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dear friend all throughout scripture we
see that God’s system is based on the
principle of sewing and reaping if you
seow blessing and mercy into the lives
of others that’s what you’ll reap in
your life in return the same thing

happens when you pray for one another
there’s a spiritual Dynamic at play when

you get your mind off of yourself and
onto others you’re sewing a seed so that

God can do something in your own life is
there someone in your life you can pray

for maybe it’s a friend or a family
member in need they don’t have to be
present you can pray for them as you go

about your day or even driving in your
car on the way to work it’s the
connection of faith that opens the door

for God to move mightily on your behalf
pray for one another and watch what God
will do a prayer for today father thank

you for another day to be used by you I
choose to pray for the people in my life
as you have commanded direct my thoughts


and prayers so that I can be a blessing
to others and always honor you in Jesus
name amen like if you believe in

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