??? ???????: I’m Here for You | Urgent God’s Message for Today!

dear child I’m speaking from my heart

because you mean a lot to me pay close

attention to what I’m saying it’s just

for you take a moment away from

everything else and listen carefully

what I want to share is really important

stay with me a bit longer and open your

heart let me help with your pain and sad

thoughts I’m here to give you peace and

comfort like no one else can trust me

let me love you I always keep my

promises and I’m here to make you smile

smile every morning I want you to not

just know but feel how much I love you

remember I’ve never left you and I won’t

forget you you’re safe with me I’m here

to listen to you every day I’m happy

when you pray for your family it means a

lot to me don’t worry about small things

when life gets tough turn to me for

comfort I’m here to help you through

conflicts I don’t want you to be scared

or anxious I’ll never let you down hold

on to my words and remember for the good

things I’ve done for you I’ve saved you

before and I can do more amazing things

for you trust me I’ve got your back I

want to keep protecting you all the time

don’t let sadness take over because I

care about you deeply I want you to feel

peaceful and find lasting happiness I

see when you’re sad and pray for others

you rarely ask for yourself but I like

that you’re thankful when you come to me

be thankful for what you have even if

you don’t ask I’ll give you great

blessings I want you to keep believing

in me I’ll keep every promise even if

things get tough your future is safe

with me you’ll achieve your dreams start

each day by being thankful don’t let

negativity spoil your days embrace the

chances I give you I’ll help you

understand my plans for you I know

things have been hard but don’t worry

you’ll overcome problems and succeed

you’re precious to me nobody can defeat

you don’t dwell on your failures I’ll

help you overcome challenges

your prayers will be answered just have

faith walk confidently don’t let sadness

bring you down family problems can be

tough sometimes take a break and pray

you’re not meant to be sad all the time

even when things are hard I care for you

and lift you up step into the light let

your face show Joy you’re loved and

cherished I’ll keep doing amazing things

to show how much you mean to me you’re

strong you can tackle difficulties your

trust and faith matter a lot when you

feel weak remember my words look up I’m

with you even in your heart my blessings

are close you’ll be saved from troubles

your problems will fade away your

enemies won’t trouble you do you believe

and love me your answer will bring a big

change in you today calm your mind by

giving thanks sharing gratitude and

telling others your thanks will heal and

reveal blessings around you spread the

love in your heart it’ll bring peace and

good things remember I heard your

prayers you’ll wake up strong and

determined I’ve made you strong trust my

power face problems with faith nothing

is stronger than me trust me every day

my words heal and lift you I want to

bring you kindness and Grace you’ll live

without worry keep your plans safe not

everyone will understand them I’m here

for you your faith and loyalty matter

give your life to me I promise a great

future trust me you’ll be just fine this

version aims to simplify the message

further by using everyday language and

shorter sentences today I want to lift

your spirits and take away any worries

you have I went through a lot for you so

you could have a great life trust my

words they’ll change your thoughts

making you happier where there was

sadness I’ll bring joy replace feeling

down with a desire desire to live love

and forgive yourself I’ve long forgotten

your mistakes I just want your heart

dear child follow my guidance keep going

in this world and know that my blessings

are coming your way I ask again give me

your heart today and I’ll fill you with

joy remove what’s been bothering you and

make you stronger I’ve picked you for

victory to help others too it might be a

lot to take in but accept it humbly

it’ll give you courage changes will

happen and you’ll be unrecognizable in a

good way strong and happy give me your

heart today I’ll start a big change in

you and your family you’ll be surrounded

by peace and good things you’ll feel my

love lifting your burdens and bringing

happiness Stand Up victory is near I’ll

protect you and I understand your pain

and struggles remember I care about you

and want the best for you get rid of

thoughts that bring you down trust me

and you’ll walk confidently I’ll make

things better for you and your faith

will grow stronger your life is safe in

my hands despite difficulties I’ll help

you I’ll be there when you need me trust

me I won’t let you down you’re brave and

you’ve overcome tough times before

remember those moments and believe in

yourself don’t let fear or worries

distract you focus on your path to

success I’m always here for you looking

after every little thing be happy trust

me and victory will come I love you amen

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