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my beloved child I have etched your name

into the very fabric of my hands sealing

an Everlasting

Covenant nothing in this world could

ever erase or tarnish this sacred Mark

for you are my treasured possession

purchased with my own

blood the act of Engraving upon precious

metals is intended to endure

indefinitely nevertheless as the sands

of time gradually erode these

inscriptions sometimes these objects are

misplaced stolen or melted

down therefore prioritize what truly

matters my beloved precious metals like

gold and silver hold some value in this

world but they pale in comparison to the

incomparable Splendor of knowing me for

eternity as your name is engraved upon

the palms of my hands be assured that

you are always in my thoughts people

often jot reminders on their hands to

remember something

important however I have inscribed your

name on my Palms because you are

infinitely precious to me for all

eternity celebrate the Marvel of

understanding that I the ruler of the

universe consider you an invaluable

treasure in return cherish Me Above All

Else place your trust in me and refuse

to allow fear to take root within you do

not be discouraged by the events

occurring in the world or by the reports

of the news these accounts are

incomplete depicted as though I do not

exist new news broadcasts highlight only

fragments of worldly Affairs

purposefully omitting the most crucial

element my presence in the world

whenever the world around you feels

overwhelming seek refuge in my presence

take a cue from David who drew strength

from the Lord when his companions turned

against him you too can find Courage by

recalling my identity and character

reflect on my Majestic glory and

Limitless power find joy in my eternal

love re joice in the understanding that

you are on a thrilling Journey with me

and your ultimate destination is

heaven as you keep your eyes fixed on me

and embrace the Deep connection I offer

you fear will fade away and joy will

fill you up trust in me completely dear

one for I am your source of strength and


Melody those who sew with tears will

harvest with songs of

Joy therefore do not underestimate the

significance of your tears my child they

hold value in my sight one day I will

wipe away every tear from your eyes but

for now you reside in a realm where

tears are common

place just as water is vital for seeds

to grow into towering trees your tears

nourish your transformation into a

steadfast more joyful disciple of

Christ as your happiness in me meets my

pleasure in you you can rejoice in the

Brilliance of my presence this is the

joy of the Lord every blessing you have

is a a present from me even each Breath

You Take I bestow numerous blessings

upon you so much so that you sometimes

Overlook some of my valuable

gifts I assist you in recognizing and

expressing gratitude for the blessings

that frequently go over looked the

expansive Sky towering trees radiant

sunlight and Vivid array of colors

beloved Companions and everyday

conveniences the list is infinite the

the more you seek out the goodness in

your life the clearer your perception

becomes I crafted stunning Beauty in the

world to guide your attention toward the

one who designed all things without me

not a solitary thing came into

being whenever you come across Something

Beautiful pause for a moment to Express

gratitude this brings joy to my heart

and enhances your own Delight Discover

Hope and comfort in understanding that

all your days are securely held within

my loving Embrace if I am on your side

who can oppose you it is vital for you

to comprehend that I am unequivocally in

your corner this is a pledge for all who

walk in my

footsteps keep this in mind dear one I

endorse you because you are mine my

judgment of you stands and will persist

for all eternity neither individual nor

circumstance will ever sever you from my

Limitless love set aside a moment to

express appreciation for the numerous

blessings in your life I urge you to

articulate your gratitude in your

prayers in your interactions with others

and in your innermost

Reflections I am constantly attuned to

your thoughts and I am elated when they

are filled with

gratitude you can even express gratitude

for aspects you wish were different this

Act of Faith liberates you from the

clutches of

negativity I am revitalizing the mindset

within you bringing about a trans

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