HEAR MY VOICE MY CHILD | God’s Message Now

[Music] listen to me my child for what I speak today is not by accident but a message of love and understanding deliberately crafted to reach into your soul inspiring you to reflect on this planet many are lured Away by its flows losing themselves to distractions and allurements that not only separate them from … Read more

FEEL MY LOVE MY CHILD | God’s Message Now

[Music] my beloved child wait for a moment and hear this message with the depth of your being I summon you to lend me just a brief instant of your precious time immerse yourself fully in each utterance I speak letting the world’s distractions vanish the message I bring to you today surpasses all Earthly … Read more


[Music] my cherished child heed closely to these words of upliftment and divine promise your journey distinguished by unwavering courage and resilience has not eluded my observation you rise as a beacon of strength and character having prevailed in the face of loneliness and challenges that would have overwhelmed many acknowledge your true nature for … Read more

Blessed will be today

my dear child my deep desire is to bless you with rewards that exceed all expectations nothing can obstruct my will as stated in Isaiah so is my word that goes out from my mouth it will not return to me empty but will accomplish what I desire and you

Let yourself be loved every day by my love

my dear child it is important for you to know that I love you deeply at this moment I envelop you with my immense and eternal love allow yourself to be loved my child let my grace and forgiveness surround you guiding you on the path of righteousness and goodness but God demonstrates his own … Read more