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God is saying to you today you need to

get ready where you are is not permanent

I have explosive blessings coming your

way I will increase you beyond your

salary I will bless you beyond your

normal income I will suddenly change

things in your life Heavenly Father by

the power of the Holy Ghost I cast all

unclean spirits to the Lake of Fire I

cancel all curses and evil from my life

and I return all evil intentions and

curses back to the originator

tfold cover me father from wickedness

and evilness I declare Psalm upon my

life in Jesus name amen comment

if you love Jesus Christ and share

this video with all followers of

Christianity this is a sign to

prioritize your happiness above all the

angel number is a symbol from the

universe to be prepared for a new phase

in your life this phase demands you to

let go of your fear and doubts it

further asks you to be truthful to your

significant other while being

non-judgmental to their life choices

you’re not reading this by accident this

is your confirmation you’re going to

make it no matter what it looks like

right now God is going to reward your

faithfulness so hold on be strong and

don’t give up you are next in line for

your Miracle type yes if you

believe if you believe in God subscribe

to this channel for more blessings if

you are reading this right now I declare

that if you keep walking by faith you’re

going to bump into the biggest blessing

you’ve ever experienced in your entire

life type yes if you are ready for it if

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$ God bless you type

amen daily battle prayer thank you Lord

for your protection over my family I

come against any plot Ploy or scheme

that the enemy has planned for us and I

render it useless in Jesus’s name we are

the head and not the tail above only and

not beneath no weapon formed against us

will prosper and every tongue that rises

against us will be condemned we have the

minds of Christ and victory is ours

today in him we are children of the most

high and we rest in his goodness and

faithfulness in jesus’ name amen

Angel Number

is a message from the Divinity to

let the past be buried in its grave and

make room for New Beginnings it’s a mark

of inspiration to move ahead in life the

universe is conspiring to make your

dreams come true and manifest them into

reality type

if you believe in Jesus Christ and

his words hidden blessings are

transpiring and the angels are raining

down Miracles upon you there is a vortex

of pure potential and high vibrational

energy that is around you type nine N

if you believe I declare that God is

taking you to a new level in life your

sadness will be replaced with happiness

your struggles will be turned into

blessings your loss will be replaced

with a miracle bigger than you can

imagine and you will fully receive the

peace that God has for you if you’re

looking for reassurance today this is it

you’re going to be

okay blessings are coming your way God

is so proud of you for staying strong

everything will be all right today’s

message God will restore everything you

lost you will recover you will bounce

back better days are coming blessings

are coming your way what’s about to

happen next will cause you to

Rejoice God is up to something

incredible angel number is a

message from your Angels and Archangels

that you are to stay focused on your

highest expectations as the angels and

Universal energies work behind the

scenes helping you to manifest your

wants and needs goals and desires type

if you believe in monetary success

victory in the physical and professional

Realms and an exciting direction for

your future trust that your home and

family will be well provided for as you

strive towards achieving your

goals Angel Number

is a number of wisdom and wit it

brings along with it the Assurance of a

prosperous future and a pleasant today

the worries of the past should be

abandoned yesterday and the foundation

should be strengthened with love care

and confidence Love Will Find its way

into your life very

soon type if you

believe Miracle Jesus turned water

into wine

on the third day there was a wedding at

Kana in Galilee and the mother of Jesus

was there Jesus also was invited to the

wedding with his disciples when the wine

ran out the mother of Jesus said to him

they have no wine and Jesus said to

Heroman what does this have to do with

me my hour has not yet come his mother

said to the servant

do whatever he tells you now there were

six Stone water jars there for the

Jewish rights of purification each

holding or gallons type if

you want to receive unexpected blessings

from God today and share this video with

seven followers of Jesus

Christ Jesus said to the servants fill

the jars with water and they filled them

up to the brim and and he said to them

now draw some out and take it to the

master of the

feast so they took it when the master of

the feast tasted the water now become

wine and did not know where it came from

though the servants who had drawn the

water knew this the first of his signs

Jesus did at Kan in Galilee and

manifested His glory and his disciples

believed believed in him Jesus said oh

two Jesus heals an official

son so he came again to canaa in Galilee

where he had made the water wine and at

capernium there was an official whose

son was ill when this man heard that

Jesus had come from Judea to Galilee he

went to him and asked him to come down

and heal his son for he was at the point

of death go Jesus said to him unless you

see signs and wonders you will not

believe the official said to him sir

come down before my child

dies Jesus said to him go your son will

live the man believed the word that

Jesus spoke to him and went on his way

as he was going down his servants met

him and told him that his son was

recovering so he asked them the hour

when he began to get better and they

said to him yesterday at the eventh

hour the fever left him type to

claim these blessings if you believe in

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$ the father knew that was the hour

when Jesus had said to him your son will

live and he himself believed and all his

household this was now the second sign

that Jesus did when he had come from

Judea to

Galilee Miracle free Jesus heals a man

with an unclean spirit and they go into

capernium and immediately on the Sabbath

he enters the synagogue and teaches they

were astonished at his teaching for he

taught them as one who had Authority and

not as the

scribes immediately there was in their

synagogue a man with an unclean spirit

and he cried out what have you to do

with us Jesus of Nazareth have you come

to destroy

us I know who you are the Holy One Of

God but Jesus rebuked him saying be

silent and come out of him in the

unclean Spirit convulsing him and crying

out with a loud voice came out of him

and they were all amazed so that they

questioned them themselves saying what

is this a new teaching with authority He

commands even the unclean spirits and

they obey him type yes if you


Faith subscribe to our Channel and help

us to reach , Divine

followers the testing of our faith faith

has positive effects on our hearts as we

endure trials it produces things inside

of us that are good we receive a

maturity that we wouldn’t have gained in

any other way if we are never in a

position where things are out of our

control we would never be able to

exercise our faith and we would never

grow into complete

maturity where there is life there is

hope where there is is hope there is

Faith where there is Faith there is love

where there is love There Is God When

you have God you have everything new

clothes and new wine skins he also told

them a parable no one tears a piece from

a new garment and puts it on an old

garment if he does he will tear the new

and a piece from the new will not not

match the old and no one puts new wine

into old wine skins if he does the new

wine will burst the skins and it will be

spilled and the Skins will be destroyed

but new wine must be put into fresh wine

music and

skins lamp on a

stand you are the light of the

world a city set on a hill cannot be

hidden hidden nor do people light a lamp

and put it under a basket but on a stand

and it gives light to all in the house

in the same way let your light shine

before others so that they may see your

good works and give glory to your father

who is in heaven your enemies will get

what’s coming to them unclench your fist

shut your mouth and remove the anger

from your heart

walk the path of righteousness and let

God fight your battles never forget who

you are but most importantly who you are

angels are saying when someone messes

with you they are messing with God you

don’t have to respond to those who

attack belittle or insult you you may

not see it but God is dealing with them

if they

persist he will arrange their harvest in

such a way that they’ll know it’s

because of what they did to you when you

are gifted and anointed Satan will

personally assign someone to bring you

down just so your gift and anointing


manifest but the enemy cannot kill what

God has anointed to live he cannot stop

who God has chosen to prosper and he

cannot block what is called to

manifest like And subscribe if you

believe in

God I truly love you God if you believe

in Christianity show support with a

super thanks from $ to

$ God bless you type amen


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