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God has the important message for you my

child don’t ignore me tailored just for

you don’t make the mistake of ignoring

it he desires to address all your

concerns within the next

seconds dear one I urge you to step

forward boldly into the testing ground

casting away doubts and fears so that

together we may navigate towards a

breakthrough just like Jacob’s intense

wrestling in the desert night preceded

the Glorious Dawn riches await you

scattered across the landscape I am

leading you into however they are

visible only through the lens of Faith

which transforms the ordinary into the

extraordinary I understand the

Desolation and daunting nature of these

seasons of struggle but remember you

wield the same creative power that I did

when I spoke the words let there be

light into the

void manifestation follows declaration

type Amen in the comments and share this

message with up to to three people so

that God can help you keep speaking life

and painting visions of possibility from

the deep Wellspring of hope within you

though rest may have eluded you

anticipate Joy greeting you as the first

Ray of dawn tenderly touches your

expectant face even as we converse I am

orchestrating its fulfillment the

adversary conspires to fix your senses

un scarcity amplifying areas of poverty

or loss yet my spirit enveloped and

surrounds you a shield of protection and

connection through this night I hold you

securely as Dawn breaks Glory descends

and desolation

flees take courage lifting your gaze

from the tumultuous Abyss to the vibrant

pulse of Life surrounding you even

amidst Darkness stars shine most

brightly Untouched by Earthly

illumination the gifts I bestow upon you

are purposeful meticulously chosen to

mold your character into likeness with

Christ if you desire God’s grace to

always be upon you please consider

supporting our ministry by clicking the

thanks Button as this message took us a

lot of effort do not disdain The Humble

rapping for within it lies everything

essential for your journey sustenance

wisdom identity Authority and purpose my

mightiest Champions emerged from shadowy

Caverns fueled by faith hungering for

what I offered and steward holy

entrustment with humility act with

audacity toppling towering obstacles

challenging cultural norms and refusing

to yield when I bid you to advance if

you believe that God will help you

please subscribe to the channel you were

not fashioned merely To Tread in Endless

circles walk alongside me where Lions

Roam and tempests rage Destiny beckons

amidst the Uncharted though the

struggles leave you with a limp I remain

steadfastly by your your side guiding

upholding and championing your cause

reflect with me on the victories already

won here you stand overwhelmed with awe

at my ability to pluck you from the

clutches of death’s taunting mockery in

the face of daunting setbacks boldly

declare that the spirit within you

surpasses any external

intimidation take courage my beloved and

raise your head high for soon you will

bask in the full Radiance of light your

countenance will glow with laughter

emanating from the depths of your

soul as we draw near the fortresses of

opposition tremble for no power can

withstand the Transcendent might of the

matchless name lifted In

Praise amen my child click on the join

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of our


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