???????????? ????????????????????????????: Keep A CLOSE EYE On This

my cherished child listen closely to

these words I speak to you today from

the first glimmer of dawn as the sun’s

Rays gently caress the Earth know that I

am there standing beside you throughout

the hustle and bustle of the day as the

sun climbs higher in the sky my presence

remains steadfast unwavering in its

commitment to accompany

you and even as the sun begins its

descent painting the sky with Hues of

gold and Crimson rest assured that I am

still with you never faltering never

wavering a constant Beacon of light in


journey so in every moment from sunrise

to sunset remember that you are never

alone for I am here your everpresent

companion your Eternal

guide bringing you along through life’s

trials offering my unwavering support

and being by your side at all times

fills me with immense Joy my greatest

desire is for you to Center your

attention ention on me rather than the

distractions and worries of the world

place your trust in me completely and

willingly submit to my divine plan for I

possess the wisdom to discern what is

truly beneficial for your

journey let go of your burdens and

concerns surrendering them to me for in

doing so you open yourself to

experiencing the peace and fulfillment

that only I can

provide in the midst of life’s swirling

uncertainties and tumultuous storms all

always cling to the unwavering truth

that I am the Luminous Beacon guiding

your way casting aside the cloak of

Darkness that threatens to obscure your

path when the shadows of Doubt Loom

large and the future appears veiled in

ambiguity know that I am the Steady Hand

guiding you forward Illuminating each

step with the Brilliance of my grace and

wisdom in those solitary moments when

The Echoes of Silence reverberate loudly

and the weight of loneliness Bears down

upon your soul take comfort in the

unshakable assurance that I am your

Eternal companion everpresent and

steadfast a faithful friend who walks

alongside you through every trial and

Triumph even when it seems as though the

world has turned its back and human

companionship falters my divine presence

remains unyielding a source of Solace

and strength in the midst of

solitude and when the heavy burden of

Sorrow weighs upon your heart

threatening to engulf you in its

suffocating Embrace remember that I am

the gentle comforter who tenderly wipes

away each tear that

falls in the Gentle Touch of my love

find Refuge from the storm a sanctuary

of Peace amidst The Tempest of pain and

grief for I am not distant or

indifferent to your suffering rather I

am intimately acquainted with every tear

you shed every ache you feel and I stand

ready to offer you the healing balm of

my boundless compassion and

Grace I desire for you to sense my

divine presence permeating every facet

of your existence in moments of exultant

Joy I share in your Elation rejoicing

alongside you as your heart brims with

happiness and

contentment when you achieve victory in

the face of adversity I stand beside you

in celebration cheering you on as you

conquer obstacles and reach new heights


accomplishment during the trials and

tribulations that punctuate your journey

I am there clasping your hand firmly in

mine imparting strength and courage to

face whatever challenges lie

ahead together we navigate the

tumultuous Seas of life with my

unwavering guidance serving as your

compass steering you towards calmer

Shores I am your Sanctuary a fortress of

Solus and protection amidst life’s

tempests when the storms of uncertainty

rage and the Winds of Doubt howl find

Refuge within the shelter of my

boundless love and

grace know that I am your steadfast

stronghold a pillar of unyielding

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