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my precious

child can you feel the urgency stirring

within your spirit a holy

restlessness a Divine discontent with

the status

quo that is my love calling out to you

Awakening you to the Eternal

significance of each fleeting moment in

this Shadow land you inhabit for I tell

you multitudes stumble blindly through

this life hurtling towards an abyss from

which there is no return Destinies of

unending anguish await as real and

irrevocable as the rising of tomorrow’s

sun does this not shatter your heart as

it shatters mine you beloved you were

chosen for such a time as this before

the mountains burst forth from the womb

of the earth I set my seal upon your

soul that you might be a beacon blazing

bright amidst the Gloom no chance no

coincidence only the unsto able purposes

of an unfathomable God even now I am

ready to infuse your being with the

dynamite of Heaven to shatter the

shackles of timidity that have held you

bound will you yield to the incandescent

Fury of my spirit will you become a


flame too long have you lingered in the

shadows content to bask in the Overflow

of my

goodness but I tell you there are depths

of my my spirit yet

unexplored Treasures of wisdom and

Revelation reserved for those who lay

hold of the plow and refuse to look back

gird up the loins of your mind sharpen

your sword and step into the arena of

faith for as you venture forth in

obedience I will be the wind at your

back and the fire in your

bones expect me to embolden your lips to

Grant you inventions by which to

dismantle the devil’s

fortresses did I not promise that I

would give you a mouth and wisdom which

all your adversaries would be powerless


refute even now there are Divine

appointments pre-ordained

encounters arranged by the hand of

Providence where Destinies will collide

and kingdoms hang in the balance will

you allow the River of Life to flow

through you unhindered so you may drink

and be

satisfied I tell you the truth a single

seed swn in season can yield a harvest


Comprehension never underestimate the

impact of a life laid down a heart
You Were Chosen for Such a Time as This

wholly given to my

cause and do not be of those who shrink

back who bury their talent in the earth

and thereby malign my character for I am

not a harsh Taskmaster but a loving

father who equips his own for every good

work trust in my ability in my

commitment to complete what I’ve begun

yes there will be resistance yes there

will be those who scoff and revile you

for my name’s sake but count it all joy

for you are treading in the footsteps of

the prophets and Saints of old did they

not face the flame singing Reckoning the

reproach of Christ to be of Greater

worth than the treasures of Egypt

remember always your Warfare is not

against flesh and blood but against

principalities and powers of of darkness

and yet the light shines brightest in

the night it is against the backdrop of

the world’s depravity that my grace

shines forth most

radiantly so do not be discouraged when

the battle grows fierce when the arrows

of the enemy fly thick and fast for I

have not given you a spirit of fear but

of power love and a sound

mind greater is he who is in you than he

who is in the

world fix your Eyes On The Joy set

before you for though the sufferings of

this present time are not worthy to be

compared with the glory to be

revealed I tell you that Glory will be

all the sweeter for having been fought

for and one and even as you go even as

you pour out know that I see you I am

with you I will never leave you nor

forsake you my strength is made perfect

in your weakness and when you have

exhausted your own resources mine are

only beginning to be unveiled so come my

beloved arise and shine for your light

has come Mount up with wings as Eagles

run and do not grow weary walk and do

not faint for I am doing a new thing in

the earth and blessed are those who

discern the time of their

visitation the fields are white unto

harvest the need is urgent and the day

is far spent lift up your eyes for the

king is coming may you be found faithful

in that hour may your life be Al love

letter that points ever and always to

me my beloved child you stand now at the

threshold of a great unfolding a sacred
Step into the Arena of Faith

Crossing into a land Uncharted and

unknown fear not this strangeness for it

is by my design a holy invitation to

grow to become to rise each step though

unfamiliar is ordained each breath

though trembling is sustained by my

unwavering hand and in this season of

newness I call you to a higher way of

being let love be your compass Joy your

true north align your heart with the

fruit of my spirit and let kindness

patience and peace flow from the

Wellspring of your soul as you pour out

I shall pour in an endless tide of Grace

refreshing and

renewing there are blessings weighty and

immense that I long to bestow upon you

they hover poised and ready awaiting

only only your Readiness to

receive stay true to the path I have set

before you even when it leads through

valleys deep and shadows

long Trust In The Whispers of your heart

for they are my voice guiding you ever

onward to the Fulfillment of my perfect

plan release now the burdens that hinder

the weights that encumber let go of all

that drains your spirit all that dims

your light in this hour I need you

strong clear-minded and whole draw near

to me in the secret place and there in

Holy Communion tune your ears to the

frequency of Heaven listen for my still

Small Voice amidst the clamor of the

world I am unlocking within you gifts

Beyond imagining profound intricate and

Powerful these are the tools of your

calling the instruments by which you

shall accomplish great things in my

name wield them with humility with

reverence and with an unwavering

commitment to my

purpose comparison is a thief that robs

you of the joy of your unique Journey

fix your eyes on me alone trusting that

I have you exactly where I desire you to

be and know this a day is coming when

all eyes will Behold The Glory I have

placed within you this is a time of

vindication of divine Justice I have not

forgotten the wounds inflicted upon you

the scars you bear I will make all

things right in my perfect timing keep

your heart pure and free from

bitterness pray for those who have

wronged you for in doing so you align

yourself with my heart of

compassion as you release forgiveness I

will break the chains that bind you the
Arise and Shine, Your Light Has Come

strongholds of the Mind the shackles of

the past days four months a Divine

shift is on the horizon the pain the

trauma the suffering I am casting them

into the depths of the sea never to be

remembered again dare to ask to seek to

knock for I am a God who Delights in

answering the Bold prayers of my

children believe with an unwavering

faith and then wait with hopeful

expectation knowing that I am working

all things together for your good your

growth has been a Marvel to behold and

it shall only accelerate in the days

ahead your you are rising to the

challenges before you stepping into your

destiny with courage and

Grace as I lead you deeper into truth

you will discover a freedom Beyond Your


imaginings the old patterns the negative

thoughts the limiting beliefs they shall

fall away like tattered Rags replaced by

a new way of thinking a mind renewed and

transformed by my

word in the days ahead there may be

moments when Darkness seems to press in

on every side but remember even in the

shadows you are held fast In My Embrace

do not shrink back do not lose heart

press on push through for on the other

side of every trial every test is a

deeper revelation of my

faithfulness go forth and be a blessing

to others for there is power in Selfless

Love as you give of yourself your time

your resources your heart you open the

floodgates of Heaven unleashing a

torrent of blessing that will saturate

every area of your life this is the

secret to abundance the key that unlocks

the storehouses of my favor the world

around you may be broken the systems

corrupt and

flawed but do not let this hinder your

purpose see every obstacle as an

opportunity for growth every challenge

as a chance to cultivate a spirit of

wisdom and Grace let your Words Be Few

and carefully chosen seasoned with

kindness and truth remember it is in

quietness and trust that you shall find

your strength have faith unwavering and

unshakable build it daily upon the solid

rock of my word testify to others of the

great things I have done for there is

power in your story power to ignite hope

to inspire change to set Souls Ablaze

with the fire of my love I am your

healer your Redeemer your restorer I am

making all things new transforming your
A Sacred Crossing into Uncharted Territory

ashes into Beauty your mourning into Joy

the seeds you have sown in tears you

shall reap with shouts of Triumph the

joy before you is immeasurable The Power

Within You Unstoppable embrace it walk

in it and watch as I move in ways that

exceed your wildest

expectations I Delight in you my child I

trust you with the precious work of my

kingdom never doubt that you have what

it takes for I have equipped you

empowered you and called you by

name you are mine forever and

always my beloved child you have

journeyed far traversing paths both

shadowed and illumined by my grace and

yet I tell you the greatest Vistas are

still before you waiting to be unveiled

by the tender hand of

Providence for I am the god of the

unfolding the author of the story that

defies all expectation in the pages yet

to be written there are triumphs that

will leave you breathless Revelations

that will shatter the boundaries of your

understanding I will lead you into

encounters with my presence that will

redefine the very fabric of your reality

for I am not content to be a distant

deity a mere footnote in the margins of


existence no I am the god who draws near

who inhabits the very cells of your

being in the days ahead you will learn

to discern my voice amidst the cacophony

of the world to Lean Into The Whispers

of my wisdom even when they defy human

Logic for my ways are higher my thoughts

are loftier and I see the end from the

beginning there will be moments when the

past seems to narrow when the Cliffs of

circumstance Loom large on either side

but fear not for I am with you in the

valley I am your sure footing on the

mountain steep I will guide you with my

eye I will steady you with my hand and

even in the depths even in the shadows I

will unveil Treasures hidden riches

stored in secret places for I am the god

of the Breakthrough the one who makes a

way where there seems to be no way I

specialize in the impossible I thrive in

the realm of the

miraculous watch and see as I move the

immovable as I break through the

barriers that have held you back for far

too long I am loosening your shackles I

am breaking your chains and where once

there was bondage there shall be


Liberty in the coming Seasons I will
Blessings Await Your Readiness to Receive

sharpen your spiritual senses I will

will attune your heart to the

frequencies of my

kingdom you will begin to perceive the

Unseen realm with startling Clarity to

discern the movements of angels and the

minations of the

enemy for you are not of this world you

are a citizen of a higher realm and it

is time for you to walk in the full

authority of your heavenly

citizenship and as you pour out as you

give of yourself in sacrificial service

I will pour in I will fill you to

overflowing with the oil of my joy the

wine of my presence you will discover a

satisfaction that surpasses Earthly

Pleasures a fulfillment that defies


description for I am your exceeding

great reward your all in all there will

be battles there will be

conflicts but do not be afraid of the

Roar of the enemy for the lion of Judah

has already

prevailed I have given you authority to

trample on serpents and scorpions and

over all the power of the

enemy nothing shall by any means harm

you for you are not fighting for victory

you are fighting from

Victory the outcome has already been

settled on calvary’s Cross so stand firm

stand strong stand rooted in the

unshakable promises of my word let your

faith rise let your praise

ReSound for I am doing a new thing I am

making streams of in the desert and

rivers in the Wasteland the dry bones

are coming alive the ancient ruins are


rebuilt keep your eyes fixed on me keep

your heart attuned to my spirit for I am

the Alpha and the Omega the first and


last I am the god of your

yesterday your today and your

forever and I am working all things the

triumphs and the trials the joys and the

pain s into a beautiful Redemptive

Masterpiece as you abide in me as you

make your home in the secret place of my

presence you will bear fruit that

remains you will walk in an anointing

that breaks every yoke so come boldly

come confidently into the throne room of

Grace come with your prayers your

petitions your heart’s deepest cries for

I am a good father I Am The Giver of

every good and perfect perfect gift and

I Delight in blessing my children in

lavishing them with my favor I am

calling you deeper I am beckoning you

higher will you surrender to the Allure

of my spirit will you let me take you
I Am the God of the Breakthrough

places you’ve never been show you things

you’ve never seen for Eye Has Not Seen

Ear Has Not Heard neither have entered

into the heart of man the things which I

have prepared for those who love me but

I reveal them to you by my spirit for

the spirit searches all things yes the

Deep things of God so come my beloved

Come Away with me let me show you the

wonders of my heart the marvels of my

kingdom for in my presence there is

fullness of joy at my right hand there

are Pleasures forever more with all my

love your heavenly father

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