future full of blessings awaits you but don’t let anyone take

away the joy I offer you this message is for you directly

it’s not meant for everyone but specifically for you who hear me

now I have moved Heaven and Earth to capture your attention and it’s no

coincidence that you feel this surge of joy in your heart your life will change

if you trust me your future will will be bright if you approach it with faith

your family will unite your finances will recover all ailments of body mind and

soul will vanish when you accept and believe in my word wherever you are Proclaim without

fear I move forward fighting for my dreams because today God has

strengthened me now raise your arms in a sign of Victory and Shout a resounding

amen amen


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