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God is constantly by your side and will

always be there for you your troubles

are in his hands when you feel sad and

tears fill your eyes always remember

these three things God is with you he

remains with you and he will always be

with you comment

if you love Jesus Christ and sh

share this video with all followers of

Christianity this is your time to

recover from all the struggles and

setbacks you’ve encountered I am here to

restore everything the enemy has taken

away from you as a Christian you are

never alone I am always by your side and

I have given you the Holy Spirit to be

within you the holy spirit is there to

help you comfort you and guide you if

you’re feeling feeling down or depressed

I encourage you to talk to Jesus through

prayer he is always listening and he

understands your pain he will comfort

you and uplift you type yes if you

believe father I want to thank you for

looking past my flaws and loving me

unconditionally forgiving me when I

failed to love others in the same manner

helping me see the needs of the

challenging people in my life and

teaching me how to meet those needs in a

way that pleases you in jesus’ name amen

get ready for a flood of success love

and abundance you’ll be showered with

blessings and I’ll always support you

even when things seem tough exciting

times are ahead you might get your dream

job find true love or experience a a

breakthrough like never before in just

days you will see incredible

transformations in your life remember

building a strong relationship with my

son Jesus is the key he’ll heal your

heart and guide you through the darkest

moments trust in him and he’ll never let


down together let’s say this prayer dear

Lord I Choose You I Surrender myself to

you I embrace your forgiveness and

invite you to be my Savior and Lord

trust that healing and financial help

are on their way and even when things

seem impossible God will make a way for

you an incredible door is opening for

you providing you with the favor and

resources to achieve your dreams like

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$ As you move forward get ready for a

time of abundance and

success your life is about to change in

wonderful ways and you’ll experience

luck in Good Fortune like never

before when you’re feeling down or sick

remember that I God am here for you my

love and healing Grace will always

surround you and bring Comfort to your

journey before this month ends get ready

for amazing blessings your financial

situation will improve healing will come

your way and miracles will happen in

March and April expect Abundant

Blessings and countless

opportunities I’m blessing you and your

family with everything you desire from a

great job to financial stability and

love as we enter March it’s a time for


transformation blessings and miracles

Fresh Starts and exciting opportunities

are waiting for you you won’t believe it

but your blessings will triple in the

upcoming week type I believe if you

believe and subscribe to our Channel and

help us to reach , Divine

followers trust my words because God is

about multiplying blessings and

showering you with goodness I am the god

who heals restores and

redeems no matter what pain you’re going

through I have the power to make you

whole again just ask for my help and

I’ll be there for you my dear friends

there’s so much more I want to share

with you as you continue on this

journey know that I’m always by you your

side cheering you on and supporting you

in every step you take in times of Doubt

or hardship don’t forget to lean on your

faith and trust in the divine plan

unfolding for you there may be

challenges along the way but with faith

determination and the support of your

loved ones you can overcome anything

that comes your way remember that each

day is a gift with potential for New

Opportunities and

blessings stay open to the universe as

possibilities for you and embrace them

with an open heart and a positive

mindset take time to nurture your spirit

and find moments of peace and Stillness

amidst life’s

busyness in those Quiet Moments you can

connect with your inner self and tap

into your wisdom allowing your intuition

to guide you and Lead You towards the

path that aligns with your true purpose

my dear child know that promotions and

blessings come from me what I’ve

promised you cannot be taken blocked or

destroyed by anyone I pray to God that

this week unlocks the doors of blessings

in your life Jesus is Lord God says I

understand your current situation I will

bless you lift you and give you strength

I also protect and comfort you trust in

the Lord completely don’t rely on your

understanding in all your actions

acknowledge Him and He will guide your

path don’t be afraid to dream big and

set ambitious goals for yourself believe

in your capability ities for you have

been gifted with unique talents and

strengths that can help you achieve

greatness visualize your dreams as if

they are already happening and let that

energy Propel you forward surround

yourself with positivity and people who

uplift you be a source of encouragement

and kindness for others for the love and

goodness you spread will come back to

you tfold

old as you embark on this journey of

growth and transformation know that

setbacks and challenges are part of the

process embrace them as opportunities

for learning and growth for they will

shape you into a stronger and wiser

person throughout your journey never

forget to Express gratitude for the

blessings in your life gratitude is a

powerful force that attracts more

abundance and joy and most importantly

be be kind and gentle with yourself you

are only human and making mistakes and

facing setbacks is okay like this video

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away all your sins and make your life

joyful through the Divine words of

God your willingness to learn grow and

keep moving forward with an open heart

and a determined Spirit Matters Jesus

says my dear ones go forth with courage


enthusiasm embrace the journey ahead for

it is filled with promise and

potential trust in the love and guidance

of the Divine and know that you are

never alone Miracles await you and The

Best Is Yet To Come typey trust say

thanks to God for everything he gives


type amen if you believe in God and

subscribe for our channel to connect

your soul with

God God is speaking to you today my dear

child as I am your heavenly father I

talk to you with the utmost love and

care pay attention to what I have to say

I have many blessings and promises for

you if you believe in God watch this

video get ready for some very unex

expected Financial Miracles that will

happen right in front of your eyes

during the next days you will

experience New Wealth success happiness

and enhanced well-being as a result of


Miracles if you believe in God type

be assured that I am prepared to

bestow upon you boundless gifts

regardless of the struggles you face at

work the prosperity of your finances the

state of your health or the Splendor of


relationships because I will favor you

money will come into your life with ease

only after you finish watching this

video be assured that I am bestowing

upon you Financial benefits that surpass

your wildest

expectations you will experience an

abundance of prosperity success

happiness and enhanced

well-being as comes to an end I

always honor my promises and this is my

Divine pledge to you get your heart

ready to receive all of the Abundant

benefits I have in store for you like

this video and don’t forget to share

this video with people who believe in


Christ when when you allow yourself to

be open to receiving amazing

Transformations will occur in every area

of your life type to receive it

having a relationship with Jesus is the

most valuable Bond you will ever

experience my darling children I am here

to take care of you and mend your heart

so know that when you are hurt and

broken I am here for you put your faith

in my heavenly ability to mend what is

broken and complete your soul I’m

extending my prayers to everyone looking

for a miracle recognize that I alone

your God am capable of accomplishing the

seemingly impossible even when it

appears that there is no way forward put

your trust in me and you’ll see the

Miracles I can bring into your life my

sincere wishes for your family home

health faith and finances are extended

to you today I want my grace and love to

fill every part of your life let my

divine power shower blessings upon these

spaces changing them with my Bountiful

riches I am here to protect you because

I am the source of all success and

abundance never forget that I am

constantly keeping an eye on you and

directing your steps as you go through

life type God is with me if you’re a

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you get ready for you are about to

receive an abundance of blessings and

possibilities that will drive out any

negativity from your life when you’ve

finished watching this full movie you’re

going to experience blessings Miracles

and great changes my love for you is

unconditional and unending thus it has

no boundaries I deserve to lavishly

reward you and fill your life with

happiness and success type

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victory in the physical and professional

Realms and an exciting direction for

your future if you believe in

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