???????????? ???????????????????????????? ????????????????????: It’s Not Luck, It’s God


my beloved

child my will nothing and no one can


it if you’re going to move forward do it

with great enthusiasm and Faith I’ve

told you many times that I love you I

help you and I want to protect you

everything you have to do today do it

with all your strength and if your

strength fails you I’ll be by your side

to support you in your time of need

don’t be afraid to open your mouth and

ask me for good things

for everything you need to grow to give

or to

share I’ve told you many times that I

want to bless you and provide for you

everything that will help you live take

refuge in my arms when you feel you

can’t go on come to my feet and cry if

you’re tired of

struggling many difficult and painful

things are happening around you but

through the power of my word and the

grace of my love I will protect you and

always comfort your

heart don’t ignore this message stay

here listen Until the End don’t let any

distractions fill your heart with

complaint and

frustration this is a test of your

patience I want to see if you can listen

receive treasure and Faithfully obey

this holy word that I’m about to deposit

in your soul when you wake up each day

come to listen to

me I know you’re going through many


and sometimes you don’t have the energy

to think but in this you must exert

yourself and be

brave a word of faith can heal you

encourage you lift you up and prosper


immediately it’s possible it’s

true decide today to believe with all

your heart that I can change you with my

love my tenderness patience my

Commandments and my

advice I can transform this time of


into a new day of happiness and blessing

you are very important to me and to many

people even though some may be

ungrateful and not appreciate your love

I see your effort and I admire your

commitment to love without expecting

anything in return I record in my book

everything you do for them I am with you

and you also have a multitude of

witnesses from Heaven and Earth Warrior

angels are ready to fight battles defeat

enemies remove stones and obstacles from


path there are people who love you and

pray for you your name is mentioned in

my presence every

day I gave my life so that you could

receive salvation freedom and enjoy

peace in the midst of Affliction and

happiness in the days to

come I will reveal to you the power that

my blood has to bring blessings to your

family I want want to help you but I

love to see your attitude and sincere

desire to move forward promise me that

you will believe in my word make a

commitment to come and hear me every

morning open your eyes wide pay close

attention and little by little you will

notice new and good things around you

the time has come for you to know who I

am and come into my presence with all

your heart I love you I’m giving you my

hand believe it I will change your life

I promise you that what you asked for

will come you have always believe me and

you have known that all your prayers in

the name of Jesus will be

answered I have to announce to you New

Times abundant Reigns Open Heavens and

blessings in abundance that will fill

every corner of your life and your home

you and your family will overflow with

peace and happiness all of this is

possible for those who believe in me

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