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my beloved child as December Dawns I come to you with open arms ready

to pour out blessings and victories upon your life you’ve journeyed through trials suffering and anxiety in the past

months but today I am here to wipe away your sorrow and

discouragement your faith is a Shining Light and others will admire it openly

those who once mocked you will be left astounded and ashamed while those who envied your downfall will witness your

rise in this month I will part the seas of uncertainty and Lead You toward a

land of immense spiritual blessings guiding you with my mighty hand you’ve

never been a loser and you never will be I’ve reserved life and strength for you

you have the right to rise prosper and find happiness when turbulent Waters surround

you fear not for I Am by your side through turbulent rivers and the

fires of life you shall remain unharmed I’ve given you the power to

overcome all obstacles and nothing shall harm you I

promise my blessings will envelop you I have a magnificent plan unfolding just

for you follow the path of righteousness and the Miracles you seek will find

their way into your hands give me your heart fix your gaze upon my word walk

confidently on the path I lay before you for I grant you strength and patience

clearing your way of adversaries the gates of blessings are wide open for you rise with courage face

challenges with Valor and let fear have no place for beautiful days lie

ahead these words are etched in your heart and will resonate in your soul every morning

you will no longer awaken with despondency and sorrow for the chains that bound you are

broken curses that once loomed over you will vanish forever and your hope will

be renewed your smile will shine and the confidence in your demeanor will command

respect you are stepping into a realm of miraculous and Supernatural

wonders marvelous things will happen for those you hold dear I’ve PR prepared a

table of blessings for you in the presence of your adversaries I will exalt you before your

family and friends prepare yourself for this new life that awaits you and accept

the beautiful gifts humbly guard your heart and remember who blesses you come

daily listen to my word strengthen your faith fill your mind with promises to

overcome I am always watching over you especially in this month I will deliver

you from hidden dangers and unseen attacks walk with Faith Like A courageous Warrior and do not be

deceived by your enemies no matter who stands against you I am your father and I defend my own

with all my might I will move Heaven and Earth to ensure your happiness and

blessings I respond to your distress protect you in times of danger and offer

assistance in your times of need my eternal support is with you your

family and and generations to come I desire your faith sincerity

obedience perseverance tenacity and persistence in me my word and my

presence do not worry about tomorrow your task is to persevere obey and Trust

everything into my hands for I am your father and your God the time I’ve given you is not meant

for worry if you choose not to trust me and succumb to anxiety you bring sadness

to your heart and illness to your body give me time seek my face daily prepare

your soul I open the door to abundance get ready for happiness welcome to the world

of Miracles nothing is impossible for me everything is attainable for you because

you remained steadfast in your belief in me in your small faithfulness I shall

place you over much pray with faith in times of need call

upon me and I will answer with great and Supernatural things these words will

grant you a strength you’ve never known before you will soar like an eagle

reaching the heights of my Majestic Glory from here you will witness the new

blessings that await you you know I do not lie and I love you I’ve always come

to your Aid when you needed me and here I am now ready to lift you up heal you

and help you reclaim all that belongs to you this December signifies Triumph

Victory happiness and provision for you begin it with this Spirit and the faith

you receive today listen to this message each day for I etching it into your soul

share it with those you love open your heart to receive and feel the immense Joy of knowing that your

heavenly father is with you and a great blessing awaits you this December believe and I shall pour blessings upon

your life until tears of joy flow do not despair I’m listening

protecting and assisting you I’m the one who heals delivers rescues and prospers

you seek me with all your heart and never forget the Miracles I have in store for

you fill yourself with peace be attentive listen to me and feast upon my

word you can feel my spirit Spirit touching you it’s time for changes in your life to say enough to anger and bad

company today is the day to immerse yourself fully in the river of my

love when I speak to you with affection do not reject me when I call to you with

tenderness do not ignore me when I correct you firmly hold on to my sweet

love I shall save you from the enemy heal your repentant heart and protect

you from all destruction I am granting your daily requests made with faith I await you

every morning and I love the way you talk to me the certainty in your words

because you feel know and believe that I will answer you I’m attentive to you and

I will never abandon you when you feel weary I am by your side you can come and

rest your head on my shoulder and you can speak with me I am your friend and I

do not judge you your secrets do not anger me

remember my words always recite them they will help your thoughts stay focused on the present the future holds

many opportunities and only those who look forward with courage to fight and Conquer who persist with faith and

perfect timing shall receive Victory the door to reconciliation is

open to you affirm your path with

forgiveness those who once offended and ridiculed you will respect and return to

you they shall know that I am with you and will always be you will become the

head of a community and Aid many believe it and prepare yourself for it shall

come to pass do not fear for nothing shall be lacking you shall receive

abundance guard it with prudence and multiply it with

humility when you bend your knees and prepare to pray give thanks for all the blessings you await even those that have

not yet arrived pray with joy and Faith for your prayer is powerful and heard before my

Celestial Throne the words that escape your lips are like swords that destroy

despondency doubt sadness depression as well as thoughts of defeat and

negativity first I want you to lift your voice in gratitude offer your praise for you are

engaged in a spiritual battle and I am here to tell you that negative sentiments are departing from your home

never to return today you will feel a soothing Aura of Tranquility enveloping your

dwelling open your doors and windows without fear for no harm shall find its

way within my angels encircle your family ready to defend against against

any spiritual assault understand this truth deep within your heart you are not a product

of chance I chose you and crafted the story of your life even before the creation of

the Universe I looked upon you with boundless love before your birth

deciding to bless you with unwavering strength and resilience it was my will that the

storms of life and the rejection of others would Shake you into a champion your suffering has made you stronger

than you realize I speak these words to bring you peace and to ignite a sense of purpose

within you it’s time to let go of complaints and confusion leaving those

who doubt my existence to their own devices do not imitate their ways and do

not rely on them for support or happiness if you seek friends who uplift

you every day know that the father the Son and the Holy Spirit are here for

you you need nothing more for in my presence you have all you need to

Triumph if you desire the Fulfillment of my promises in your life and your families place your trust in my word not

infallible human beings who may let you down today is a special day that you

will always remember it’s time to change course toward your goals believing that you are

moving in a supernatural World let your dreams take shape the time is

now I love you and the season of your victories has arrived reach out your hand you have the

right to be happy and I desire to bless you I will surround you with courage and

honor lifting you up and bestowing blessings before those who once humbled you I will open the gates and windows of

Heaven allowing you to Prosper abundantly receive these words that

refresh your soul my Holy Spirit breathes life into your heart and my

power removes your burdens forever when difficulties weigh you down and weariness sets in seek Refuge

Beneath My Wings in this world there is no one else who can offer you pure Selfless

Love I do not desire your material possessions Grand offerings do not sway

me I protect and watch over you simply because I love you and I will care for

you I will always be attentive to your needs I want you to learn to help others

to grow strong and protect the vulnerable to become wise and prosperous

so you can provide for those in need take a step of faith into a

spiritual realm where miracles happen naturally lay your hands on the sick to

heal them this is my desire be free from financial troubles and earn your living

with dignity do not burden yourself with debt you need not worry any longer do

not become enslaved to your creditors if you encounter someone in need extend your hand with confidence

and speak my word to break the chains that bind them pray and intercede for

their freedom when you help the needy I multiply your sincere offerings abund AB

L assist all those you can without hesitation perhaps you will encounter

Angels along your path seeking clothing and sustenance to test your heart

multiplying your blessings even further you are embarking on a new life

in a supernatural World get used to witnessing Miracles and using the authority I grant you to battle the

enemy pray every day come into my presence and seek

wisdom open your Bible delve into the Book of Proverbs and the Psalms memorize

what you read speak them aloud as I inscribe them on your heart I want you

to nourish yourself with my word each day and learn something new Marvel at

the lives of Faith lived by my servants observe the signs of the last

days but remember do not engage in disputes over my promises

do not strive to prove your knowledge to others demonstrate your faith through your trust in me dare to reach out to

the needy with genuine love and compassion so please come and listen to

me daily remember I have already forgiven your transgressions and set you

free you are no longer under any curse or Bound By Any Vice I offer you Freedom

wisdom and Supernatural intelligence I know there are times when you feel

lonely and overwhelmed but I want you to know that I am with you every step of the way the things that hurt you in the

past will not hurt you anymore for in my presence there is freedom peace

tranquility and blessing allow me to transform your life and make it new let your loyalty and

Faith grow with each passing day trust in my love give me your heart

let your eyes focus on my ways and listen to my voice Whispering sweet words of Love within

you I do not wish to lose communication with you on those days when you lack the

desere to pray or convers with me I insist I will come to knock on the door

of your heart extending my hand to bring you peace for your soul your home is

blessed my angels remain Vigilant in every corner accept this truth you no

longer live live under the bondage of fear the good and uplifting things you intend to do in my holy name you shall

achieve I speak not of superficial success or material gain but it is

written that you shall perform even greater miracles for I grant you my approval from my Celestial

Throne do not fear success do not be ashamed of being a

Victor the time of your victories has come you are deserving for you have

fought diligently and demonstrated your faith it is time to enter my presence

and receive the blessings I shall soon place in your hands boldly declare that you truly

believe in me trust in me and be courageous for I am your help in times

of need do not be troubled my beloved for I am with you find comfort in My

Embrace and experience the peace I offer while the world may be uncertain and

people anxious your family and you will be safe I will provide for you even in

times of need for I am your benevolent provider I understand your present

struggles and know they are part of a greater plan for your good I speak to

you with love offering hope in difficult times I will come to your Aid when you

need it most for I am your refuge and strength I sustain you with my grace

faithfulness and patience keep your trust in me always remember this trust

trust trust in me you and I share an eternal Bond you need not worry when all

seems lost I am always by your side and will not forsake you at times impatience may

take hold and you may wonder how to face your challenges but my promises are clear focus on what truly matters and do

not well on trivial matters let go of falsehoods and slander

do not be burdened by guilt do not lose your joy by scrutinizing the actions of

others remember your own life you have a family whether they support or ignore

you love or seem to hate you stand strong for you have wisdom I

have granted you abundant wisdom so dismiss emotions that try to trap you

hold on to your joy joy and focus on your mission you must care for those you love providing for them with effort

labor attention and prayer do not waste the days I give you

I bestow health and courage upon you surrounding you with blessings as you bless

others thus I will increase your strength and provide for your needs seek first my kingdom and

righteousness and all else will follow this promise has guided those who trust in me with all their hearts know

that I will not only provide the seed but also the tools to cultivate it when

life’s problems arise remember to close your eyes and speak to me with confidence and sincerity as you did when

you were a child approach me with innocent pure and uncomplicated faith free from fear of

punishment my greatest desire is for you to love and know me to live with me for

eternity and for you and your family to be saved from harm I will reveal my love

to you in a tender and Supernatural way but I ask you to come as you are do not

hide your traveles or flaws they do not frighten me I want you to succeed in every aspect

of your life for all you need for Success resides within me I yearn to lead you to a life of

spiritual abundance free from debt and creditors there may be times when your resources

seem limited but remember I am your Shepherd and you are my

sheep my mission is to protect and care for you to provide for

you be diligent kind and gentle refrain from complaints do not ignore these words let

me guide you to the blessings I have for you your eyes will witness a beautiful

display of affection beyond what you you’ve seen before I will embrace your heart ease

your pain cleanse your emotions and enrich your life I will prosper you say

Amen to affirm your commitment to listening to my words I understand your situation and your suffering your

struggles are unique and your emotions may be confusing at times but when you

feel weak hold on to my hand you will not sink let me be with you in moments

of a fliction I will heal your soul and remove your pain forever many may not understand you but

I do I know your past experiences in the path you are on now Others May only see

the surface and not your Wounded Heart I want to help you to lift the burdens

that weigh you down and to free you from the prison of Anguish I am breaking the chains that

still hold you captive to your past I will remove the blindfold from

your eyes revealing a future filled with goodness and peace that I have prepared for you those who misunderstand you may

remain behind because they have forsaken faith if you wish to stay with me

distance yourself from them do not fear the path ahead you will not be

alone I will shield you from adversity and guide you with my mighty arm an army

of angels will March before you protecting you from your adversary

your life is on the brink of transformation and you will rejoice in the decision you have made you were

sensitive when I touched your heart and opened the door for me we will be together forever your pain will be a

thing of the past and your life will be filled with love and happiness I will

pour out my grace and kindness upon you and you will be abundantly blessed

everything will be different I love you and I am here do not fear the surprises of this day as

you listen to my voice it will penetrate even the hidden corners of your heart my

light dispels all darkness that has veiled your mind my Holy Spirit remains with you and

will not depart there is no place for fear here in these moments with me much

will change and you will not be the same person when you arise I am removing the Veil that has

clouded your spiritual vision I am here to reveal something extraordinary to you

something that will change your perspective forever I am giving you the gift of wisdom enlightening your words

and erasing the past judgments that once weighed you down today marks the beginning of your

transformation and you will soon see it for yourself as those around you witness

the change within you I have led you to this point so you can can live a life filled with Triumph not succumb to the

judgments of others or the tears of defeat you are no longer bound by the

need for approval and the words of others will not shake you I am opening many doors for you and you will

confidently step through them unyielding in your resolve bad news will not deter you

gossip will not unsettle you and slanderous lies will not intimidate you

you are a conqueror among conquerors the enemy could not defeat

you your love loyalty commitment and courage were your

strengths I will nurture in you a gentle and humble Heart That Remains

unshakable your faith is unwavering today receive this blessing

and let these words be etched into your soul you are reborn and fear no longer

has a hold on you even in times of hardship I will be there to embrace you

my child do not say I can’t do not declare I have not and do not Proclaim I

am not for I am the one who can the one who possesses and the one who

is look ahead face your challenges without fear my child for I stand beside

you I provide for you I satisfy you all you need to do is listen obey and walk

confidently toward your goals do not cast your gaze downward for I am holding your hand nothing can harm

you I am your unwavering friend the one who never fails you who does not lie who

does not change who accepts you as you are who Smiles with you in the mirror

who feels your pain when you are hurt who rejoices in your achievements who

helps you succeed who lifts you up when you stumble and who extends a hand when

you need it most I am Jesus your lord fear not grow

not weary and do not give the mockers the satisfaction of seeing you

defeated do it for yourself for your loved ones but most importantly do it

with the knowledge of how much I love you I walked a path of pain leading to a

cruel cross All For You For Love for forgiveness for your freedom

for your healing for your salvation remember that I am with you in your most difficult moments and together

hand in hand we will endure suffering you commit to not giving up and I

promise to be by your side granting you strength encouragement peace trust

consolation wisdom and joy open your eyes and look

ahead your dreams and desires are Not Mere fantasies they are seeds I planted

in your heart now rid yourself of doubt and disbelief even if you lack resources and

your future seems uncertain even if you face Injustice and challenges on your path remember that I have walked this

path before I assure you in this world you will face hardships but trust me for

I have overcome the world I will fill your courageous heart with fire joy and

victory listen I will never leave you alone in this situation you will Triumph because today

I grant you victory for you are my beloved child I am actively working in your life

your health your work and your family I am opening significant doors that will

transform your current circumstances my hands are involved in your Affairs and I am resolving them

lift your head and do not weep anymore for I bring you my mighty blessings from

today onward come before my altar daily to give thanks for the Wonders unfolding in your

life Welcome me warmly into your home and may all in your household respect and seek me I’m changing Hearts I’m

banishing sadness and pain those who were once in despair will smile again I

am purifying your home of illness and scarcity filling every dark corner with my light and

salvation I bring boundless love and peace I am protecting your life and the

lives of those you hold dear under my protective shield I shelter them Beneath My Wings

where they will remain safe I will not allow harm to befall them I will guide

you on Paths of righteousness and love free from worries doubts and fears I

love you care for you and those you hold dear with tenderness and affection open

your heart to receive all the love I have to offer spend more time in my

presence in the quiet of nature where I will nourish your soul and renew your

being my power is at work in your life opening doors dispelling negativity and

removing the obstacles that have hindered you I have washed away your sins

dispelled weariness and lack of En enthusiasm so that you may grow stronger with each passing day trust for

everything will work in your favor as my angels tirelessly work to bless

you strengthen your faith and praise my name with passion for you are deeply

loved by me when fear and despair knock on your door when doubts and uncertainties

threaten to overwhelm you when sess and fatigu try to take hold of your heart

remember me I will always be by your side even when your emotions deceive you into thinking

you are alone know that you are not if the urge to cry Wells up within you let

those tears be tears of joy for my love surrounds you my affection envelops you

and my Spirit guides you be certain that when you pray and call upon my help I

command the Heavens to send many angels to act in your favor I send Joy to fill your heart and

dispel all sadness I send wisdom to Grant you Clarity and solutions to your

problems I Lay My powerful hand upon your spirit filling you with unconditional love and

calmness when You Face challenging moments and pray the heavens begin to act so recognize the importance power

and value of your prayers I can move Heaven and Earth in your favor to help

you in every need it is not my will to see my children sink into problems sadness or

disappointment I created you for a life of fullness in every aspect and to experience that you need to give me your

heart and allow me to care for you as never before my grace saves you my Mercy

purifies you and my love Makes You Victorious rejoice and smile trust for

everything in your life will be made new today I speak to you with love and a

desire for a deep connection I hear your prayers and I want you to know that I am

here right beside you I know the pain and sorrow that have

burdened your heart in the past but from this day forward let them stay there in

the past new times are approaching and when they come knocking at your door I

ask you to embrace them with faith I have ordered great blessings to enter your home to transform your

life these blessings will heal the wounds in your heart and free you from any spiritual

weakness today I am instilling faith and determination within you my goal is for

you to feel complete and no longer be weighed down by the Troubles of life I want you to know that I love you deeply

and the Miracle you seek will come to pass keep praying and believing without

wavering until it becomes a reality with the eyes of your faith you

can already see it what you ask of me I will do because you love me with

sincerity and loyalty everything will unfold in my time I am showering you with my

blessings and as I bless you I hope you will share those blessings with others be a beacon of light and goodness

in the lives of those around you everything you nurture and care for will

flourish Beyond Your Wildest imagination I have always wanted to bless you abundantly but I require your

unwavering faith and perseverance don’t lose heart when challenges arise I grant my blessings to

you with love and they are yours to cherish and share my blessing

encompasses provision abundance health and Harmony in your home it brings peace

to your soul C courage to your heart and protection to your family when you are blessed don’t seek

attention or validation from others instead thank me praise me and worship

me in the quiet of your heart what I will give you is precious

and it’s not meant for everyone offer your service to those I place on your path listen closely to my

words and believe in them my blessings are not for those who doubt complain or

Grumble rather than merely reading and believing my written word and Promises take

action rise up and use your strength to do the good that you were meant to do

it’s time to believe to think to plan and to dream the days of your divine

blessing are drawing near I chose you before you were even born giving you a strong heart to endure

disrespect once again again you will be courageous and emerge Victorious from

your current situation I give you my peace so do not waver you are among the triumphant not

the defeated you will not run or cower I will provide you with the strength and

resources needed to conquer the marvelous path ahead you’ve asked me many times to bless and prosper you and

now before your very eyes the great opportunity is unfolding

don’t be discouraged if you can’t yet comprehend the full extent of this wonderful blessing clear your mind tune

your heart and return to my word where you’ll find wisdom and guidance for this

season I am with you don’t give up March forward with unwavering faith and no

fear I have rescued you from many situations before and I promise to rescue you again but I want to see your

dedication loyalty and persistence in faith let your commitment be more than

words give me your whole heart and you will be able to overcome anyone who comes against you with lies and

deceit those who try to slander you in their cruel attempts will fail I am the

one who can provide everything you need you have my word I will never let you go

and I will be with you for all eternity I want you to be brave and trust in me

do not be afraid or intimidated you are my child and you are

courageous my powerful hand will always protect you it’s not about your strength but

mine working the miracle you desire in your family your finances and your

health be brave and put forth your effort but don’t reach the point of

discouragement trying to change things that are humanly impossible for you

remember for me all things are possible and I will act in my time and according

to my will many of the seeds you’ve sown will grow into marvelous Miracles that will

ignite your faith and leave you in awe be patient I command you to wait and

trust in me do not fear do not waver persist and persevere but also Rest in

Me and await the wondrous miracle irle I am about to work when the time comes you

will see it as that day approaches you will feel my presence and witness small

changes at first but when you least expect it the long awaited Miracle will appear before your eyes your health will

be restored your finances will be transformed and hearts will change among

the people you love in the end you will receive everything you need and have longed for my child nourish yourself

with my word it holds your strength and hope seek me daily dedicate moments to

me just you and I in silence remember prayer is not just a request but also a

demonstration of your faith and perseverance keep praying and I will

fill you and your family with my presence embracing you with my love I want you to remember my words

well I will come and work that great miracle for you so patiently

awaited I love you deeply and I am pleased with the courage and Faith you’ve shown thus far I am proud to be

your loving father and you my cherished child your decisions to listen to my

word and spend time in prayer are commendable they bring peace to your home strengthen your heart and ensure

you always live in Victory surrounded by blessings yes challenges will come the

envious enemy may attempt to challenge you but do not fear do not

waver in this world there will always be trials but my love and presence are

always near call upon me with confidence I am here I will provide you with what

you need and more but first continue acquiring the wisdom and understanding

to care for and manage what I give you close the door to the Devourer and

prevent the losses of the past past from recurring take the lessons from those bitter experiences and move forward step

by step with determination and persistence do not rush and do not hurry

if you walk with me you will move in peace unafraid of what lies ahead you

have repented of your wrong paths and I have forgiven you and forgotten your sins my Holy Spirit lives within you

guiding you with my love to the Finish Line where you your reward awaits you

have believed in me and I will bless you and your family abundantly bestow my word and offer

Solace to a weary Soul behold as the heavens unfurl their wonders upon you

with the blessings of health and happiness cascading Upon Your Existence granted through your unwavering

determination and resolve this Vigor this Divine caress that envelops you are the tokens of my

favor bestowed upon those in my service my affection for you knows no

bounds and I am deeply moved by the journey you have undertaken I perceive the strength of

your faith and your aspirations for progress and lo I too am moved to tears

of joy your destiny is to ascend to Great Heights and in due time I shall

unveil the Marvels that shall Grace your life and that of your kin in the

fullness of time you shall inherit blessings tranquility and genuine

Prosperity fear not dear child for I comprehend your essence your

yearnings rest your head upon my shoulder and allow your tears to flow without inhibition for in this moment

they are precious to me and I collect them tenderly in the palms of my hand when the Tempest subsides I shall

demonstrate my boundless love for you one teardrop at a time together you and I shall enumerate

them each with its own rational we shall remember the reasons that brought forth

your tears as the clouds dissipate you shall bear witness that your conflicts and

adversaries no longer endure they exist no more for I have vanquished them I

beheld the harm they inflicted upon you and I stood amidst them they sought to

defy me but my gaze alone sufficed to quell them they departed to the same Abyss

from whence they came behold your tears have metamorphosed into beautiful

blessings weep when you must for many of your tears shall descend to the Earth

While others shall Ascend to the heavens in lie of misery you shall reap

abundance and strength and those who have sought me shall transform into

Cascades of Grace remain here for I shall not release you

until you attain the serenity you seek you are not prepared to venture into the world in your present

State the dawn has arrived and if you continue to bear this Melancholy it

shall weigh heavily upon you lend me your ear until Clarity Dawns upon your

mind and when you sense the burden lifting from your shoulders and the essence of my presence touches your soul

inform me I shall assess the pulse of your faith and if you are primed to face life’s

challenges I shall unveil it for I yearn for your Triumph out there return once

more on the tomorrow for there are Myriad Revelations I must share with you

I am endowing you with sensitivity preparing you for a spiritual

Mission those in your midst discern and acknowledge this I shall bestow Abundant

Blessings upon all who support you your kith and kin and cherished friends yet

those who oppose you shall tread Divergent paths your emotions shall convalesce and

your wounds shall vanish attend to my counsel and follow in my footsteps

receive the wisdom I impart to you each M you shall experience

amelioration and your tears shall cease If Tears persist they shall be

tears of elation if you you perceive my Tranquility you are in the throws of

healing T here cling to my feet and receive ever

more on this very day a potent Miracle commences Within your family as you heren to my words you receive my potency

and love I commence with you for I desire to fortify you for through your utterances

your Deeds your gazing your character and your essence you shall be the Divine

instrument through which this wondrous Miracle shall transpire in my eyes you hold profound

significance I perpetually convey my love for you and I beseech you to extend

this same love to those within your care they stand in need of sucker and you

Harbor faith today inform them of the depth of your affection make them cognizant of

your comprehension of their innermost selves draw near to them place your

hands upon their brows bestow blessings offer prayers on their

behalf consecrate All Your Love resources and time initially to those

you cherish to those who dwell within your Abode Ponder upon your parents your

relations those who have been estranged due to Prior transgressions pardon them and love them

treat them with kindness you shall bear witness to the flourishing and benedic addictions of

your family residing in harmony reaping The Marvelous fruits of your supplications and

Endeavors exercise patience allow them to sense that they can return to the

sanctuary of Home following a trying day for it is the sole realm wherein they may encounter genuine

affection there shall be moments when you shall illuminate their failings and illuminate the correct path if they

Embrace Your Love they shall welcome your admonishments if not consign them

to prayer I labor upon their hearts and one day they shall come to their senses

acknowledge their transgressions and I shall guide them when familial Discord arises seek me in

prayer and refrain from harboring anger and frustration bequ these negative emotions

to those who remain unacquainted with my grace a solution invariably exists for your

dilemmas and answers perpetually await your queries I offer resolutions for

your apprehensions solicit my strength the instant you are tempted to raise your

voice or respond with indignation so as not to affront my Holy Spirit residing

within your heart seek refuge in me when you can bear no more call upon me and I

shall answer when you require assistance be assured that I shall be with you

extending my hand in all Endeavors I shall guide you with love

ensuring your safety your Abode shall be profoundly blessed teeming with Serenity

overflowing with joy and abundant in sustenance for not is beyond my

reach my child today signifies the Advent of a new dawn you shall be the

recipient of vast blessings and do not forget that I am your Shepherd and you shall not lack I am your provider and

all that you require in your existence shall come to fruition I am your healer and I unfold

you within my love I grant you restoration I am your guardian beneath

the shadow of my serenity you shall remain secure my utterances embody truth my

pledges are immutable everything I have spoken unto you pre previously all the splendid

promises I have extended shall come to fruition for I am the Divine and

falsehood does not reside within me I shall guide you along the path I have

designated for you at all times in every circumstance I am with you regardless of

the seeming insurmountability of the situation you may perceive your

circumstances as insurmountable but Repose your trust in me with unwavering

Faith entrust your plans unto me each day Place me at the Forefront of your

endeavors for I shall forever stand beside you rendering

assistance I have demonstrated my love even in the darkest hours when you believed your sins had estranged you

from me all forsook you some cast dispersions upon you inflicted wounds

upon you belittled you and lacerated your soul they uttered words of desolation

concerning you endeavored to curse you and nearly divested you of your

blessings you felt submerged on the brink of Despair but as in times past I lifted

you from the abyss of desolation do not Harbor doubt do not

waver affirm with your lips that you shall trust me irrespective of what

transpires regardless of the challenges that confront you in all your Pursuits

you shall emerge triumphant eternally I adore you let not your heart

be troubled remarkable blessings await you my child the hour is nigh when you shall

regain that which was lost you shall bear witness that not is beyond the

reach of your God your destiny resides within my grasp and none

others even in Barren terrain where others lament scarcity and need I shall

cause you to flourish in the very place where others contemplate relinquishing their

aspirations Right Here and Now find your strength your dreams will be reborn and

you will surely succeed everything meant to break you down I have transformed to lift you

up what seems like a tough trial today will become a powerful testimony

tomorrow A great miracle is on its way your prayers have been

heard I plan to give you more than you’ve asked for trust me for I will

Amaze you with wondrous wonders have faith in me even when your path seems

unclear no matter how far you’ve Fallen my hand can lift you up though it may

seem like I’m silent at times I’m never absent I will support you until you

Triumph my timing aligns with your favor seize this moment and take

action when I tell you to walk walk when I command you to rise

rise if I declare you a conqueror and a Victor hold on to my words and don’t

dwell on past mistakes the past is behind you I have transformed your life

completely you are not the same your destiny rests in my hands in my presence

I will protect and guide you so go forth without fear speak your faith in me with

your words Abundant Blessings await you and your family your unwavering faith

has kept you standing tall you are ready to receive all that I have ordained for

you I also want to see you let go of your past troubles discard the idea of

being a failure let me tell you that none of my children are or will ever be

failures I love them care for them prepare them and correct them when they

stumble they rise when they falter they confess their faults seek my forgiveness

and I forgive them with love and patience they stand tall brush off the

dust and continue with their faith in my word and their eyes on the prize my

children make mistakes but they have the humility and courage to admit their faults receive my forgiveness and leave

behind feelings of defeat and guilt you too have never been a failure the

adversary knows the turmoil within you and has exploited it to steal and wound

but I will restore all that was taken from you Embrace a life of emotional

Freedom stop blaming yourself for past mistakes don’t deny yourself the chance

to succeed keep growing in faith and learn to rely on me more I will guide

you to achieve what may seem impossible to you know my child that I have chosen

you to be a Channel of blessings for those you love so you cannot remain as you are rise and conquer the imaginary

limitations you’ve placed on yourself except that you are my

child the trials of the past have prepared you for a life of emotional strength free from unfounded fears and

with the wisdom to make wise decisions and choose good friends you are on the

right path within my will ready to enter a new season of powerful

Miracles the blessings to come will fill you with faith strength and joy receive

them without doubt they are yours I will lift you up again and continue to bless

you I am healing and strengthening you so you can fully recover from your

trials I’m amazed at how far you’ve come you can now see how coming to me has

helped you the time you spend with me each day closing your eyes and sharing your

concerns for your family are precious moments that I cherish they will turn

into significant blessings if I lift you up you will not fall if I uphold you you will stand you

need my help every day and that’s perfectly fine your struggles and weaknesses do not offend me I appreciate

your honesty about the challenges you face and share with me daily I chose you knowing the trials that

would come your way you’ve asked me why so many things happened to you and I will answer by

showing you all the victories you’ve achieved so far you’ve been blessed with the desire to stand apart from the crowd

I created you this way and it drew the disdain of those who sensed my powerful

hand upon you some even hated you without understanding why now you

understand it well many have failed to appreciate you because you do not belong

to their world I chose you before the creation of the universe you are not

here by chance some disdained you caused you suffering and made you believe that you

had no right to succeed or be happy but the time of your Victory and

healing has come many of your adversaries will stumble and be powerless when the see

how you’ve been lifted up it’s time to leave all negativity behind including regrets guilt and the

desire to please others you are my beloved child worthy because my blood

has cleansed your sins I have transform made you and you will forever have my

love for I love you I will always be with you my opinion will never change

tell me that you accept this gift with all your heart speak to me now my beloved beloved for I have something to

tell you listen carefully and do not turn away from these words which are for

your well-being I love you eternally and I want to shower you with affection to

fill you with holy Comfort even in Trials you will feel protected corrected blessed and deeply

loved however because you reside in my heart there is something important that I must convey to you for the sake of

your inner healing you must be aware of the following there

is nothing impossible for me and during this wonderful season in which you have been gradually getting to know me you

have come to perceive understand and believe that my word is truth and shall never

fail nevertheless there is something am miss that I wish to point out not to

make you feel bad or cause you to lose hope but to help you understand that if

you listen to me and obey me blessings shall multiply please accept and embrace these

words I am about to impart for they hold the key to opening the doors and windows of Heaven and the bridge to the Divine

and Supernatural realm you must remove all complaints and

negativity from your heart I appreciate your beautiful Faith but do not allow

the poison of complaints to wither it away banish negativity from your lips

distance yourself from friends who constantly so so doubt Discord and

grievances seek wise companions make a choice today whether to believe me and

welcome the forthcoming blessings you shall witness if you forsake complaints and opt for faith if you hold on to hope

and cast aside negativity wondrous things shall unfold in your life

blessings provision Freedom healing Harmony within your family and a soul

brimming with joy these gifts flow into your heart because you chose to believe

in me I love you deeply my beloved one cling to me tightly let go of your

doubts and grievances don’t struggle alone allow me to shower you with blessings and reveal

the immense love I have for you tell me my child that you believe in

me the curses of your adversaries shall not touch you the traps they set for you

will ens snare them instead de I watch over your every step your

moments of rest and Awakening my angels surround you protecting your life and honor with

blazing swords I grant you the power to tread upon serpents and scorpions making you

invulnerable None Shall have dominion over you seek my word pray fast and

kneel before me each day to receive my blessings my word and the shelter of my protective shield

I will influence the lives of those who rise against you humbling them and preventing further

harm they will realize that faith in me signifies power honor integrity and

Truth many around you and even you yourself will begin to take their

spiritual lives more earnestly this is no mere game walk with

your head held high looking up to the heavens do not turn back to those who

sought to humiliate you you are in my hands and I will not let you fall or

stumble upon the obstacles they’ve placed in your path stand firm and do

not be frightened by threats or mockery their efforts to bring you down

are insignificant they cannot harm you because they will encounter me when my Majestic light exposes their

malicious intentions they will be revealed as cowards have faith remain honest and true for

victory is already yours now rest in peace knowing that

nothing and no one can approach you or your family live your life in complete

Serenity and stop dwelling on those individuals cling to my love and evil

will never reach you live this day with joy and surrender

all your concerns into my hands my Army of angels of light will accompany you wherever you go and I will never Tire of

showing you and telling you that I love you you are worthy of my love always do

not feel unworthy I want all doubts and fears to leave your mind and I want you to be

happy every day and every moment my love is always available to you even when you

make mistakes I am here to love you and listen to you for only my love has the

power to transform you I am always ready to show you the path to becoming a person of kindness blessed and filled

with virtues I am here to guide you to save your soul I will purify you and fill you with

wisdom so that you do not repeat the same mistakes you know well that I will

never deny you my love I want to transform your life I want to Grant you health and prosperity I will never

abandon you I will always be by your side to help you achieve a life of great

victories I have told you many times how precious you are to me and the more you persist in loving me obeying me and

walking with me the more I will bless you I am here to extend my hand and lift

you out of the deep pit into which the problems of Life have cast you it is

time to stop suffering and cease walking the path of pain today I fill you with

my love I grant you the profound peace you require to rise and continue

walking I give you the strength to walk in faith causing many things in your life to change for the

better surrender all feelings of guilt and shame allow your heart to be filled

with my love and strength I forgive you embrace me and come with me to a new

life I’m rescuing you right now I want you to feel worthy of my love my

blessings and all the joy I offer you today because you are my son my daughter

and you deserve a life of light wisdom and abundance even in the midst of your

fiercest battles when You Face scarcity and persecution I will be with you

providing the sustenance you need fear nothing for your life and that

of your family are in my hands today I offer you the purest love that exists do

you accept it amen

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